WTW Video! | Product Review of the Coral Silk Drape Front Blazer

Product Review time! What did I think of Boundary & Co.'s coral drape-front, chiffon blazer?

First things first, it's introduction video time, and then, time to get down to the million dollar question: did the blazer stay to find it's new home in my closet, OR, did I toss it, and by, 'toss it,' I mean, return it back to Piperlime.com:

Here's the blazer:

source: www.piperlime.com

Here's the pic that inspired the purchase:

source: www.fash-n-chips.com

I rate each pick, 1-5 (five being the bestest ever ever) on four key pieces of the shopping puzzle. First and foremost, it's time to talk about shipping & delivery. Did the order arrive in a small plastic bag smushed into the back of the mailbox? Nope. Piperlime hits the customer service mark every time when it comes to delivery. The package arrived, in full-on Piperlime fashion (green lime print all over the place), on time. Score: 5 (*free shipping AND free return shipping always wins).

Next comes the fit. This is a drapey piece, so it's not going to run too small nine times out of ten. The only danger here would be the opposite, i.e. the potential for the volume to swallow you whole. That wasn't the case. The fit was great, not perfect, but good. I'm a stickler on jackets so let's just say, to get a 5 here, it needs to be designer level (and sometimes not even the big guys can pull it together, shockingly enough after you consider what you're spending). I bought a medium, I usually wear a 6/8 and am a C so there needs to be a little volume to accommodate. That said, I think a small would work well here, but I love the loose feel especially with Dallas serving up ridiculous triple digit days. Ew. But, I digress. If you like a more fitted look, size down. Score: 3.5, and yes, I just threw in a point 5.

Step 3, the construction. Will the pick disintegrate after one wash or trip to the dry cleaners? Nope. This blazer is definitely not disposable.  Will it stick with me for the next five years? Most likely not, but I'm covered for the next two to three at least. I will say that this blazer, being silk (also lined well) makes it a bit more high maintenance. It means ironing, and I hate ironing, usually avoiding the chore as if it were the plague. And even after ironing (while personally making the ten year old whiny noise under my breath) the creases managed to keep coming back after a little wear. It's not flawless fabric, a slight annoyance. That said, a small crease here or there isn't enough to bring me down. Score: 4.

Last but not least, the value. The fact that I got my sticky fashion hands on this blazer at under $100 makes me happy. It's intelligent pricing on Piperlime's behalf and, sure, they may be getting over a 65% markup (total guess), but I still feel like I'm getting something great for the spend. Sorry, the retailer comes out now and then. You can take the girl out of retail, but I don't think you can ever take the retailer out of the girl. So goes life. Score on value: 4.

So there you have it: Shipping, 5. Fit, 3.5. Construction, 4. Value, 4. Total score: 16.5 out of 20! Not, too, shabby. This coral blazer stays.

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