10 More Picks to Consider for your Shopping List, from Minkoff to a Sass & Bide Sequined Number that Needs to be Seen

Today's top 10 Shopping List covers everything from blue-washed leather hobo, to a faux fur-framed collar on a coat I'm going ga-ga for.

Follow it up with a pair of sequined leggings that are fun to look at, let alone wear out, and you're all set. But first, it's montage time people, you know the drill:

There's something to be said about venturing outside the realm of your basic black, brown (or white for summer) everyday handbag, but what do you go for right? A metallic? Maybe. Something with an exotic print? Always a good option, or, you could try something on in a brighter color to pull things out of 'basic' and into 'original,' as far as style goes. Meet the blue bag, or more specifically, the 'Oliver' hobo, from Rebecca Minkoff (a favorite name of mine in the category, and I'm not alone, i.e. the Minkette), that says it all for me (which is kind of depressing since I have a tendency to be a 'talker'):



Here's the thing, fashion-forward pieces, an example being anything that falls onto the latest list of what fashion directors out there are calling a 'trend,' can be easily found out there. The buyers make sure that is the case each season.

It's the basics, the true-blue pieces that belong in your core closet, that are tough to get a hold of, but once you do, you must buy them, and sometimes in multiples. The core is where to invest, and on a sidenote, this is also where I spend the bulk of my time during styling consults.

You can't go for any black boot, basic crewneck tee, or trench coat, you have to try on and see what fits your body to a 't.' These pieces are the foundation of everything, and yes, I'm going on and on here, but I can't stress enough how significant having a core fashion lineup is. Not to mention, it makes life so ridiculously easy. Once you have your basics, what you know you look good in, you can throw in a trend-right accessory, a great statement necklace, or a pop-color pump and be completely pulled together.

All of that style-preaching aside (amen), I present to you a great classic knee-high boot that can be worn under pants/denim or stand alone under a dress, skirt, over leggings, etc. The list is endless, similar to the styling options, so have at it.



I am a pants girl. It's not because I'm trying to cover up my legs as a problem area, I happen to really like them. I know, take a minute, you just witnessed a woman speaking highly of some part of her body which is a rare thing in today's world.  I'm definitely not gloating on this one, I just know where my strengths and weaknesses are, we all have them, and can all play to the best parts, our assets if you will. It never hurts to focus on the positive.

Pant-rut aside, a skirt will find it's way into my wardrobe, usually of the pencil form, every now and then. This almost-mini skirt, with the quilting going on, caught my eye. I'm seeing it over a pair of black opaque tights with an ankle boot (more daytime) or classic pump for evening. You could get a ton of use out of this one skirt, and instead of just being basic black, the details make it, and life, more interesting.



A white, button-front blouse is an essential in any closet, and, unless you've been living under a large rock for the past fifty years, you will know this. I'm not telling you anything new or divulging any style secrets here. Should you, like myself, want something a bit less commercial without going too far into the 'trendy' deep end, something like the below Hayden blouse is a perfect option. The shoulder details give this polished classic a bit of edge without going too far. It's such a simple touch that shows a little can go a long way here.


I mean, hello, how could I not get these leggings into a round of top 10 picks on the Shopping List right? A. they're sequined, B. they're sequined. This is a pick that was added because it shows how fashion is meant to not be taken too seriously. You can wear these leggings with a basic tunic on top, or what have you, and still work it. They are meant for play, to lighten up a bit, to work it out a bit, and just to have fun in. I can see my guy friends looking at this and thinking they're absolutely ridiculous, but you don't buy a pair of leggings like this because you want to follow the rules and please others' ideas of what is right and wrong when it comes to your personal style, it wouldn't be very personal if that were the case.

Wear them for you. If you feel good in them, and can balance out all the shine with some neutrals, go for it. If you can wear them and not have them wear you, go for it. Just do it when the moon is up and not the sun, that's my only caveat.

Outside of that, play a little. Fashion isn't meant to be taken too seriously. Taxes, bills, grades, income, food on the table, health, etc. Those are things you can get serious with. Fashion is where you get to take a little break, whether it's through a pair of outrageous leggings, a bright red lip, shoes you can't stop staring at your feet in, or a necklace that makes you smile. Right now, it's break time, the serious stuff with be there when you get back. Trust.



I don't usually throw down a pair of 'Loubie's' unless I really love them (mainly because only the tiniest portion of the population would deem them 'affordable' and I think everyone should have access to amazing shoes), but these Vampanados, I love. I mean, I adore them. The silhouette, the ankle-strap, the bow details, the Audrey Hepburn of it all, is so spot on it's hard to say no. And by 'hard' I mean 'impossible.' This is where you can invest, and if you think I'm completely warped, I don't blame you. You don't need to throw down this much on these sandals, but you should find something that you love and spend just a bit more on them to get the perfect pair. I guarantee, you will wear them to death (tip: heel caps can be replaced for under $20 at any cobbler). For now, just take it all in and try not to drool too much.


sources: 1-Rebecca Minkoff Oliver Hobo (www.saksfifthavenue.com), 2-Vince Camuto Fur Collar Coat (www.vincecamuto.com), 3-Aldo Wiegel Boot (www.aldoshoes.com), 4-Collette By Collette Dinnigan Ramie Dress (www.theoutnet.com), 5-Vanessa Bruno Ath Quilted-Jersey Skirt (www.theoutnet.com), 6-Giles & Brother Encrusted Cortina Cuff (www.shopbop.com), 7-213 Industry Hayden Blouse (www.piperlime.gap.com), 8-Sass & Bide One By One Sequined Leggings (www.net-a-porter.com), 9-Harlow Color-Blocked Envelope Clutch (www.bcbg.com), 10-Christian Louboutin Vampanodo 100 Sandals (www.net-a-porter.com)

The shopping list never ends, literally. Each week, we scour the our favorite spots on the web to hand-pick our best of the best that find their way either onto the Top 10 list, or, The StyleShaker Closet. See the rest of the line-up that may not have made it into today's hit list below:

Today's zen moment is brought to you by none other than Glenda, you know, the good witch? I know, it's random, but what good is life without something random and spontaneous mixed in?

A year ago I was in a situation I didn't want to be in, and I did everything in  my power to find someone, something, or some other company to help me find my way out. I was living a life based on 'job security,' and moving in a direction that I was told I 'should,' be moving in. I was living someone else's life and expecting someone else to pull me out of it. I interviewed with a dozen companies, half offered me a job, the other half didn't. I rejected every offer.

I was shown a ridiculous amount of generosity from good people who were just trying to get me to make a move, and yet I turned down every request.

Every timed I turned something down, I did it because I knew it wasn't right for me. It took awhile to finally realize that it wasn't going to happen via someone else stepping in. This time, it had to be me acting and not reacting. I had to save myself, and I had it in me all along to do so. It's funny because I look back and see how everything I was searching for externally, could only be found internally.

Trying to push a round peg into a square hole can be exhausting, it's like trying to squeeze your size nine foot into a size eight at a sample sale. You may shove it in there, but the fit will never be right. It's only going to take more energy to walk in those new, pain-inducing, blister-manufacturing, toe-crunching shoes. It doesn't have to be so hard, just go for what fits you. Pick the size 9, and if it's not there, try another color you may never had thought would work, but secretly wished you could pull off.

Glenda was right, I had the power all along, and so do you.

Find what fits, try a few things on, and I promise I'll do the same.

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The Shopping List | From a Burberry Bag to Go Ga-Ga to a New Name in Jewelry OOAKjewelz (you will love), It's All Here

I basically couldn't contain myself with this round of the top 10 picks that made today's shopping list. I already sent a couple of sneak peeks out to some loyal fashion friends because I couldn't keep it to myself. I share what I love and nothing really manages to get in the way, even my posting schedule...

Sneaky shopping shares aside, here's the final shopping list, lined up for your viewing (and shopping) pleasure. It all starts with a new find in the land of handbags from Costella, runs through a few other hand-picked favorites from Linda Farrow to Topshop, and Alexander Wang to Burberry (I admit, I got a little designer heavy, but maintained a bit of balance with the addition of some amazing new names added into the mix, thank you very much). Let's begin at number 1, naturally...


Bags are a toughie for me. I spent a couple of years working (slaving would be the more melodramatic term) away in the designer handbags office at Neiman Marcus, so I know quality, but my sense of what's acceptable on price point is completely warped. The bottom line for me is, a bag, a great bag (and you shouldn't be buying any other kind) is most definitely worth the investment. Am I throwing down $1500 for some of the labels out there? Not at the moment, that's what sample sales and designer dashes are for. But will I spend up to $500 for the right bag ('right' equates to original design, i.e. no label screaming for me, doesn't mean a thing if the bag looks like nothing special, AND, quality that will have me wearing it for years)? Yes. That said, it's always nice to find something for less...

Speaking of, check out a bag from a newer name (to me) with a great look. The details are not overdone, but they give the bag some personality taking it from an 'everyday basic,' and adding a little oomph which I'm always a fan of:


Next up on the shopping list, another 'newbie' designer name (again, new to me) I found on Etsy and fell in love with. I'm a massive fan of taking basics, i.e. your favorite crewneck tee and skinny jeans, and throwing in a statement piece like the below vintage necklace, to make things a bit more interesting. It's amazing how one great piece of jewelry can transform an entire look.


This pencil skirt, a classic piece everyone should have in their wardrobe (hop to it if you're missing it; don't just think workday chic, pair this with a tank and you have something for evening to mix and match outside of your L.B.D), is taken to another level by Boy. By Band of Outsiders. There's rubber in this striped skirt, yep, rubber. It's all in the details, and I'm fascinated. The color combinations here are perfection and actually work well back to a few options that you probably have hanging in your closet. You'd be surprised...




I wear my printed blouses to death, SO, I usually tend to go towards a blend when it comes to fabric. Silk is just not my friend, and I'm over the whole dry cleaning situation (when I can avoid it), so, I am all about the poly-blend print below from W118 By Walter. Reds are a favorite of mine, so that doesn't hurt either. Wear this over denim, a pencil skirt, tucked into a skinny pant, or wide-leg trouser for that matter. Seriously, you wouldn't necessarily expect such a bold print to offer up so many styling options, but it really fits into almost any style situation you can throw at it.



I'll tell you what I want to do with this cardigan. Throw it on over a basic white tank paired back to some slouchy boyfriend jeans (rolled up),  and hit the beach early in the morning when there's a chill in the air. That's it, just walk and be in this cozy cardi, wrapped up and taking in the scenery. There's a story (real or fictional) behind every piece, just one more reason to love fashion.



Ok, fine, I can't even take it. I'm dying over this bag. The straw, the leather details, the trifecta of colors that only Burberry can pull off like this, I'm literally swooning, can you tell? This, is a bag. Awhile back, when I was in the buying offices, it's what we called the 'It Bag,' a term which was worn out by the end of 2006, and yet can still be found in several editorial publications (and now here, whoopsie). The only missing link would be that this bag doesn't have a name, or at least, I can't find it and I'm not into digging for the name, it's about the bag. That said, most 'It-Bags,' have a name, they become personified (not creepy at all) such as, 'Paddington,' or, 'Muse,' or even better, 'Coco Cabas.' Yep, I'm bringing it back...

So, I shall fix this style quandary, I'm sure Christopher Bailey will appreciate the resourcefulness. I'll call it the 'Brittany,' tote, which is another way of saying it's mine. And yes, my capacity for subtlety is surpassed only by my brilliant talent with the written word, WHICH, could only surpassed by my unwavering sense of humility, naturally.

Mine all mine.

source: 1. Costella Daniella Onyx Leather Bag (www.boticca.com), 2. OOAKjewelz Vintage Rhinestone Statement Necklace (www.etsy.com), 3. Boy. By Band Of Outsiders Striped 4. Cotton & Rubber Blend Pencil Skirt (www.net-a-porter.com), 5. Linda Farrow Luxe D-Frame Sunglasses (www.net-a-porter.com), 6. Alexander Wang Kamila Bootie (www.alexanderwang.com), 7. W118 By Walter Baker Marisa Chiffon Blouse (www.theutnet.com), 8. Forever 21 Platform Leopard Booties (www.forever21.com), 9. Brochu Walker Toggle Cashmere Cardigan (www.farfetch.com), Diamond Cut Swing Earrings (www.us.topshop.com), 10. Burberry Prorsum Three-Tone Strap Tote (www.farfetch.com

And there you have it. Another top 10 feast of fashion for the eyes. But it never ends with ten, actually, it doesn't begin with ten either. The editing that goes on is endless, and for those favorites that don't make it onto the hit list, like today's, there's always the StyleShaker Closet shelves where they receive their rightful shopping cameo (while still in stock of course):

Here's a moment to take for yourself, or just to indulge me and my love of sharing quotes that resonate  (in hopes that they hit home with you as well). Today it's coming from Bill Cosby:

There's always something to be afraid of, and nine times out of ten, it doesn't exist, it's literally all created in your mind. So in a sense, (deep thoughts for a fashion post, I know) you could very well be afraid of something that's not even there to be afraid of. Actually, that's exactly where  most of my fears reside. They're usually based on nothing real, which is pretty hilarious when you think about it.

I held on to a life that brought me routine, consistently, for days on end. Some people call this 'security.' I did this because I was afraid of leaving, afraid of the unknown, afraid of no longer being associated with a name in the industry that held plenty of well-deserved weight. I stayed because I was afraid of leaving. I saw what could happen that would be a potential 'negative' outcome (totally unsubstantiated of course), as opposed to realizing the good things that could (and have) come from such a change.

So, I jumped, I went for what I want. Actually, I'm currently in the midst of going for what I want, and yes, it's scary but only when I look at the 'what if's,' and guess what, those, aren't real. What's real is this, writing this to you, right now, and loving the hell out of it.

I guess I wanted this more than I feared walking away from what I 'should' be. Know what I'm saying?

I quit my 'job,' to pursue a dream, and guess what, I didn't die, life didn't end, and I'm not spending my days curled up in the fetal position muttering, "what have I done," in-between tear-filled sob-lets (the little sniffley ones that make one completely unable to form a complete sentence; #flashbacktobeingfiveyearsold).

I've actually never felt more alive. I wish the same feeling, oh and the Burberry Prorsum bag (of course), for all of you.

See more when it comes to what to wear, how to wear it, and where to shop for it.

The Shopping List Continues: From Free People's Chambray Shirt to an MK Ballerina Flat

Today's Shopping List: Chambray shirts, ankle boots, cowl necks, oh my!

Helmut, Burberry, Rag & Bone, DVF, Tory, I mean, I went heavy on the names with this one, mind you, that is not (in any way, shape, or form) a qualification for making the top 10 Shopping Lists on the StyleShaker (it doesn't hurt mind you, but it's not the end all be all).

These are ten hand-picked favorites that found their way onto today's shopping list solely because they're each amazing in their own way, whether it be a result of  a spot-on detail, or a new take on a classic  silhouette.

I love a chambray shirt. They're all over the place right now, so the velvet-lining on this classic chambray is something a bit new and different. I love Free People for a few reasons, one of which happens to be their leggings (I own a pair of seamed, 5-pocket leggings in three colors, and I'm still going back for more), but they also have amazing selections on tops. Some can go a bit overboard on the boho-chic vibe, but when they hit the nail on the head, they do it well and with originality. Case in point:



Again with the cowl neck tops. I can't seem to get enough of them, and why not? The cowl neck is universally flattering. The neckline adds instant sophistication. You can keep a cowl neck basic, or easily add in some accessories to bring up the style quotient a bit. Helmut Lang happens to do this silhouette (amongst others) oh so well making a classic top look modern with, what feels like effortless (I can't see what's going on behind the scenes mind you, but they make it look easy) edge. This top, from anywhere really, is an essential add to one's shopping list if it's not already living in your closet, 'nuff said.



The 'mini-Harper' bag from DVF is an easy way to add a small, not too overwhelming, pop of color into any look. I'm convinced that red essentially at the status of being a 'neutral,' color since it can work back to practically any color out there. The maraschino cherry red on this little structured shoulder bag is the perfect color to liven up a black-and-grey tweed blazer, a basic tee-and-jeans look, or an L.B.D. for evening. The fringe detail is a vintage nod to the more classic shoulder bag, but closure and hardware keep it looking so fresh and so clean, clean.


Here it is people, after ten years in the La-La Land of luxury fashion, I've grown anti-logo. A logo is less for the wearer and more for the image he/she wants to convey. I don't equate a label to a sense of style, I never have. So when it comes to the next shopping list pick, you may think I'm a complete hypocrite. Honestly, the cap-toe on this ballerina flat just made me too happy to not have it make a rightful cameo on the site. The 'MK' logo is there, but it's not screaming, so I'm dealing with it. It's more of a little whisper back to the gold toe and heel details. I love these flats for being both preppy and polished at the same time. The metallic accents keep things from going too far into the realm of prepster, so overall, they hit a very happy medium.




Yea, hi, hellooooo, how could this blazer not make it onto a list? It is beyond, and of course, it comes at a Burberry Prorsum (translation=it's up there to say the least) price, but I'm not thinking about that right now, I'm stuck on the peplum and I can't seem to get my eyes off of it. If you're flipping out about your hips (translation: you're not a fan of that area on your body), move along. You could go for a peplum, but you will be accentuating the hourglass, practically defining it really. On the other hand, if you're comfortable highlighting curves and want to do it in a way that is, no joke, supremely sophisticated (not to mention sexy), this is how to approach it. I'm dying over here with this blazer. I'm in love, with a piece of clothing, been here before, and I'm perfectly fine with that thank you very much.



source: 1. Free People Blue Velvet Chambray Button-Down (www.freepeople.com), 2. Camilla Skovgaard London Ankle Boot (www.amazon.com), 3. Helmut Lang Cowl Neck Tee (www.intermixonline.com), 4. Rag & Bone Light Grey Samantha Biker Jacket (www.stylebop.com),  5. Diane Von Furstenberg Mini Harper Bag (www.shopbop.com),  6. MICHAEL Michael Kors City Logo Cap-Toe Ballerina Flats (www.cusp.com), 7. Sandy Hyun Deco Leather Bib Necklace (www.shopbop.com), 8. Helmut Lang Shale Jersey Drape Dress In Pond (www.forwardforward.com), 9. Burberry Prorsum Belted Blazer (www.farfetch.com), 10. Tory Burch 797 Satchel (www.toryburch.com)

Ten picks are never enough, this I know, but they do simplify shopping a bit and at the very least, inspire. Keep the warm-fuzzy fashion feelings going strong and keep shopping all of the hand-picked pieces we update weekly in the StyleShaker Closet:

There's always time for a quick quote, and today is one of my favorites. This is a line I heard about six months ago from a VP while attending our Monday business meeting, the one where where there's a lot of talking and  yet somehow, by some stroke of corporate luck, very little actually gets done.

An abbreviated version of this quote came out of her mouth ('if you do what you did, you get what you got') and it stuck with me. Actually, it did exactly what the VP wanted it to do, it inspired me. The only problem was, it happened to inspire me to quit my job and pursue my own business. Details.

This quote applies not only to one's occupation, but directly to fashion and personal style.

My client's come to me with certain style goals that all fall under one umbrella and that is change. They've been doing what they've been doing, living their lives according to what their priorities may have been, but those priorities have shifted, hence the need for a style shift.

Change (even though the word contains six letters) can be a four letter word for some. I happen to have an addiction to it, I crave it, you should see how often I reorganize the furniture around my home. Change really is a good thing most times, and yes, it can be scary, terrifying for sure, but that's only because we have this lovely little tendency to look at the negative side of what may happen if things change. What about the positive side of things that could start happening? I mean, what are those things, chopped liver (ew, I know, gross expression, especially when I see it in writing, but it applies)?

If you want something, stop thinking about it, and do something about it. *Sidenote: this applies to those things you want that are in-line with your true self, and come from genuine intentions (this should cancel out doing things because you think you should or to the disadvantage of others, that would completely go against the point).

Everyone says you just have to believe. Sure, but belief only gets you so far. There comes a time when your belief needs to manifest itself in physical action, small or large. For me, that time is now. What time is it for you?

See more on what to wear, how to wear it, and where to shop.

Hello Cap Toe, Double-Chain Elephant Necklace, and Violet Furla Satchel, Glad to Have You on Today's Shopping List

The hits, just, keep, coming. And I love it. I can't get enough actually, which is why you're getting yet another installment of the Top 10 picks to add, immediately (these puppies sell out) to your shopping list. Cue, the montage:

It all starts off strong with a Reiss pump that you'll either love or wince at. I get it, the color is going to grab you whether you like it or not though, so be warned. Proceed with caution if you must, or in my case, with wild-wide-eyed, shopping abandonment. I'll take a picture of that one day so you get the full picture, or actually, probably not a good idea. I don't want to scare anyone, so just come up with your own visuals for now. Speaking of visuals, it's time to serve up the eye-candy and scroll away...


Like I said, there's some major color happening here, let alone a cap-toe moment that's gone all 'disco' on me, and I'm perfectly ok with that. These are what you would call an emotional, impulse buy. It's all about pure, fashion playtime with these pumps so loosen up a bit and enjoy it.


I have been a loyal 'Lovestory' wearer for years now (much to the dismay of my ridiculously fashion savvy friend Sam; she's been trying to get me into new denim for, oh I don't know, a year or two now), and I'll always have a soft spot for J. Brand in my heart, but Mih jeans are moving up fast and may soon trump my go-to denim. The Marrakesh, seen below in a perfect neutral that will go with anything, are a great cut. I can't say much more than that, because it's really just that simple. The cut elongates the leg like nothing I've seen lately, and the quality is on-point. It's a no-brainer.

Disregard the missing 'r' in the bubble please, or wait no, I planned that. It's me having a clever copy moment. Are you buying that? Yea, I didn't think so. Moving along...



If you're going to do a colored bag, and the color is going to be purple, my suggestion to you is to keep it a bit muted. Let's not go all 'Barney,' with our accessories, yes? Right. This eggplant purple satchel from Furla is a great and classic silhouette that can be thrown into a neutral look and will liven things up a bit. Keep the foundation of the look simple so the bag gets it's rightful ensemble cameo. Or go crazy and add it in with a printed, wrap dress and pumps. Either way, it works.



You should really just buy these, unless you have a strong aversion to leopard print, or like me, have a tendency to fall over when flats are slipped onto your feet. Seriously, I'm a little jealous of women who can pull off a flat and walk without looking at all ridiculous. I think I've just trained my foot for heels, unless I'm on a beach and have my flip flops. Closed toe flats, although gorgeous, make me look like a puppy that the owner dresses up like a person with shoes (poor doggies, see what I mean here) and proceeds to walk like Bambi, in circles. Take that, multiply it, and you have yours truly.

My fashion hang-ups aside. I love these leopard print flats for the price and the piping detail in the contrasting coral. They're the perfect shoe to have on hand if you're feet need a break from those heels. I'll grab my flip flops thanks, don't judge.



Job Hazard: I'm a stylist (amongst other things), so I'm constantly pulling together lookbooks and shopping lists for my clients that I consult with. As one would imagine, every now and then, some of the ideas and picks I come up with for my clients tend to rub off on me and my wardrobe. And by, 'now and then,' I mean all the time. One of the latest styling call outs was a pop-color clutch that was desperately needed for an upcoming event involving a classic L.B.D. (little black dress for those not big on acronyms, and if that's the case, then I have no clue how you're deciphering social media but I wish you the best of luck, btw).

Black is a go-to non-color, color pick (I know, it made little sense to me too, but I write how I speak, so it all makes sense in the end, hopefully) for anything evening. I love a good black tank/skinny jean moment as much as the next girl, but that really isn't living up to one's style potential, that's just called playing it safe, or playing it, "I'm way too busy to think about this stuff so I'm just going to grab what I always grab and deal." Scenario number two is why I'm here on the StyleShaker, and what I have built my business off of. So yes, I get both.

Here is one clutch that can quickly solve the problem, in all of it's saturated, cobalt blue glory...



via: 1. Reiss Olympia Encrusted Toe Cap Pump (www.reiss.com), 2. Mih Jeans Marrakesh Jean (www.farfetch.com), 3. J. Crew Elephant Resin-Link Necklace (www.jcrew.com), 4. Furla Amazzone Leather Satchel (www.lordandtaylor.com), 5. W118 By Walter Baker Gabriel Chiffon Shirt (www.theoutnet.com), 6. Gap Leopard Calf Hair Ballet Flats (www.gap.com), 7. Tom Binns Pinata Drop Earring (www.kirnazabete.com), 8. Thakoon Gathered Striped Brushed-Knit Dress (www.net-a-porter.com), 9. Azzaro Blue Clutch (www.modewalk.com), 10. June Biker Jacket (www.farfetch.com

There's always more than 10 picks when it comes to a fully realized, always changing shopping list, especially a virtual one. See more hand-picked favorites in all fashion categories that may not have made it onto today's list, but are fabulous finds nonetheless. Shop the StyleShaker Closet:

And now, time to take a minute and breathe with a little quote to inspire:

Bah-nanas (I'm doing my impression, Rachel Zoe voice, but you can't hear it). She's absolutely speaking the truth on this one, no pun intended. Whether we like it or not, we are visual people, we take so many things at face value, and pre-judge the book based on the cover. I do it, you do it, we all do it.

So, knowing that, for all the flack and backlash fashion/shopping can get, there's a very strong truth in one's outward appearance being an effective way to tell the world a bit about who you are. Combine that with how the right jacket, dress, pump, etc. can change the way a woman walks into the room, and there's pretty powerful stuff here. Non-verbal communication is no joke.

Why not use it to your advantage? Start small, start with this list, get some inspiration on what people are wearing, try a few things on, and in the end, go for something that makes you feel good about you.

When you care about how you look (all in moderation; I'm not talking vanity here so don't get it twisted), you care about yourself, and in a small way, you give yourself a little love. It can be a very attractive quality to have. What you wear on top of it all is just gravy, important gravy, but the big stuff starts from within.

See more ways to give a little love and shop what to wear, see how to wear it, and other fashion finds covering the latest trends out there.

Today's Top 10 Shopping List Adds Go High/Low from Balenciaga to Mango & Rick Owens to Tibi

Today's top 10 shopping list picks are lined up and ready to go...

 As you well know by now, I love a good list. Should the word shopping precede the word list, even better. It all starts with the fashion pick grid:

The name of the game for today (and really, everyday for me) is high/low shopping. It's pretty simple. Mix in some high level investment pieces with a few basic lower-pricepoints (low shouldn't equate to poor, disposable, quality here) on your shopping list, and your bases are covered. I'm sure you've heard it all before, nothing new, but it doesn't hurt to have a quick refresher now and then right?

Speaking of, let's get started on the list with a strong shopping pick from Balenciaga. I mean, c'mon, gorge-ous....


I usually sway away from the thought of blowing mass quantities of cash on a trend-driven look, but then again, shopping can be an emotional thing, practically Pavlovian. See the Balenciaga pump below, and before you know it you're drooling. It's instinctual (unless of course the neon pink/tangerine orange color combo makes you want to run screaming in the opposite direction). This one is about inspiration. I'm all about investing in the real deal, just not at the expense of missing a mortgage payment. Option B: just take it in, let the color wash over you, and shop more shoe favorites for something that feels just as colorful and significantly less painful when adding to your on-line shopping cart. I get it, but I also appreciate noteworthy fashion, regardless of price point. Blame it on ten years at Neiman Marcus.


So here's the 'low' when it comes to high/low. Low is referring to price and not at all the look, don't let the negative connotation of the word fool you. You get major bang for your buck on the 'low' end of the retail spectrum when it's done right, . A label is just a label, whereas style can be found on several levels using the label for a little direction (not the definition of what style actually is). For instance, Mango is a solid label I happen to adore. There's a lot of look for what you shell out here. And let's be honest, when will I ever turn down a tuxedo blazer like this one? Um, not going to happen.



Pleating, a hugely transitional green hue, and a cinched waist. Need I say more? No, but I'm going to because I can't stop myself. Tibi is a go-to for me when it comes to finding pieces that have amazing color, print, and universally flattering cuts. My one caveat on this Guinevere dress, if you're bigger than a C-cup, I'd recommend looking elsewhere. The pleating at the front will separate according to your shape, which for some is a great thing, but for others (i.e. those with amazing racks; crude, but true) the dress loses it's overall aesthetic and goes from romantic to a bit distracting in all the wrong ways.

Other than that, this is a gorgeous dress to wear through Spring, into Fall with a cardi, and through winter with some tights and boots. Seasonal, definitely.


Ob-sessed with this chain link necklace. So you think I would have figured this out by now, both parents having worked in the retail industry, me having spent the past decade in luxury fashion, but no. I took the scenic route to my own styling evolution, and finally decided that jewelry (or really all accessories) are the best, and I mean best (most efficient as well if you want to bring out my inner-organizational nerd), method of pulling together a basic look and making it your own. When I consult with my clients, I repeat the significance of a solid core closet, stocked seasonally with go-to quality wardrobe basics, to the point of sounding like a broken record. It's tough fashion love. But once you have your core, all you need are some amazing jewelry picks (cue the Adia Kibur necklace), scarves, wraps, you name it, and you can extend your wardrobe from 10 to 20 or 30 looks. No joke. It's not only possible, it's genius. Again, took me awhile to get here, but now that I am, I'm all over it like white on rice.



Hi, hey, what's up, ready to see the most amazing suede clutch ever imagined by a designer? Am I building it up too much? Do I care? Nope. In, love with this Matthew Williamson clutch for all the delish details. You've got to be a fan of green, and unfortunately, now that I'm looking at it, also yellow, which saddens me solely because those are the colors of the Green Bay Packers and I'm not a fan (if I lose a couple of readers on that one, so be it).

I grew up in the Chicago 'burbs, amongst several other areas (retail, not army brat if you must know), but while cities changed, my arch football nemesis remained the same, the Packers. Once a Bears fan, always a Bears fan, which is saying something because I know nothing about football, hardly ever watch the games (first and ten huh?what?) and couldn't tell you who's currently having a good season (mind you, I live in Texas at the moment, so to say that I don't fit into the culture would be a massive understatement). I do recall my older brother an I doing the Superbowl Shuffle in the '80's though, and to me, that's enough.

I can't even believe I'm talking about foozball right now in the middle of featuring a Matthew Williamson clutch. I think I've gone off the deep-end. Need, to, find, my, way, back...Fringe lining! Ok, I'm back. Sorry about that.


Rick Owens, how do I love thee? Let me count the ways, starting with a cold-shoulder, draped jersey top that is going to be my no-brainer, going-out-for-cocktails-or-what-have-you, top. Rick Owens is a favorite, and I'm not talking price wise (ouchie), but there's something about his style aesthetic that is on-point. It reminds me of how every woman will always have a 'thing' (secretly or not, it happens at least once in a lifetime; own it) for the 'bad boy.' Rick would be the bad boy in this equation. You know you should watch yourself, maybe take a step back, but you dive in head first, and indulge anyway. You have to.

The exception here is, with Rick, once you get to know his designs, the thrill stays. In fact, it only gets better the closer you get to the designer's work. With a real-life bad boy, the opposite is usually the case. It gets old, fast. Been there, won't be doing that again, but it was so worth it.



And finally, a Tibi tank in a ridiculously 'pretty' pink silk that I normally don't go for. The shape borders on halter with the racer-back, which is a hugely flattering line for most body-types. Tip: bring out the strapless or bandeau bra in a fun color if you're wondering. It's just simple, that's why I love this tank. Throw it over some skinny jeans, toss on a massively gorgeous statement necklace, and let the compliments roll in. Sure, that's not entirely why you're wearing it, it should make you feel good first and foremost, but little love notes never hurt throughout the day. Make sure you pay it forward.

via: 1. Balenciaga Tri-Colour Cut-Out Shoes (www.matchesfashion.com), 2. Mango Tuxedo Blazer (www.shop.mango.com), 3. Haute Hippie Ruffled Silk-Georgette Halterneck Top (www.net-a-porter.com), 4. Tibi Guinevere Sleeveless Dress (www.tibi.com), 5. Adia Kibur Chain Link Multi Necklace (www.shopbop.com), 6. Madison Harding Women's Hanna Boot (www.amazon.com), 7. Matthew Williamson Swarovski Crystal-Embellished Suede Clutch (www.net-a-porter.com), 8. Rick Owens One-Shoulder Draped Jersey Top (www.net-a-porter.com), 9. 3.1 Phillip Lim Pashli Croc-Effect Leather Tote (www.net-a-porter.com), 10. Tibi Silk-Crepe Racer-Back Top (www.theoutnet.com

The Top 10 shopping list picks are one thing, but the buck never stops there. You've got options. This list is all about simplifying, a place to start the shopping momentum and get inspired. To keep the flow going, shop more hand-picked favorites from the StyleShaker Closet here:

Time for a little quote action. All this talk about love and 'bad boys,' has me thinking about the good ones out there that I've been lucky enough to meet and have in my life.

She says it so well you know? And it's so, damn, true. Or at least for me it is.

These quotes obviously hit the StyleShaker pages because they resonate with me, but always in hopes that they will do the same for you, or at least get you thinking. Fashion is wonderful, it's the air I breathe, but there's more to life (gasp) and it's important to keep it all in perspective. I get carried away with a Balenciaga bootie as quickly as I do with a quote from Marilyn Monroe. Both are loves in my life, and there are plenty more out there. I encourage you to find yours, or at least, reacquaint yourself with what you love, cause it's in there. It definitely can't be found externally in those ridiculously long Monday meetings, or the power point decks that go on for days (why people, why; you know you'll lose my interest after slide 3). You won't find it in those excel spreadsheets that cross your eyes, or the beige-covered cubical walls that, ps, are not walls at all.

Look inward, the good stuff is always there, living in the non-beige part of you. Go find it.

See more on what to wear, how to wear it, and where to shop...

10 Additions to the Shopping List this Fall: From Helmut Lang to Kate Spade, the Gang's All Here

It's Monday, kinda chilly below the Mason-Dixon line (a welcome change mind you) and it's time to dig into the top 10 shopping picks of the day...

Cue the montage (and coffee):

The pattern in today's shopping list picks is all about bringing things down to earth a bit, tonally speaking of course. Fall officially in the mix as winter edges it's way into the seasonal equation, as if I had to spell it out for you. What I'm really saying is, 'tis the season to stick with some soft butterscotch-brown neutrals in the form of a fringed boot and oversized, faux fur cardigan I could live in right now...

Jewel tones also make their cameo of course, in the literal sense, with a couple of statement jewelry pieces that I'm swooning over, and a cross body bag from Zac Posen that is the perfect (and I mean perfect) find for my latest client's shopping list. It also happens to take the cake on any other cross body bag I've seen lately, courtesy of few key geometric angles going on with the silhouette making it chic and very wearable simultaneously.

See what I'm talking about:



I can't get enough of this ballerina flat. In all honesty, I've never been able to walk like a normal human with flats on my feet. As anyone who knows me well, I flop all over the place. Doesn't mean a girl can't have dreams right?


I was a little surprised with this blouse pick. I found it on Quicksilver of all places, and yes, there happen to be five hundred iterations of the look out there, but this take on the cream blouse with black piping hit the nail on the head in design and price. Plus, the v-neck elongates, and bonus, this blouse won't swallow you whole like some of the other 'boyfriend' shirts out there. I get that it's a trend, but seriously, I'm going to bypass. That's just me, oh One who believes firmly that, if you've got it, flaunt it (there are ways to do this without looking like you're working the corner, just had to squeeze that one in there).



Helmut Lang is a go-to when it comes to wanting a basic that looks a little less, well, 'basic.' Sounds like opposites day, but the asymmetrical cuts that go on with all things Helmut always add a little edge on top of what could have been a really simple look. If you're petite or pear shape, this tank may not be for you, but it is the perfect way to elongate a torso if you have some height (eh' hem, my shopping bias has made an entrance, I'll own up to it. I love to take my short waist and play with a little proportion magic).



Love this cardigan, especially since it's not 100% wool. I do love a warm cozy sweater, but wool, to me at least, is about as comfortable as wrapping one's self up with a blanket made out of those little prickers that used to get caught on the bottom of your jeans when you'd be out and about in forests as a kid. What are those called anyways? No time to Google, must keep writing.

You can tell how long it has been since I've been wandering around forests. I need to get the right boots for that I suppose. Just one more excuse to add to the shoe collection, but I digress, this is about the cardigan that meets the need of any layering you have going on this season.




Stop it. I mean, c'mon, you're killin me Theyskens'. I get that this is the edgier line for one of my all-time favorites, Theory. I say 'edgy,' which is a term that is completely overused, but right now, other descriptors just aren't coming into my brain so you're going to have to deal with it and move on, which should  be very easy seeing as how I'm serving up the 'Jaco' striped lapel blazer as the finale pick.

You've heard me say it before, and yes, I will say it again (a.k.a.won't shut up about it until the day I die which may sound melodramatic because it truly is, and I own that), I love a good blazer. Key note here: The upper arms need to fit, not be baggy, but actually fit. It depends on one's shape BUT is also a determining factor on the quality of the jacket/blazer. If the tailoring is up to par, you won't have an issue with this, and you know what that means right? Invest.

source: 1. Z Spoke Zac Posen Eartha Mini Crossbody (www.bloomingdales.com), 2. Topshop Geo Print Ballerinas (www.topshop.com), 3. QSW Skyscraper Long Sleeve Blouse (www.quiksilver.com), 4. Kate Spade New York Steps Drop Earrings (www.couture.zappos.com), 5. Helmut Lang Draped Stretch-Jersey Top (www.theoutnet.com), 6. Kate Spade New York Desert Stone Bib Necklace (www.couture.zappos.com), 7. MINKPINK Intazia Faux Fur Trim Cardigan (www.urbanoutfitters.com), 8. MIA Women's Flirty Knee-High Boot (www.amazon.com), 9. Rebecca Minkoff Line Quilt Affair Handbag (www.museten.com), 10. Theyskens' Theory Jaco Striped-Lapel Blazer (www.theoutnet.com

I try, painstakingly, everyday, (cue round 2 of melodrama, god I'm on it today) to pull together 10 shopping list picks that I find notable based on one thing or another. And yet, there's so, so, so much more. The Top 10 lists are meant to inspire, wet the appetite, but most importantly, simplify what can be the overwhelming (on a good day) process of shopping. Where to begin? Here. Simple, done and done.

From here, see where things take you. There are always more options lined up. They live in the StyleShaker Closet. This is where all the favorites find a home, those that made the list and those that just didn't cut it, but deserve their rightful shopping cameo. See what I mean and shop the closet below:

 I love to shop, but I do have one rule, ok two rules and they are: First, if one thing comes in, one things goes out (usually, if in good enough shape, I'm talking donation), and second, fashion shouldn't be taken too seriously. So, I'm bringing this one to a close with a quote that is hitting home right now having personally just said, "good bye," to a company I've been with for over ten years and moving out to do my own thing. It's scary, there's risk, and above all, there's a big, fat, ominous, unknown factor involved. But I suppose that means I'm alive and learning something, which is all I ever really want anyway. Well, that and that blazer.

So, it's time to find a little space for your happy place (I think I've watched too many of Oprah's Super Soul Sundays, as if there is ever such a thing as 'enough' when it comes to 'O,'). Here's the quote that stopped me in my tracks last night.

If it hits something in you, sit with it. If not, move along.

See more daily picks to add to your shopping list, past and present here. Plus find more about what to wear, how to wear it, and where to shop for it. Bonus.

10 Picks to Add to Your Shopping List, from Isabel Marant to Iro...

Today's shopping list loves everything from a classic chambray shirt to a French Connection skirt.

Check out the edited list of goodies...

I'm absolutely obsessed with IRO for several reasons, one of which just happens to be the 'Kristen' jacket. Suffice it to say, today's list starts out strong, and builds from there, finishing things up with an Erickson Beamon ring that has me swooning. What else is new? See what I'm gushing about and scroll away:











Shop more in the StyleShaker Closet:

Seem ore on what to wear, how to wear, how to wear it here.

Clutches | 14 Reasons Why You Should Refresh Your Clutch Collection. Here Come the Holiday Cocktail Parties...

It's Time to Dig In & Shop Fall's Best Clutches, 14 to Be Exact...

Clutches, clutches, clutches. Well, I've done it. I have finally done it. I've become clutch-obsessed. I have taken a high dive into the deep-end of this classic evening accessory that receives far too little attention, and I'm not even interested in getting out the floaties or coming back to dry land. The water's just fine. Come on in.

Time for the clutch's rightful fashion cameo, well on The StyleShaker at least. Meet the Top 14 clutches (I couldn't handle editing down to ten so you get a bonus round on this one), to shop right now.:

[SlideDeck2 id=8542]

Figuring out what to wear and wear to shop for it will safely cover the first two parts of any style equation. The missing link to this puzzle lies in how to wear the look.
Clutches aren't going to be too complicated, there's no style science project, but when it comes to covering the finishing touches on any ensemble, a little inspiration never hurts. See a few takes on how to wear the clutch below:

1. Christian Siriano Spring 2012- via www.style.com 2. via: www.carolinesmode.com/stockholmstreetstyle 3. via www.thestyleshaker.tumblr.com 4. via www.style.com 5. DVF Spring 2012- via www.style.com 6. Anja Rubik-via www.fashiongonerogue.com 7. Antonio Marras Spring 2012- via www.style.com 8. via www.thestyleshaker.tumblr.com

If 14 isn't enough, and honestly, when you think about it, when is enough really ever enough, keep the shopping momentum going strong. There are more handbags of all sizes, from clutches to classic satchels, all lining the shelves of The StyleShaker Closet (a running wish list edited down weekly for inspiration) ready and waiting for a quick glimpse. See what I'm talking about:

Shop all of the hand-picked, well, handbags, right here. Start below...

 Clutches fall into just one of the countless essentials that need to be added to your Fall shopping list, or, added to the list of items you need to rediscover when shopping your own closet. See more trends to stay on top of as the temps drop, what to wear, how to wear them, and where to shop for them, all right here.

I Have No Clue How You Will Make it Through Fall Without One of These | Meet Our Top 10 Sweaters

Fall Is Upon Us & That Means, Sweater Time. Check Out Our Top 10 Sweaters, The Chunkier, The Better:

I love a good chunky sweater as much as the next girl, and I rarely  get to wear one living in Dallas at the moment. Ridiculous temperatures or not, the shopping hunt to find the perfect piece to have in my closet when it comes time to throw the cozy knit on over some leggings and riding boots this season, continues on.

The team and I have narrowed it down to our top 10. Let's get started...

[SlideDeck2 id=8483]


Since 10 is really never enough, there's plenty more to shop when it comes to sweaters, and it's all right here:


Now, it's all fine and good to hone in on 'what to wear,' but  the significant style question of 'how to wear it,' also needs to be addressed. In an effort to keep the momentum going strong, check out a few images that show some quick and simple, along with utterly sophisticated, ways to wear your favorite chunky sweater.


1. www.peoplestylewatch.com

2. www.thestyleshaker.tumblr.com

3. www.peoplestylewatch.com

4. www.thestyleshaker.tumblr.com

5. www.peoplestylewatch.com

6. www.style.com

7. www.thestyleshaker.tumblr.com

8. www.thestyleshaker.tumblr.com


There's more when it comes to shopping for the latest trends and classic essentials you'll want in your closet for Fall. See more on what to wear, how to wear it, and where to shop for it, all right here, served up every week for your fashion viewing pleasure.

The Top 10 Riding Boots That Should Be On Your Fall Shopping List

Today's Top 10 Riding Boots for Fall

Can you believe we're already in September? Can you believe we always say the same thing every year expecting, somehow, that time is going to slow down and seasons won't show up faster and faster? Yea, well, September has arrived and I am beyond ecstatic. I love Fall, adore it in fact. It's probably my favorite time of year.

There are a couple of major holidays that revolve around eating copious amounts of candy or turkey (which means I'll be eating everything but the turkey because that's the best part) and I finally get to tap into my jackets (they have their own closet and get stuck in the dark for month upon month since I currently reside in the sauna that is Dallas, TX). How could I not be obsessed with the season, right?  Right.


This Top 10 is not about jackets, sweaters, or layering anything (we'll get there soon enough). This is about a huge trend for fall, the riding boot. They can go from a full-on, equestrian-detailed boot, to your everyday flat boot that will be worn all over the place as the temps continue to drop.


I narrowed down the list to ten at the request of a personal styling client (a.k.a. my co-hosts on this site). Having just re-organized her closet, it was evident, glaringly so, that the woman needed some everyday boots for Fall, so Christy, this is for you. Shop the top 10 riding boots below & get 8 celebrity looks that will show you ways to wear the trend (bonus!):

[wlm_private_Members Only]

[SlideDeck2 id=8431]

The 'what-to-wear' piece of the puzzle is covered. Now it's on to how to wear a riding boot. Here's a little inspiration to get you going:


1. source:  www.peoplestylewatch.com
2. source: www.littlebluedeer.com
3. www.peoplestylewatch.com
4. www.peoplestylewatch.com
5. www.intermixonline.com
6. www.peoplestylewatch.com
7. www.style.com: Aquascutum Fall 2011
8. ww.peoplestylewatch.com

So the flat riding boot is now covered and checked of the Fall Essentials Shopping List. That's just one pieces of the equation to get prepped for the season. See more on what to wear, how to wear it, and where to shop for it here.

[/wlm_private_Members Only]

Meet Our Top 10 Boots for Fall 2012

The Shopping List: Our Top 10 Boots, Just in Time for Fall 2012

From Zara to Casadei, ankle boots to fringed wedges, it's all about the boot and it's just in time for the falling temps. Check out the StyleShaker's top 10 boots. First, the montage:

It's starts with a double zip boot from Zara, and finishes off strong with a fringe suede wedge boot from Isabel Marant that has me drooling. Click the pics to shop:

1. Zara Ankle Boot with Double Zip (www.zara.com)

2. Rebecca Taylor Sibyl Bootie (www.rebeccataylor.com)

3. Charlotte Olympia Emilia Ankle Boots (www.theoutnet.com)

4. Zara Studded Cowboy Ankle Boot (www.zara.com)

5. Mark & James by Badgley Mischka Fido Bootie (www.dsw.com)

6. Zara Ankle Boot with Metal Toe (www.zara.com)

7. Ash Taupe Brushed Suede Jalouse Ankle Boots (www.my-wardrobe.com)

8. CASADEI Ankle boots (www.thecorner.com)

9. Jessica Simpson Audrina Bootie (www.piperlime.gap.com)

10. Isabel Marant Jacob Fringed Suede Boots (www.net-a-porter.com)

Is ten ever really enough when it comes to shoes, let alone boots? Obviously not, but it's a good starting point. Every boot is not for every woman. Enter, the ever-changing shopping list filled with hand-picked pieces that line the StyleShaker closet. Here's a quick peek, but see more here:


Time to keep the momentum going. Remember, it's not only about what you wear, but what you're doing in it. So I hope these boots take you exactly where you want to go, wherever that may be. Get back to more on what to wear, how to wear it, where to shop it, and more here.

Shopping List! | Tori via Generations Collective & her Top 10 Picks

One of my favorite pieces to the not-so-complicated StyleShaker puzzle would have to be the dynamic shopping lists. They are all hand-picked pieces living in the StyleShaker Closet, that run the gamut across all fashion categories from shoes to dresses, tops to denim, jackets to jewelry, and the list really does go on.

When I go into a store for myself or my clients, I hit the ground running like I would at my Whole Foods down the street (shout out). The list is a crucial part to this, telling me what I'm looking for and where to get it. Sure, there's definitely playing-dress-up moments and random browsing, what's life without things like that right? But the list keeps me on point, focused and able to walk out of wherever I am (or sometimes click out since this girl loves her on-line shopping) feeling good about what is on it's way to me or in the bag I'm obnoxiously swinging from my hand (there may be skipping involved, but that usually happens when I'm with my clients/friends and there's wine involved).

My second favorite thing about The StyleShaker you ask? The people I get to meet. Collaboration is key and brings amazing ideas and  outside perspectives to the table. Whenever someone asks to contribute to the site, the first step is usually them submitting their wishlist/shopping list from our hand-picked, heavily edited 'Closet' of goodies. I always love to see how it comes together, and this time around is no exception.

Meet the one-woman powerhouse behind the blog Generations Collective, Tori:

Tori and I met via IFB and she was kind enough to send over her own Hit List, aka top 10 picks and why she fell in love with each. She pulled together this fabulous montage in her Generations Collective aesthetic (which is why I had to have her as a contributor on the site in the first place), so check it out and read about why Tori chose each piece below. Oh, and shop of course!

From Tori:

Fall is just around the corner. For someone like me who loves the Summer, it’s a little bittersweet, but there are some things I’m looking forward to in the coming season. Being able to wear faux fur and flared pants are immediately what come to mind, along with Fall colors and fabrics. I’ve chosen some favorite pieces from Style Shakers’ “What to Wear” that reminded me of the feeling and vibes I’m looking forward to in Autumn.

The shopping list line up:

1. Andros Wide-Legs - Anthropologie

Like I said, flares flares flares. I am crazy about bell bottoms, and these ones are a great color for Summer and Fall. Add a high waist and I'm in love.

2. MINKPINK Wisteria Lane Dress - Revolve Clothing

If you know me at all you know that I am obsessed with florals. I don't care which season, what the weather, I will be wearing florals. I think this is an adorable floral dress, a great transition piece.

3. Rachel Zoe Delfina Silk Chiffon Pants - Saks Fifth Avenue

I can't get over how beautiful this is. The movement, the color, Fall fashion at it's finest.

4. Angie Panorama Twill Pants - Piperlime

Another terrific pair of flares, these ones even more suited for Fall, being that they're thicker and a deeper warmer color. :)

5. Muubaa Charme Aviatress Jacket - Boutique to You

Another love of mine: shearling. I love the aviator style of this jacket. Nothing is more perfect for Fall than leather and fur in one.

6. Rosalina Heel - All Saints

I have been obsessed with wooden heels lately. I adore the look of them, and they are perfect for autumn- the color, and wood reminds me of the trees and the falling leaves.

7. Kendra Scott "C and y" Allison Earrings - Endless

 I love the color of these earrings, they're so bright and fun and could add life to any outfit.

8. Hudson Dress – Tibi New York

 I adore this dress. I instantly loved it because I thought of it as a perfect transition piece in between Summer and Fall. The colors and beautiful and I love the leafy looking print on the bodice.

9. Burnt Sienna Shag Jacket - Anthropologie

I LOVE faux fur. So far I own two faux fur coats but I cannot get enough. This is one is a great Autumn color too.

10. MISSONI Deep V Long Sleeve Dress – Forward

 I am crazy about the print of this dress. The print plus the colors scream “Fall”.

And there you have it. Tori's shopping list, her top ten picks, and hopefully some inspiration for you, the reader, because at the end of the day, that is what it's all about.

See more on what to wear in fashion, how to wear the latest trends, and where to shop around.

What I'm Wearing Today. Wednesday's Look from a Fashion Industry Insider

What I'm Wearing Today? Think: Purple cropped pants:

No standing in front of the closet this morning. I picked out what I'm wearing today over the weekend and am loving myself for prepping ahead of time. Just one more step taken to simplify life a little bit. Every little bit helps right? So, time to get to it. Here's what I'm wearing today:


When it boils down to what I'm wearing today, I kept it pretty simple. The pop color in the pants takes a basic look and brings it into the realm of trendy, in a good way.

I'm obsessed with J. Crew's Minnie pant and am about to buy them in every color possible, seriously. The fit is amazing, the colors are killer, and the length hits right where I want it to, slightly above the ankle. Throw in a basic black tee and striped cardigan from Urban Outfitters, done and done. I'm looking at the shoes right now, and then the sky (grey and overcast), so I'm thinking I'm going to make a last minute addition of some flats.

As for the accessories, the Pour la Victoire bag can fit a small child in it, not that I have one or would ever do that, but it holds everything you could ever imagine needing throughout your day. The layered bracelets add a subtle touch and finally, a black enamel statement ring finishes off the look.

It's going to be a rainy day filled with a few meetings so these pants will keep the mood up, and the look will keep me completely comfy moving from one room to the next.

That's today's look. See more looks, past and present, what to wear and how to wear it when it comes to the latest trends in fashion, all right here.

Product Review | Low Luv x Erin Wasson's Domed Cage Ring

The Latest Product Review Video has Arrived, and This Time I'm Talking Statement Rings

It's time for another product review post on-line shopping spree last week. What's on the docket this time around? Well, I love a good statement ring now and again, especially when the overall look and feel edges on masculine. But that's just a personal style preference. If you're like me, it's time to check out the ring in question. Meet the Domed Cage ring  from Low Luv x Erin Wasson, a favorite name of mine when it comes to all things jewelry. Did the love fest continue once I got this ring on my pretty little finger? First, the product shot (click to shop).

Check out the product review video right here and get all of my thoughts on the edgy statement ring:

So at the end of the day, when it comes to the product reviews, like I mentioned, there are four key points to The StyleShaker rating system on a scale from 1 to 5 (5 being the best). Here they are:
1. Shipping & Delivery: 5 (Shopbop.com manages to do this oh, so, well, every time)
2. Fit: 5 (I finally figured out my ring size, chart here, so this was a no-brainer)
3. Construction: 5 (no problems here)
4. Value:  4 (it's silver plated so at $45 I'm not overjoyed, but it's not killing me either)
Glowing product review right? Overall, this Low Luv x Erin Wasson ring gets itself a happy face. I'm kind of in love with it, can't you see the elation? Such a ham, I know. But playing with DSLR cameras can be so much fun. 

In the mean time, if you're still not sold on this statement ring or you're looking for something else a little bit closer to your style speed, see more of my edited down jewelry picks from the virtual shopping list here:


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Product Review | Vince Camuto's Heath Pump

I Shopped, I Wore, Now See My Product Review of Vince Camuto's Heath Pump

Before I head straight into the video product review, it's time to look at the shoe in question, well pump in question if we're going to be specific. Here is Vince Camuto's Heath pump in a butterscotch brown leather. I'm in need of a basic brown pump, just one of the closet essentials that comes into play during every season. So I went shopping. Here's what I found:

Product review video time. Did it stay or did the pump have to go? The answer is right here:

So at the end of the day, when it comes to the product reviews, like I mentioned, there are four key points to The StyleShaker rating system on a scale from 1 to 5 (5 being the best). Here they are:
1. Shipping & Delivery: 4 (nothing blew me away but it was efficient)
2. Fit: 2 (ouch. Size up half a size. Seriously, still ouch)
3. Construction: 4 (still in week one but the leather is holding up well)
4. Value:  4 (you can't beat a basic pump that you can wear with anything into Fall for $50)
I'm still kicking myself on this one. I found it for less on Endless.com (link above for you), but that's my bad. Overall, the value is still pretty good. 
Product Review Final Verdict is... I'm keeping the pump. If you saw the video you'd already now this. Thumbs up for the value, the construction, the shipping, etc. Thumbs down for the extended breaking in period.
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What to Wear | 3 Statement Necklaces That Bring Your Look From Blah to Bold

Q: What to Wear? A: A Statement Necklace + Basics

When it boils down to what to wear, many of us (myself included) tend to make a B-line for the standby, go-to basics in our closets. It's easy. I get it. But why stop at basic? The classic white tee, heather grey tank, or dark blue, vintage wash jean, could use a little fashion push every now and then. Redefine easy with the simple addition of a statement necklace.

I love a statement necklace for one main reason, you can put it back to anything, especially a casual tank top and jeans look, and it will  instantly elevate the style quotient. I tell my clients who are trying to stick to a budget that one of the best ways to do so, is to layer up on the trend jewelry. Taking a basic white tee and throwing on a statement necklace, some fabulous elaborate earrings, or colorful cuffs, makes the look both your own, and notable, at the same time. It's not just the ho-hum, go-to look anymore. When you're looking for what to wear, keep it simple. You don't need a new wardrobe, you may just need a few key additions here and there.

Speaking of keeping it simple, I've narrowed things down a bit for your shopping convenience. When it comes to what to wear, here are three statement necklace picks that set themselves apart. I've also included a little quote with each pick to get you inspired. I love fashion, and have grown up in the industry, but even I know it's not about the necklace at the end of the day. It's about what that necklace inspires you to do. It's about what you actually do in the necklace that matters.

The fashion part of the equation, combined with a few quotes that hopefully hit home, can give you that little ounce of oomph that you need to go for it. Be open to it and shop away!




Like I said, it's not just about the necklaces. When you look at what to wear and make your style decisions, think about what you'll be doing in with that outfit on your shoulders, with that jewelry around your neck. Who knows, maybe that's the necklace you wear when you finally decide to leave your corporate job to pursue your dreams, or maybe it will forever go down in history as the necklace you wore when you met the person you're going to spend the rest of your life with. You never know what can happen, but I can guarantee you one thing, each piece in your closet will have a story behind it if it doesn't already. Here's to those stories being legendary ones you can't wait to tell....

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Are You Asking Yourself, "What Am I Going to Wear Today?" Yea, Me Too. See the Look in 6 Steps

How to Pull Together a Look for a Laid Back, Working Friday

It begins with a pair of J.Brand jeans, and builds from there. Actually, most looks begin with one pick and then you have to create something around that. Sure, there's the go-to, 'I don't even want to think about it so I'm going with the same old black cardi and flats,' thinking, but you should think about it, just not at six a.m. after snoozing five times with the stressed out style statement, 'I have nothing to wear,' rolling around in your foggy head. If you're female, and care about how you look, you know this feeling well.

Here's the thing, what you wear can directly affect how you feel. How you feel affects how you go throughout your day meeting people, and overall, doing what you do oh so well. So, why not take the time up front, plan a bit, and ease the pain of the morning routine by having it all figured out, fashionably, and ahead of time?

It's what I do for my clients after clearing out their closets. They each get a virtual, personalized Shopping List and Lookbook so they know exactly what goes with what, and when they can wear it. Sounds like heaven right? Well it did to me, I was my first client.

In fact, I'm still all about the process, and for good reason. It works, seamlessly.

I pulled together looks for the week on Sunday and took quick pics for you to see, but more importantly, for myself to use as a reference point. For today, it started with knowing I wanted to bring out the denim on a sunny Friday. From there I kept it basic with a BCBG white, over-sized top, layering pieces, an unexpected color on the handbag, a classic caramel pump from Vince Camuto, and some shiny stuff, a.k.a, a vintage cuff bracelet and my new ring from Low Luv x Erin Wasson.

It's a look that  is pure comfort to me and I didn't even have to think about it on the day of. I love the jeans, I feel good in them, so it's the perfect foundation to start off what is going to be a fabulous weekend.

Hope you get some inspiration with your own wardrobe. If you have questions on what to wear or how to wear it, shoot us a quick note. We love to help out and take on anyone's fashion puzzles. They can be easily solved, you just need to ask for help. No big.

For now, here's my Friday look. Hope you have an amazing day!

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WTW Video! | What I'm Wearing Today, Tuesday

What am I going to wear today? The million dollar fashion question is answered, for today at least.

If you're anything like me, you get up in the morning (post an average of three snoozing sessions), walk into your closet in a haze, and ask, "what am I going to wear?"

I realize that it's going to be over one hundred degrees here in Dallas today, ew. But I miss my cold weather (not Minneapolis cold, but Fall-in-Boston, or sunset-in-San-Diego cold) and I'm going to layer if it kills me and results in massive dehydration. Worth it. So, dramatic-layering-pep-talk aside, here's what I'm wearing today. This screams on thing to me, well two, but first and foremost, comfort. I'll tell you why.

The leggings are from Free People (I bought on sale at Gilt) and to say that they're my all time favorite would be an understatement. They are so comfortable it almost feels wrong, like I'm prancing (and yes, with enough caffeine, I prance) around in PJ's, which is ironic because I've never been a PJ girl, but they pull off a polished feel with any ensemble seamlessly. Did I mention I loved them so much I went back and bought them in every color imaginable? When I like something, I reaaaaaaaaaaally like it. All or nothing.

The rest is gravy. My favorite floral blouse from Urban always comes in handy. Again, I should have bought one in every color. I'll add that to the Shopping List. I'm layering the blazer over the flowy top because this girl has meetings to attend and they include old-school retailers that happen to love both the color black, and a well-constructed blazer; it's a Neimans thing. I get it. Accessories come into play with a basic black platform pump, not something I'm going to be able to move fast in so flip flops will be in tow, oh actually, they'll be in my Mulberry Bayswater bag. My pride and joy that made two years in the designer handbag buying office worth it, well the bag and two amazing friends for life. Finally, I'll polish it all off with a layered gold necklace from Madewell and a black enamel statement ring via Mango. Voila! And now, time to get going or I'll miss the a.m. Creative meeting.

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WTW Video! | Product Review of the Coral Silk Drape Front Blazer

Product Review time! What did I think of Boundary & Co.'s coral drape-front, chiffon blazer?

First things first, it's introduction video time, and then, time to get down to the million dollar question: did the blazer stay to find it's new home in my closet, OR, did I toss it, and by, 'toss it,' I mean, return it back to Piperlime.com:

Here's the blazer:

source: www.piperlime.com

Here's the pic that inspired the purchase:

source: www.fash-n-chips.com

I rate each pick, 1-5 (five being the bestest ever ever) on four key pieces of the shopping puzzle. First and foremost, it's time to talk about shipping & delivery. Did the order arrive in a small plastic bag smushed into the back of the mailbox? Nope. Piperlime hits the customer service mark every time when it comes to delivery. The package arrived, in full-on Piperlime fashion (green lime print all over the place), on time. Score: 5 (*free shipping AND free return shipping always wins).

Next comes the fit. This is a drapey piece, so it's not going to run too small nine times out of ten. The only danger here would be the opposite, i.e. the potential for the volume to swallow you whole. That wasn't the case. The fit was great, not perfect, but good. I'm a stickler on jackets so let's just say, to get a 5 here, it needs to be designer level (and sometimes not even the big guys can pull it together, shockingly enough after you consider what you're spending). I bought a medium, I usually wear a 6/8 and am a C so there needs to be a little volume to accommodate. That said, I think a small would work well here, but I love the loose feel especially with Dallas serving up ridiculous triple digit days. Ew. But, I digress. If you like a more fitted look, size down. Score: 3.5, and yes, I just threw in a point 5.

Step 3, the construction. Will the pick disintegrate after one wash or trip to the dry cleaners? Nope. This blazer is definitely not disposable.  Will it stick with me for the next five years? Most likely not, but I'm covered for the next two to three at least. I will say that this blazer, being silk (also lined well) makes it a bit more high maintenance. It means ironing, and I hate ironing, usually avoiding the chore as if it were the plague. And even after ironing (while personally making the ten year old whiny noise under my breath) the creases managed to keep coming back after a little wear. It's not flawless fabric, a slight annoyance. That said, a small crease here or there isn't enough to bring me down. Score: 4.

Last but not least, the value. The fact that I got my sticky fashion hands on this blazer at under $100 makes me happy. It's intelligent pricing on Piperlime's behalf and, sure, they may be getting over a 65% markup (total guess), but I still feel like I'm getting something great for the spend. Sorry, the retailer comes out now and then. You can take the girl out of retail, but I don't think you can ever take the retailer out of the girl. So goes life. Score on value: 4.

So there you have it: Shipping, 5. Fit, 3.5. Construction, 4. Value, 4. Total score: 16.5 out of 20! Not, too, shabby. This coral blazer stays.

That's just one review. See where it all starts, shop more curated picks and see how to wear them here.

WTW | What I'm Wearing Today, Monday

Here's the Monday look that answers what I should wear today:

It all usually starts with me standing, facing the line up of clothing in the closet in the morning, tea in hand, and wondering what I'm going to wear. Sound familiar?

I love clothing, dressing up, fashion in general, but for as long as I can remember, this time of day has always made me revert to my inner-ten year old, sans openly stomping and making the whiny noise. Don't let that fool you though, at thirty-two years old, I've learned how to finally use my inside voice. The surface may look calm, but inside I'm flipping out as the clock ticks and I need to get out of the house to my clients.

So, in an effort to avoid the a.m. drama, I finally decided to do a little planning ahead using my Virtual Closet and the process I go through with clients. Um, duh. Took me a bit, but I'm slow on the uptake when it comes to the most obvious things sometimes.

See below, here's what I'm going with today. On the agenda is styling out a shoot that will have me on my feet for a bit, a birthday lunch, and some follow up with the latest client. The look I'm going with is inspired by the newest addition to the closet, the blazer (see the review video here), and is loose enough so I can move throughout the day without falling into a triple-digit-heat-induced coma. Lightweight fabrics are key and there's no excuse to not pull out the color, it's summer after all, and I do love a good coral moment. Enjoy...

Back to more on what to wear, how to wear it, oh and the best part, where to shop for it.