WTW | Sara Designs Bracelets, Check Out the Arm Candy

Q: What to Wear?  A: The pop-color, leather wrapped, chain link bracelets from Sara Designs.

I ran across these neon bracelets while on the hunt for a recent client's virtual shopping list and fell in love. The candy coated colors literally make them look like just that, arm candy. And the price points are completely reasonable. Layer them up, play around with them for summer, and wear right into fall. Take a peek and shop away!

clockwise starting at yellow (1. Neon Yellow Silver Plated Leather Bracelet 2. White Rose Gold Plated Leather Bracelet 3. Neon Pink Box Chain Wrap Bracelet 4. Olive Woven Leather Silver Plated Bracelet 5. Turquoise Box Chain Woven Leather Bracelet 6. Blue Gold Plated Leather Bracelet ) source: www.maxandchloe.com

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