How to Wear | Lilly Pulitzer's Lavender Striped Dress for Brunch

You, over there, pick one word, any word, and I'll show you that the root of that word is Greek. Sound familiar? If you're as obsessed with the movie My Big Fat Greek Wedding as I am, then the first sentence in this paragraph should ring a bell.

source: www.whowhatwearcom

Did I also mention that the peplos of Ancient Greece, with stories and myths surrounding the theme of Athena's defeat woven carefully into the fabric, took nine months to create, finally making it's cameo at the Panathenaea religious festival? Yes, you heard correctly. Nine months. That's dedication. Mention this manufacturing window to any buyer roaming the halls at a luxury retailer today and watch the line get passed over quicker than an outerwear company launching a down-puffer jacket line for Spring/Summer '12 at a 30% markup and no margin agreement. Translation: fast.

Am I done with the history lesson? Yes. Fine. I get it. You want the goods. Check out how to wear the look, piece by piece:

(clockwise starting from the left) 1. Lilly Pulitzer Cassie Striped Dress ( 2. Boden Lively Loafers ( 3. Forever 21 Double Breasted Trench Coat ( 4. Cleobella Wenona Clutch (

The look is one part Ancient Greece, a dash of an on-trend runway look, another part saturated pop colors, shake, and top it off with a little animal print to tie it all together. All inspired by the peplum. Now you know everything about it, so, don't let me hold you back, go tell someone something, sound like a style-savvy smarty pants (or peplum), shop a little, and above all, spread the StyleShaker love. But first, check out what else is going on here.