Bag Obsessed | Check Out My Top 10 Handbags under $250.

Two years in a designer handbag buying office at Neiman Marcus does something to a person. Sure, I'm a bit warped, I can admit it. A $695 price tag on a handbag was far from gasp-worthy to me back then. Actually, I'd see that price and think, "deal!" I know, I said it was warped didn't I?

Did I spend $695 on a bag? No, I had access to samples sales. When you work in retail you never pay retail. And evidently, when you leave corporate retail, that stays with you. Well, I can only speak for myself, so I'll say, it stayed with me.

Handbags are tricky. It is not an easy feat in fashion to find a great (read: original aesthetically speaking) looking bag under $500.   You don't have to throw down a mortgage payment, but I still believe a handbag is where you should invest (read: up to $500, it's my new normal).

If you're going to invest it would help to have some shopping direction from a fashion-industry veteran, let alone personal stylist right? So, here I am. Get excited because I've found 10 amazing handbag picks from my favorite names out there (at my favorite shopping spots) that fall well under the $500 mark.

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Today's top 10 shopping list of handbags show everything you'd ever want/need/lust for in a bag for under $250. No, seriously, under $250. If you get a great leather bag and take care of it (find your favorite cobbler spot, they can make anything look new again) you will have it for the rest of your days. Spending a bit more is worth it. It's hard to swallow at times, but it's the truth. I tell my clients this, and of course, I 'walk the talk' myself in my own wardrobe.

Take this top 10 shopping list and use it as a starting point. If you see something you love, click the pic to see more details. If you're getting warmed up and want to continue the handbag shopping, there's a link below to the mother-load of all handbags (favorite  bags from my favorite sites out there) living along the virtual shelves of the StyleShaker Closet.

For now, it's time to meet today's top 10 handbags under $250. Enjoy!

1. Kooba Jonnie Suede/Leather Hobo Bag ( /  2. Giada Forte My Bag Shopper ( /  3. Tano Zip Top Hobo Bag ( / 4. Pour La Victoire Soma Hobo ( /  5. Ivanka Trump Olivia Bucket Hobo ( /  6. Olivia and Joy Handbag Instigator Double Handle Hobo ( /  7.Vince Camuto 'Grace' Leather Hobo ( /  8. Deux lux Greenwich Studded Hobo ( /  9. Fossil 'Austin' Shoulder Bag ( /  10. MARC by Marc Jacobs Mini FuchsiaDrawstring Bag (


1 Kooba Jonnie Suede Leather Hobo Bag


2 Giada Forte My Bag Shopper


3 Tano Zip Top Hobo Bag


4 Pour La Victoire Soma Hobo


5 Ivanka Trump Olivia Bucket Hobo


6 Olivia and Joy Instigator Double Handle Hobo


7 Vince Camuto 'Grace' Leather Hobo


8 Deux lux Greenwich Studded Hobo


9 Fossil 'Austin' Shoulder Bag


10 Marc by Marc Jacobs Drawstring Tote

The top 10 are just that, 10 edited picks to get you warmed up. Keep shopping handbags and other fashion categories in my 'happy place' on the site, otherwise known as the StyleShaker Closet. See more favorite picks pulled weekly from my favorite site on the web. Click the pics below to get started:


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