Gratitude List for Turkey Day, pre-food coma...

1. The moment the client says, “I would have never thought of that,” during an Hour of Power.2. Getting a bagillion repins when you least expect it.

3. Riding the wave of this ‘hobby’ that began while working in the buying offices at Neiman Marcus & has now taken on a life of it’s own.

4. Shoes you can actually walk in.

5. Quotes that alter the course of your life.

6. Proving this wrong.

7. Giggle fits with friends that leave you feeling like you just worked your abs harder than anything Jillian Michaels could have thrown at you.

8. A black hole of inspiration.

9. The perfect look that makes you feel like a boss.

10. The perfect hat.

11. Getting back up on that horse.

12. Sonnet 116.

13. The perfect playlist.

14. These hangers. Life changing.

15. Trying to choose a favorite runway pick.

16. Coming home for the first time.

17. Old school, hand-written love letters.

18. The ability to replace fear of the unknown with curiosity.

19. Learning to walk in flats.

20. Things that make you go, “whoa.”

21. The courage to go for the dream and the support system keep it alive.

22. The best,  library, ever. And you don’t even need a card.

23. That feeling you get when you dig your toes into the sand.

24. This guy.

25. The moment you stop looking around and realize, you already have it all.

26. And last, but certainly not least: Our members. We are SO grateful to have you as a part of our style tribe.

We're thanking our lucky stars this Thanksgiving for so many reasons. What are you thankful for? K, go stuff yourselves.

Q&A: How Do I Wear This Lace Dress from Express?


It's time for a little Q&A. Lisette asked, and Lisette shall receive. Real person, real question, real answers from our stylists to wear out in the (one more) real world. So many 'reals' we know. Moving right along. Here's the dress in question:

How Do I Wear This White Lace Dress from Express?

 You're officially treading on virtual personal styling territory here. It's a good place to be and it's easy to get to. Send your styling questions here when you have something you just bought, or something sitting in your closet with the tags still on it, and have no clue how to wear it.

The question was, "how do I wear this lace dress from Express?" On to Lisette's answer...


After gabbing with Miss Lisette and learning more about her lifestyle, body type, and what she's looking for in these looks, we came up with two. One look is for work and one look covers the more casual end of the spectrum. The magic word is versatility.

First up, let's take it slow with a casual ensemble:

How Do I Wear This White Lace Dress from Express, Rectangle Body Type

sources: 1/ Express Lace Shift Dress (, 2/ MADEWELL All-Weather Outbound Jacket (, 3/ Isabel Marant for H&M Fringed Boot (, 4/ House of Harlow Sound Waves Cuff (, 5/ ONE by Jo Handbags Perforated Large Hobo (, 6/ Lieke Van Opstal CURVE Green Scarf (, 7/ Nars Sheer Lipstick in Barbarella (, 8/ Essie Nail Polish (

Second look, it's time to pull it all together, polish it up, and get to work:

How Do I Wear This White Lace Dress from Express, Rectangle Body Type

sources: 1/ Express Lace Shift Dress (, 2/ TOPSHOP Petite Collarless Panel Jacket (, 3/ Nly Viva Pump (, 4/ Lulu Frost for J.Crew midnight moon tassel necklace (, 5/ Gorjana G-Pressed Ring (, 6/ MARC BY MARC JACOBS Leather Billy Hobo (, 7/ Chanel Rouge Allure Velvet ( 

HEADER_why it works

We're working with a Rectangle body type here, and that means we have plenty of options to play with. The first, more casual look, balances out proportions on top with the bottom half by leveraging the top layer of the military jacket back to the fringed boot. Throwing a more casual jacket over a lace dress tones things down a bit, mixing masculine with feminine, which is an aesthetic that matches Lisette to a 't.' She knows what's up, has some edge to her look. but she also loves to play with accessories and soften things up a bit.

Lisette lives in San Francisco, so layering is key, not to mention a boot with a heel you can actually walk in. The scarf can be added into the look for chillier temps, the gold bangle adds some 'oomph' to the look, and the neutral bag will hold all of the necessities while blending right in. Finally, some beauty back-up courtesy of a peachy, pink lip from Nars and a grey nail. Love.

The second look brings things back into the professional environment by adding in a classic black blazer. Speaking of classic, the black Marc by Marc Jacobs hobo keeps things polished and leaves room for a subtle pop of color. This is an essential for every woman's closet in one variation or another. Time to talk about the pump. It's definitely a pop color and we love that. This is when your own personality can really start to come out of an everyday look. The red here isn't too in-your-face. The deep burgundy was very intentional and works well back to the lace on the dress. Why not inject some color into the office when you can right? The red lip may be pushing it overboard for day time, so keep it in the bag and layer it on before heading out to grab cocktails when the sun sets. The jewelry integrates into the look seamlessly by keeping it simple. A long necklace won't distract from the lace, but will add a little interest to the overall look and balance out proportions.

There you have it. One dress, two ways to wear it, and that was just us getting warmed up.



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Scouted: Shop Six Jackets to Replace the One That Got Away

Such a Sell Out: Shop 6 Jackets to Replace the One That Got Away

The look from today's email (make sure you sign up to get on the list if you're not already) is right here, and would you look at that, we have a SOLD OUT situation.

see the look

Unfortunately, this is nothing new over at The StyleShaker. It's something we try to avoid, but our stylists have an eye for pieces that have a tend to fly off virtual shelves in the online shopping world. Fortunately, we have back up plans in place.

Today, a few jackets were scouted to fill in the fashion holes on the above look. Six to be exact and as of this moment, (11/18/13), these puppies are IN STOCK.

montage circles_edited-2

Here they are, one by one, starting at $120 (which is INSANE). So don't be a shopping slow poke. If you like what you see, click. You see styling notes for each piece that will let you know which body type each jacket works best for. Not sure which type you are? Check out our Style Guide here.

All set? Go for it:


Who can wear it:  The oversized situation here is something a Rectangle body type could carry as long as you have height via mother nature or a heeled boot.

shop the MANGO Oversize herringbone biker jacket


Who can wear it: Pear body types, this is a great cut for you. The details at the chest and shoulders will help balance out proportions.

shop the MANGO Combi biker jacket


Who can wear it: Hourglass body type ladies, this is an option for you. The lapel is definitely there, but not overly dramatic so it won't throw off your naturally balanced proportions.

shop the MiH Jeans Denim-sleeved leather biker jacket


Who can wear it: Pears & Rectangles, this is a great mixed print jacket look for you. There's tons of detail which you can handle on the top half of your shape like none other. Apples, if this was all one color, you could go all-in.

shop the MANGO Monochrome jacquard jacket


Who can wear it: This wish-list item (i.e. the retail on this guy is no joke, but one does have to appreciate gorgeous construction now and then) is perfect for Rectangle and Hourglass body types. The asymmetrical zip front will add the structure both shapes need to look their best.

shop the Junya Watanabe Herringbone wool-blend biker jacket


Who can wear it: Apple body types, play with this softer, more subtle take on the biker jacket. The neckline is simple, the asymmetrical zip will work in your favor, and the details on the sleeves bring the eyes to below chest level, keeping proportions in check.

American Vintage Rexburg French terry biker jacket

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What are YOU Wearing Today, 4 Looks from the Library to Get You Inspired

It's Friday morning...Do you know what you're wearing today?

Here are a few looks hand-picked from the Library to use as inspiration, because let's face it, at the end of the week, it doesn't hurt to have a little help that will take you out of your closet and into your day feeling good with what you have on.

Referencing our archives, otherwise known as the Looks Library, is a great way to recycle and remix what you have hanging your closet. Sometimes, when you go back to a look you loved or even just glanced past, you see something new that you didn't before.

If you're not a member yet, join for free today and you will have priority access to the latest. In other words, if you want to shop the trends while they're still hot and while the featured products are still available, Membership is the way to go. For less than the cost of a grande, soy, triple shot, vanilla latte with whip (or let's be honest, less than that glass of wine you'll hopefully be sipping tonight), it's a no-brainer.

Members, you're already in the know. Click below to make it happen:

look 4 look 3 look 2 look 1

The StyleShaker

Never wonder what you're wearing again. There are more looks where that came from. Check out the latest covering what to wear and how to wear it for your body type here.


What are YOU Wearing Today? 9 Looks to Inspire you this morning...


look 9 look 8 look 7 look 6 look 5 look 4 look 3 look 2 look1

The StyleShaker

What are YOU wearing today? Getting ideas? Good.

It's all about options, knowing what to wear, and most importantly knowing how to wear it for YOUR body type. Above you'll see nine looks that cover each body type. Click through to shop the look, see why it works for your type, and get tips on things you need to keep in mind to pull it off (also: what NOT to do when wearing it).

Again, in order to see it all, you MUST be a member. It's ok though, it's ridiculously simple to become one. Take a minute, sign up, and know you started the day on a styling high note.

For the members out there, or if you just want to keep the inspirational momentum going strong, click here.