HTW | What Should I Wear with Printed Skinny Jeans?

Q&A: What Should I Wear with Printed Skinny Jeans?

The latest fashion question we received came to us from Sara, in Destin, FL. Here it is: 'So I bought this amazing pair of printed skinny jeans and, outside of the basics, I'm at a loss. What should I wear with them? Help!" 
Easy. All you need is a little inspiration and then some shopping mapped out online. See how it's done:

I was scanning through the August 2012 issue of Lucky Magazine when I stumbled upon the Lucky Guide to denim and fell in love with a couple of shots. First of all, there's this little printed denim moment that I'm all over. There's a lot of fashion going on here, and the look is definitely trend heavy, good for some, not so much for others. But the overall ensemble works in a mismatched way, and that's what I'm taking from it. Inspiration, found, check.

source: Lucky Magazine


The inspiration is there, now it's time to pull together a re-creation of the magazine ed shot using some of my own curated picks that just happen to be at lower price points than what you'll see in the mag, bonus. All except for the jeans, those I kept. Super easy to shop around and find, plus the print is original so I didn't want to mess with that part of the fashion equation.

Speaking of the skinny jeans, here they are. (*Shop more jeans here). The trick here is, you have to feel comfortable enough to wear them and not have them wear you. If you look at this print and cringe, then by all means, go for a light wash, solid-color jean, no worries. The important thing here is to push your style comfort level, but not to the point where you feel the opposite of confident walking out the door. That would defeat the entire purpose. So anyway, back to the jeans at hand...There's plenty of stretch, the print is on-point, and I happen to be a huge fan of Paige denim for comfort. You'll usually see me in my J.Brands, but when I branch out, Paige is always in the picture.

Now on to the blazer. (*Shop more blazers here). Rebecca Minkoff was a name known in the accessories world, with a handbag line that did incredibly well. Her following, the Minkettes, has taken the fashion industry by storm, and helped her brand grow, hence, the ready-to-wear line. This blazer is printed like the one from the mag, but in a less kamikaze way. The contrasting lapels bring it back into the realm of realistic and pulled together. I'm also in love with the length, a bit of a crop, that makes the blazer perfect for layering.

Speaking of layering, it's time for a basic tee, with a twist. (*Shop more of my favorite tops here). This one comes to The StyleShaker, courtesy of Theory. It takes the classic black tank and elevates the style quotient just a bit with some added volume and a collar that brings in some sophistication. This is the type of tank I buy once a season and wear with everything. The big word here is versatility.

And finally, I substituted some architectural sandals (*shop more of my favorite shoe picks here) for the bright green sandals the model is wearing in the Lucky Mag shot, just cause. I feel like it's more wearable and I mean really, when you have all the prints going on, you don't need them battling against one another for fashion face time. These shoes have plenty of detail to them and come off as semi-neutral in hue, so they're perfect to squeeze into day or evening, and bound to give you compliments. They're just that kind of sandal, original. The best part is, they tie together the look in an interesting, eclectic way, incorporating with the overall style theme seamlessly.

See more answers to those never-ending fashion questions that start as soon as you enter the closet in the morning and ask yourself, "what am I going to wear today?" I know I'm not alone in that little style song and dance, so get some answers, get inspired, and see more on what to wear, how to wear it, and where to shop.