I Have No Clue How You Will Make it Through Fall Without One of These | Meet Our Top 10 Sweaters

Fall Is Upon Us & That Means, Sweater Time. Check Out Our Top 10 Sweaters, The Chunkier, The Better:

I love a good chunky sweater as much as the next girl, and I rarely  get to wear one living in Dallas at the moment. Ridiculous temperatures or not, the shopping hunt to find the perfect piece to have in my closet when it comes time to throw the cozy knit on over some leggings and riding boots this season, continues on.

The team and I have narrowed it down to our top 10. Let's get started...

[SlideDeck2 id=8483]


Since 10 is really never enough, there's plenty more to shop when it comes to sweaters, and it's all right here:


Now, it's all fine and good to hone in on 'what to wear,' but  the significant style question of 'how to wear it,' also needs to be addressed. In an effort to keep the momentum going strong, check out a few images that show some quick and simple, along with utterly sophisticated, ways to wear your favorite chunky sweater.


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3. www.peoplestylewatch.com

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There's more when it comes to shopping for the latest trends and classic essentials you'll want in your closet for Fall. See more on what to wear, how to wear it, and where to shop for it, all right here, served up every week for your fashion viewing pleasure.