Fashion Mad-Lib: I'm a Rectangle Body Type, Looking for Something Classic to Wear for a Night Out




sources: 1 Ralph Lauren Black Label Fluted Sleeve Top (, 2 Theory Nenna Pant (, 3 Clare Vivier Foldover in Green Apple(, 4 Steve Madden Reeldeal Wedge Sandals (, 5 Oasis Elastic Metal Petal Waist Belt (, 6 ACNE Wilde Black sunglasses (, 7 BCBGMAXAZRIA Modern Cuff (


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The top: You cannot, I repeat, cannot go wrong with this top. The top is universal, and Rectangle body types, that means you're all set. The wide neckline flatters and lends itself to some serious earring action if you're up for it. The tapering in at the waist is also perfect for accentuating, or in your case, creating a more proportionate silhouette, and it's black so yes, it goes with everything.

The bottom: Every woman needs a well-tailored, perfectly fitting pair of black pants in her closet. They don't have to be over $150, or $100 for that matter. Ok fine, you can get a great pair for less than $70, tailor them, and wear them to death if you know where to look (cue: the Closet, link below). Just make sure this essential is in there. You can get SO much use out of these pants, and once again, the cut is a wide-leg one so it's pretty universal to all types unless you're petite (walk away if you're petite and go for something a bit more fitted/straight leg/boot cut). The tab waist, the slight flare at the hem, all  of it is causing a swoon-like reaction over here, and Rectangles, you should feel free to join in. These, are, gorgeous, and completely essential to have in your core wardrobe.

The rest: Black, black and more black can get boring. The kelly green clutch throws a colorful wrench into the equation, and thank god for that. A little color is important. It not only allows you to show who you are, but it can also brighten someone's day. Color therapy is a real thing, might as well start in your closet right? If you have color on the clutch, you can keep the shoes toned-down with a neutral that in this case, comes in the form of a faux exotic print. The pant is going to cover up what you have on so don't make this part into a science project. Not worth it. The belt draws in the narrowest part of your body, the waist (see below for the one thing you need to keep in mind if this isn't the case). The sunglasses are chic, glamorous, and very you-mean-business-but-you're-going-to-look-good-taking-over-the-world. And finally, the cuff, should you feel your inner Wonder Woman clawing to come out. This is a power cuff ladies. Use it for good.

The ONE thing you need to know if you're a Rectangle body type attempting to pull off this classic look is, should your rectangle shape be very column-like and you have little to no definition at your waist, drop the belt. The belt may end up bringing attention to a part of your body that distracts from creating a balance in your proportions. How will you know? Try on the belt, look in the mirror, if your waist doesn't look significantly smaller than your torso and hips, there's no need for the belt. Don't go in another notch by the way. You're going to want to be able to function normally in the look (i.e. breathe) so if the belt cuts off your air supply, you're trying to make yourself work for the look. No no, stop that, and flip the fashion script. Make the look work for you. See? Ah, exhale. That's better.



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