What to Wear | My Review of New Zara Shoes

The Shopping List is not just for show. Nope, it's what I like to call my very own, what-to-wear-inspired, occupational hazard. I scour the web everyday finding picks for my clients' Virtual Closets, and along the way, since I only pick for them what I would buy myself, I end up multi-tasking, much to the dismay of my CPA. One for them, one for me. Like I said, you could see it as the best job in the world, or a path that leads to trouble. That said, I don't just shop shop shop, I also give back. When a new purchase makes it's home in my own Virtual (and real life) closet, one little pick of the past has to leave, and usually ends up at my favorite local organization, Attitudes & Attire.

But enough about me. I was feeling the colored pump trend for a client's closet, and evidently, for myself as well. See the Zara shoes I bought and also what I thought of these bright pop shoes...

Whenever a package arrives it seriously feels like Christmas up in The StyleShaker office. It's the little things right? And even if it's just one box, the excitement is always there. It's one of my most random and most favorite reasons I shop online. That and the blissful avoidance of any shopping mall. So, I'll walk you through the day these puppies arrived...

First, it's time to tear open the box (source: Instagram)

What's inside? Technically I already know, but I'm just going to pretend it's a mystery for the moment. (source: Instagram)

As if I couldn't tell where the items came from, they put the logo on every open space of cardboard they could find. Job well done, maybe a little overkill, but it didn't steal my thunder as I kept things moving along. Sandal number one, from the box and then from the site:

1. Zara I BASIC SANDAL (source: Instagram)

2. Zara I BASIC SANDAL (shop online: www.zara.com)

And now, #3, num num nummmmmmm, so pretty. Zara's COLOURED FAUX-SUEDE COURT PUMP: (source: Instagram)

4.  Zara's COLOURED FAUX-SUEDE COURT PUMP: (shop online: www.zara.com)

So, what did I think? I love both. No joke. You'll see that I don't love everything I buy so, just trust that I will give you my honest opinion here (Zara is in no way endorsing anything about this post). It means a lot to me to have that level of integrity having spent a decade in the fashion industry trenches.

I'm not a paid third party, I'm the proud owner of these two shoe picks and have honestly never received so many compliments on shoes. That also could be a result of me doing the happy dance when I wear them into the office in the morning. You know how a newly engaged woman manages to get her ring finger infront of your face in a, not-so-sublte way? Right, well visualize that, and move your eyes, south to the foot. That was me, waving my fabulous shoe around for the world to see. I can't help myself. When I love something, I share. It's the basis of this site.

So, how do I rate these shoes? The sandal, five out of five stars. In, love. The Court Pump? Again, five out of five. Both are comfy. The sandal has an adjustable strap that keeps everything where it should be (no trip-ups here, or walking around like your on stilts, such an unfortunate look usually brought on by above-four-inch platform pumps), and the heel  height is very manageable. Same goes for the pump. It stays on my foot, is true to size, could use the day of breaking it in, but the faux suede, or what I like to call, you'd-never-have-a-clue-it's-faux suede, is insanely vibrant and adds plenty of color to the fashion mix. See and example of how I'm wearing it here.

And there you have it.  A love list, a fashion mush-fest if you will. This consumer could not be happier and these shoes have found themselves a new home in my closet. What to wear? Easy, I have two perfect options to fit into work looks for day or cocktails for night (unless it's a brunch moment, and cocktails will find their way into the daylight hours, as they should).

Back to more fashion favorites that answer the question, 'what to wear,' and so much more.