Fashion Mad-Lib: I'm an Hourglass Body Type, Looking for Something Classic to Wear Out Tonight

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Hourglass body types, go with something a bit more streamlined for a dinner out. Try a classic black-out look with a pop-color in 7 steps:



sources: 1 Ralph Lauren Black Label Fluted Sleeve Top (, 2 Theory Nenna Pant (, 3 Clare Vivier Foldover in Green Apple(, 4 Steve Madden Reeldeal Wedge Sandals (, 5 Oasis Elastic Metal Petal Waist Belt (, 6 ACNE Wilde Black sunglasses (, 7 BCBGMAXAZRIA Modern Cuff (


The top: Could it be any easier than this top? Nope, well it's possible, but for the sake of nailing home the point that this is probably one of the most universally flattering tops out there, we'll stick with n-o, no, it just doesn't get much better. The neckline, flattering. The sleeve length, classic. The color, um, it's black so you KNOW you'll get use out of it. The fit along the torso, slimming. Gold stars.

The bottom: Every woman needs a classic black pant in her closet, and yes, that includes you Hourglass body types out there. You can do this for well under $100 too, just have a tailor in mind and make sure you get the pant fitted to you, not the other way around. The leg is a little wide, but still follows the leg line which is exactly what an hourglass should strive for. You have a naturally balanced silhouette so why obstruct that with a pant right?

The rest: Black, black, and more black can be a little 'snoring,' (spoken out loud in a nasal, snoring voice for added emphasis). Use the clutch to pop it up a bit with color. Kelly green? Sure, why not. Metallic something? Absolutely. Animal print? Meow. Have at it. Just make sure to balance out whatever you have going on in the handbag with the shoe. Less is more, let one of the two shine and have their cameo. We suggest you give the handbag it's moment because let's face it, the shoe is going to be covered up by the pant anyway. Speaking of the shoe, we kept it neutral with a subtle, faux, exotic print. Easy enough. The belt, well as an Hourglass, you just going to emphasize what you're working with so keep it to make the look a little edgier, or drop it if you want to simplify for the day. It really can depend on the day, time of the month (you know exactly what I mean), mood, and then some. Go with your gut. To cinch or not to cinch should NOT be a science project.

The cuff revs it up a bit and takes it into the Wonder Woman realm. That's your power cuff. Use it for good and not evil please. Oh and of course you're going to want black-out shades to conceal, keep it chic, glam it up a bit, oh right, and shield your eyes from the blinding rays of the sun out there. Even if it's an evening look, some of us are out the door while the sun's still shining. For those ladies, sunglass-it-up. For the Alaskan women out there, some of you have six straight months of sun right? You need sunnies, and bad. Granted, your native terrain probably won't lend itself to an open toe, wedge sandal, or pants that don't wick away snow and water, but hey, at least we've got the sunglasses covered right?

The ONE thing you need to know about this look as an Hourglass body type is, less really is more. Just because you have a the black clothing canvas to work from, does not mean you need to cover every inch of you with something. Sure, there's the Coco Chanel line, "remove one item before you walk out the door,' or something like that (loosely quoting here), but which piece is the one left on the closet floor for next time? How DOES one choose? Think of it this way, if you have a couple of bold accessories (couple=2) you're good. Hair, nails, makeup, they all come into play. The more you put on, the more confusing it will be for anyone to really find the beauty in the entire look. Sure, you're gorgeous, but you don't want to send onlookers into a tail spin when they're checking you out? Not the good kind of tail spin, the dizzying, overwhelming, toothpaste aisle (so many tubes of toothpaste, why are there so many, I can't handle the choices, I'll just crouch down into fetal position for a minute until my heart rate gets back to normal) tail spin. Go with a couple picks that make the look your own, the pieces that make you feel like you (and that means good, or your best self) and leave it at that. You'll make plenty of time to wear the rest of your goodies. Patience grasshopper, patience.

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