What To Wear | Get 10 Crosby Derek Lam’s Spring 2012 Runway Look, For Less. Round 3.

What? Stop it. You're saying I could get the Derek Lam look, well the 10 Crosby Derek Lam Spring 2012 runway look for less, um, right about now? Well ok fine, you're not saying it, I am. It's true, and honestly, it's a dress that is truly an original that I've been going ga-ga over for months since it hit the runway, all the way until it hit floors, my top sites, and now, post-markdown madness that comes around every time this year (says the retailer knowing that she is somehow crossing the line when it comes to the unwritten oath all of us have to sell at regular price when ever humanly possible; sorry guys, good margin or bad, I'm going with it).

So where to start, oh right, the runway look that brought up the initial 'what to wear' question in the first place would be a good spot no? Here it is:

How could you not swoon over that dress am I right? Now on to finding it for a more realistic price. This will sell out sooner than I can write this sentence so no rest for the weary. You likey, you buy. That's just how it goes with markdowns on hugely popular designer collections. Allow me to lay it out for you:

1. 10 Crosby Multi-Stripe Dress (shop online: www.barneys.com)  2. Yves Saint-Laurent - 140mm Tribute Suede Sandals (shop online: www.luisaviaroma.com)

And there you have it. The summer dress to end all dresses, along with a little accessory addition (cue the YSL sandal) I threw in to give you the overall picture on how to finish the look off. Simple and shop-worthy. Done and done.

There are plenty more runway to real-world opportunities out there so why stop now? See more of what to wear, how to wear the latest trends, how to get the looks for less, oh and all of this while figuring out the best spots to shop on-line. It's all here.