The Top 5 Shopping List | Men's Leather Biker Jackets

I have been on the hunt for the perfect leather jacket. One of my clients came to me with, "I need leather," last week, and so it began. I narrowed down budget, lifestyle, and overall aesthetic he was going for, and came up with these five, biker-jacket-inspired picks. Can you guess which one he went for? Tricky...Love it. Enjoy the view:

the montagejpg

Let's get the leather jacket ball rolling. Go pick by pick, and click on the images if you want to see more:


1 Scotch & Soda Leather Rocker Jacket


2 ASOS Leather Jacket With 4 Pocket Styling


3 Selected John Leather Jacket


4 7 Diamonds 'Manila' Trim Fit Leather Jacket


5 Timberland Earthkeepers Leather Jacket

source: Scotch & Soda Leather Rocker Jacket (, ASOS Leather Jacket With 4 Pocket Styling (, Selected John Leather Jacket (, 7 Diamonds 'Manila' Trim Fit Leather Jacket (, Timberland Earthkeepers Leather Jacket  (

There are five favorites here, but that's never going to be the end of it. Like I said, the hunt was on for my client, so in the course of scouring my favorite shopping spots on-line, I found plenty of picks to work with. See the rest of the fashion favorites that may not be here but have officially made it into the virtual StyleShaker Closet:


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