What to Wear | My Review of J.Crew's Perfect Paisley Shirt

I scour my favorite sites out there, I shop, and then I let you know whether or not the pick lived up to the on-line hype. It's kind of an equation I adore being a part of, so here I go with the next product review.

This time I was on the hunt for some color, and if you take a look at the current line up of tops (not v-neck tees which you can easily see I have an obsession with for weekends) in my closet, you'll see that there was a bit of a void that needed to be filled. The use of the word 'need,' may sound ridiculous, but when you live, work, eat, sleep and breathe within the fashion industry, it's completely valid, and actually pretty damn fun.

The Perfect Shirt from J.Crew is my latest pick. It's an easy, classic, button-front in a paisley print that I would normally never think to add to my shirt arsenal, and that is exactly why I bought it. J. Crew is throwing it down with the 'Perfect Shirt,' product title so I had to see if it held true.

Here's the shirt of the moment (source: www.jcrew.com, click the pics to shop):

So, what is the verdict? I know it would be better 'web entertainment' if some of my more recent product reviews went to town on substandard product quality or something falling apart as soon as I took it out of the box, but I won't lie, this shirt really is pretty close to perfect. I love it, what can I say?

The print is bright and all over the place with the paisley, but somehow that works with almost anything I want to pair it with. I love it with denim of course, that's a  no-brainer, but a white wide leg pant? Yes. Olive green skinny pants? Yes. Grey skinny jeans? Mm, hm. A classic, black, wide-leg trouser? Um, no question, tuck it in and go. So yes, this top is not only uber-comfortable, it's versatile.

I will say one thing. With my curves that come from a size C, I usually tend to lean towards a bit more structure to give good lines and keep things where they need to be. One pet peave on button-front shirts is when they fit everywhere except the where the two buttons sit right at the bust line. You've seen it before, women with amazing racks have no clue they're unintentionally showing off more than the the shirt. It's a bra-peeking-out moment, and it's mortifying. Adding some 'stretch' to the shirt, and/or wearing a tank underneath, usually solves the problem. That said, if the buttons are pulling, return that sucker. It doesn't fit, nor will it look good.

The J.Crew Perfect Shirt is a cotton/silk blend. There's no stretch to it, so if I'm wearing this to work and buttoned up, there needs to be a tank involved. For evening, it's perfect, left a bit more unbuttoned. But yes, there is a flaw. It fits, but due to fabrication, when buttoned-up, there is the possibility that a little more could be shown off to onlookers than you'd like. So, simple fix, tank top, and be on your way. That issue, to me, was not enough to send it back. There's no pulling,  just a little strategic layering for daytime looks, and at the end of the day, the print makes me smile every time I look at it.

There you have it, another shopping list purchase that  made it's way into my closet. I'm always on the hunt for what to wear out there amidst the latest fashion trends, and that shopping list is always growing, so check out more product reviews and shopping picks, plus how to wear them.