What I'm Wearing This Week & What I'm Doing In It, The Agenda...

It's all about what I'm wearing this week, but before I get down to the agenda, there's a little background to get to:

So it's another week and I have to admit, I have a pretty good line up for it so far. Sure, you usually see shopping list picks from me every day, and there will be more of those, but for now, I'm putting my recent launch of The What to Wear Weekly Lookbook into action. The concept started with myself, I was the very first fashion guinea pig. I have since adopted the full-fledge style-out process in my own life and since I live for sharing, now help out several clients at the same time (see what they're saying).

This week is jam-packed. I have three events I definitely need to figure out paired with four possible outfit picks below I'm using for  inspiration before I create what I'll be wearing using pieces from my own closet (this is the What to Wear Lookbook process after all). Friends, clients, family members, etc. all ask, "do you really line up your looks for the week like this? That has to be fantastic." My response: Yes I do, and yes, it really is.

See how you can get this done for you under $20 a pop, it's starting low and will increase so get on the list now to reserve your spot or just ask me a questions. I've been known to create a free couple of looks so you feel safe diving in (and get instantly addicted)...

For now, take a quick glimpse at three days & their look choices for this week. It's been almost two weeks since I've been back in my Lakewood hood, and I've got people to see. I can't wait. I'll post over the next three days with the final looks I chose and how I'm wearing them, combining picks from my closet (always shop your closet first) and also, some other shopping inspiration picks I find out there, it's a hazard of the job I guess I'll just have to live with.

Remember, it's never just about what you wear, it's about what you're going to do in it...

wiw week a1

Here's a close up of the look inspiration for this week:

wiw week 1 look inspiration matrix

source: look 1 (www.kisforkinky.com), look 2 (www.thecupcakecartel.blogspot.com), look 3 (www.thecupcakecartel.blogspot.com), look 4 (www.sea-swept-hair.tumblr.com), look 5 (www.elle.com), look 6 (www.style.com), look 7 (www.lamodellamafia.com), look 8 (www.myheartbeatsforvogue.tumblr.com), look 9 (www.style.com), look 10 (www.style.com), look 11 (www.style.com), look 12 (www.style.com

If you're appetite is all warmed up and you want to see what all the Lookbook fuss is about, check out every detail, samples of what I do (all visual, this girl loves her visuals), and the rest of it right here.

Or get back to see the latest on what to wear, how to wear it, and where to shop right here.