You cleared your mind, cleaned our your closet, and now it's time to rebuild your soon-to-be ultimate wardrobe.

Filling in the space you have so brilliantly created for yourself inside your closet is up next. Go DIY with this or ask for help. The choice is yours.


100% outfit inspiration, 100% shoppable. 

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*Tip: use these looks to shop your own closet first. At this point (post 21-day challenge & organization crash course), it's a pretty epic starting point.


One hour, 20 new outfits using what you ALREADY have. Boom. 

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Working with Brittany was fun, and totally therapeutic. Brittany helped me figure out what to wear, what NOT to wear, and why it was so important to take care of myself, and feel good in all of my clothing. She helped me clean a closet of clutter and opened the door for me to define my personal style.
— Angela Wagner, Business Owner & Proud Mama
Thanks to Brittany, I no longer dread getting ready for events or going out on a date with my husband.
The thinking is already done for me! I just pick a look and go. I know I’ll look put together every time. Such a life saver...
— Sara Tallent, Photographer & Super-Mom
Now when I flip through fashion magazines I think, ‘Hmmm, I could do that!’ In the past, I’d flip, flip, flip and think, ‘there’s no way I could pull that trend off.’ My eyes have been opened and my style is evolving every day thanks to my session with Brittany.
— Ami Doshi, Business Owner & Humanitarian
Working with Brittany changed my life, as extreme as it sounds. I never realized how much stuff I was holding on to that I had no need for! It is so incredibly liberating to walk into my closet each morning and not stress about what I’m going to wear.
— Stacy Olsen, Brilliant Business Woman & Life Coach

These guides help you clean out the clutter, sure. But they also help you build up your wardrobe.

PLUS: Get access to my 2 favorite wardrobe building tools The 80/20 Shopping List and The Outfit Planner.

Know what to wear for the rest of the month/season/year and where to get it.

Life changing!! This experience has left me organized, empowered and refreshed
This book is simply awesome. It takes the dreaded closet clean-out and makes it fun.