Today's Top 5 Shopping List | Meet My All Time Favorite Leather Jacket & More

I want to write a witty shopping list intro, I really do, it's Friday after all, but all I can keep thinking is, "I want the jacket, I want the jacket..." Ok, I'm going to try a keep it together and get through the rest of this list filled with everything from a leopard calf hair and suede ankle boot from Alaia to a printed peplum top from Dolce Vita, and a fringed tote bag via Mango to the most amazing asymmetrical wrap dress I've seen in a quick minute, thanks to Alexander Wang. Oh right, and then there's that Rachel Zoe jacket, oh the jacket. I want that jacket...

See, there I go again. Cut to the montage:

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Do you see what all the fuss is about now? No? Fine. Move along. Yes? Yea, I know, I'm swooning over this one too.

1 Rachel Zoe Daphne Fitted Leather Jacket


I will never turn away from a foldover ankle boot. Throw in the fact that it has a leopard print, calf-hair panels and is made by Alaia...I'm done. Sold.

2 Alaïa Leopard Calf Hair-Paneled Suede Ankle Boots


Love the peplum top, and evidently I'm on a leopard print kick. I happen to also be a huge fan of the cosmetic styling with a red lip.

3 Dolce Vita Three-Quarter Sleeve Leopard Print Peplum Top


Fringe? Yes, thank you. Here's the bag for it. Not too big, not too small. Not too crazy with embellishments on top of fringe (keep it simple, studding and metallics need not apply, the fringe can speak all for itself), just right.

4 Mango Fringed Tote Bag


This is one of the most flattering dresses. Draping plus asymmetry make it the perfect cover-up for any flaws you may not want highlighted, all while still showing off your shape and in a rich, velvety red that oozes sex appeal.

5 Alexander Wang Asymmetric Draped Dress

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Aaaand, the shopping continues. It always continues. It's the gift that keeps on giving, or wait, the gift you keep on giving yourself? Right, either way, there's more where that came from. See the rest of the hand-picked products that found their new home in a safe shopping place we lovingly call the StyleShaker Closet. Enter at your own risk: 


Time to slow down the heart rate a bit, exhale and take in a little non-shopping inspiration:


I feel like this quote is one that should be left alone. Fear is a big topic. We all have our own relationship with it, so I don't imagine I could write something here that would cover the spectrum of what the one word means to us all.

No. Instead, I'll let you take it in and see how it sits with you. If it resonates, great. If not, great. Either way, it got me thinking and when anything gets me thinking, I share. It's an automatic impulse. Lucky, you.

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