WTW Video! | What I'm Wearing Today, Tuesday

What am I going to wear today? The million dollar fashion question is answered, for today at least.

If you're anything like me, you get up in the morning (post an average of three snoozing sessions), walk into your closet in a haze, and ask, "what am I going to wear?"

I realize that it's going to be over one hundred degrees here in Dallas today, ew. But I miss my cold weather (not Minneapolis cold, but Fall-in-Boston, or sunset-in-San-Diego cold) and I'm going to layer if it kills me and results in massive dehydration. Worth it. So, dramatic-layering-pep-talk aside, here's what I'm wearing today. This screams on thing to me, well two, but first and foremost, comfort. I'll tell you why.

The leggings are from Free People (I bought on sale at Gilt) and to say that they're my all time favorite would be an understatement. They are so comfortable it almost feels wrong, like I'm prancing (and yes, with enough caffeine, I prance) around in PJ's, which is ironic because I've never been a PJ girl, but they pull off a polished feel with any ensemble seamlessly. Did I mention I loved them so much I went back and bought them in every color imaginable? When I like something, I reaaaaaaaaaaally like it. All or nothing.

The rest is gravy. My favorite floral blouse from Urban always comes in handy. Again, I should have bought one in every color. I'll add that to the Shopping List. I'm layering the blazer over the flowy top because this girl has meetings to attend and they include old-school retailers that happen to love both the color black, and a well-constructed blazer; it's a Neimans thing. I get it. Accessories come into play with a basic black platform pump, not something I'm going to be able to move fast in so flip flops will be in tow, oh actually, they'll be in my Mulberry Bayswater bag. My pride and joy that made two years in the designer handbag buying office worth it, well the bag and two amazing friends for life. Finally, I'll polish it all off with a layered gold necklace from Madewell and a black enamel statement ring via Mango. Voila! And now, time to get going or I'll miss the a.m. Creative meeting.

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