Today's Shopping List, 4 Reasons Why You Want Pierced Ears, & 1 Clip-On

It's time to adorn yourself, and what better to bejewel yourself with than the perfect earring. From chandeliers to angled gold studs, the full spectrum of embellishment is covered. See the five picks that made today's shopping list and bring on the baubles!

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These YSL earrings remind me of seaglass, but taken to an entirely different, far more luxurious level. The color is ridiculously hypnotic, as in, I could stare at them for hours and it would never get old. Hm, these could be a good excuse to pick up my mindfulness meditation, anything to justify a new jewelry acquisition. It's for mental clarity, a good cause!

1 Yves Saint Laurent Vintage Green Glamour Earrings


Duchess of Fabulous, indeed. These are stunning little works of art made to frame your face, I mean, c'mon. They're gorgeous.

2 Erickson Beamon Crystal Duchess of Fabulous Chandelier Earrings


I love amethyst. I know my sign is a Cancer and rubies are all fine and good, but seriously, I think I should have been an Aquarius. Sure, I have tell-tale 'Crab' like characteristics, it's just the birthstone that doesn't line up. So goes life. It may not be my birth right, but that doesn't mean amethyst doesn't make up the majority of what's lying in my jewelry drawer as I write this. The heart wants what the heart wants.

3 Bounkit Amethyst Clip Earrings


4 Miriam Salat Earrings


Having a great stud earring to throw on and take you from day to evening is a must. I've worn out my vintage door-knockers, and while on the hunt for some replenishments, happened to run across these 'Quivira' earrings from Seawolf, a new-to-me name that I'm going ga-ga for. See why:

5 Seawolf Gold Quivira Earrings

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Five is all fine and good, but there's always more to shop where that came from. Speaking of more, see the rest of the favorites that didn't find their way onto this hit list, but instead into the virtual StyleShaker Closet here:

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Zen moment, it's about that time...

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All right, so always do what you're afraid to do may be going overboard a bit, but the underlying premise is a solid one. The best time to apply this quote is when your fear gets in the way of you living your everyday life.

That's when you know something needs to be examined. The thing we're usually afraid of started somewhere and manifested itself into a little bit of an irrational behavior (trying to be a little diplomatic here, because we all know plenty of our fears are based on nada or pure assumption).

What are you afraid of? What have you been putting off for some time now (isn't it just becoming more of a mountain when before it was just a mole hill)? Start small, every day. Do one thing that scares you a bit, I'm not talking the thing that gives you pangs of terror and demobilizes you at  your very core. You need to crawl before you can walk.

Just pick one thing, it could be as simple as saying hello to the barista you see every day and yet still don't know his name, or signing up for the paddle boarding class, and the list goes on. Don't forget to recognize your accomplishment, as silly as it may seem to you. When you encourage yourself, you fuel yourself to keep going...

What is your one thing today? Hmmm, what's mine?

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