Top 10 | My On-line Shopping List 6.22.12

 Happy Friday to all of you. Welcome to today's round of Top 10 shopping picks that answer that pesky, yet lovable, what-to-wear question oh so well. And like all other Top 10 moments on the site, this one has that lucky number 11, the zen moment, that this time around features a quote by Arthur Ashe. Yep, I worked him into the fashion line up, unexpected but true.

We all have dreams and hopes, shopping has plenty to do with that. But the older I get (and I do so very gracefully thank you, or I attempt to) I hear more and more stories about what could have happened as opposed to what did. Dreams tend to get left on the cutting room floor for one reason or another. For myself, it's always been about knowing where to begin when it comes to executing 'impossible' dreams (that ps, later come to be known as very possible). A good list can give you a clear place to begin, like this Top 10, it's as easy as #1. Life however, could be a bit more complicated hence the addition of the last pick from Mr. Ashe. Hopefully he can simplify and shed some inspirational light on figuring out your own starting point.

It's just how we roll: impeccably curated shopping lists and answering life's tough questions. Scroll away:

1. little sandal, big name (shop more shoe favorites)

2. a mini Pashli by Lim (shop more handbag favorites)


3. white out (shop more of my favorites in tops)

4. waterfalls you should go chasing after  (shop more earring and jewelry favorites)

5. what?@! I don't even know, but I kinda love (shop more shoe favorites)

6. comfort is a must, as are stripes evidently (shop more of my favorites in dresses)

7. flora & fauna (shop more blouse favorites here)

8. well, hello there (shop more dress favorites)

9. braids, check (shop more satchel favorites)

10.  lime love (shop more jean favorites)

11. Zen Moment

1. Alexander Wang Nadia Sandal (shop online:  2. 3.1 Phillip Lim Pashli Mini Satchel (shop online:  3. Diane von Furstenberg Mackeda Checkered Lace and Jersey Tank (shop online:  4. Kenneth Jay Lane Waterfall Earrings (shop online:  5. Charlotte Olympia Matryoshka Suede Sandal (shop online:  6. Madison Marcus Versed Striped Dress (shop online:  7. Tolani Jordan Floral Top (shop online:  8. keepsake One Way Window Dress (shop online:  9. Urban Expressions Braid Satchel (shop online:  10. Alice + Olivia 5 Pocket Skinny Jean (shop online:  11. Zen Moment

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