Happy New Year! Happy New Top 5 Shopping List...

Today's shopping list, and hence the new year, starts with a super-rich take on red, all in a blazer, thanks to Rag & Bone. Next at bat is a hammered gold cuff that is nothing like any other cuff you've seen (which is saying something; they're everywhere). Kenzo makes an entrance with a bright leather and cotton bag that is at the very least, a conversation starter, and Givenchy brings us boot perfection. Finally, to top it off, French Connection serves up what I lovingly call the 'power dress.'

The gang's all here:

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Red anything, and I'll take two please. A red blazer from Rag & Bone, and I'll buy stock in the product. Aaaaand, I'm in love.

1 Rag & Bone Rag & Bone Exclusive Sliver Blazer


You could get two and pretend like they have magical powers. No? Ok fine, one is plenty. Is this not the most interesting hammered gold cuff you've seen in a long time? I know...

2 Hervé Van Der Straeten Hammered Gold Plated Cuff


Half-conversation starter, half-piece of art to wear on your shoulder. I adore Kenzo ready-to-wear, and now I can add their handbags to the list. A happy addition to say the least.

3 Kenzo Le Dix-Huit Tejus Leather And Cotton Bag


Picture a black ankle boot. Ok, now see how to really pull it off. I'd say I can't even take it, but I can, and I will.

4 Givenchy Shoe Boots


Now you can pull off the shape of a tank dress for Fall/Winter. Talk about accentuating the hour glass shape, I mean, this is beyond.

5 French Connection Hattie Jersey Dress

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What to wear? Done and done. See the picks that made their way onto the virtual walls lining the StyleShaker closet below:


Zen moment:


It's really a sick joke life can play on you. And yet, it happens. For type A personalities like myself, this Warhol quote can cause an even greater level of frustration. The kind that falls right in-between pulling your hair out and rocking back-and-forth in the fetal position. Get the picture?

Everyone tells you to let go. There are songs written about it, novels, websites, self-help books, movies, and the list goes on. And yet, I still couldn't tell you how to figuratively let go of something you've held on to for a long time. I just don't know how to do it, outside of changing one's focus from the proverbial 'there' to 'here.'

If you have an easier way of loosening one's grip, by all means, make this a forum and share the love. For now, this is a zen moment that's all about reflection. There's no black and white here, just that lovely grey we all know and love.

I will however, leave you with this. Words written by someone who has obviously put far more thought and care into the 'art' of letting go:

At the most practical level, pushing continuously against resistance burns down our available reservoir of energy, and makes us less capable of doing anything well. Beyond that, pushing too hard can end up getting you what you think you want, only to discover, too late, that there was a good reason it didn't come together in the first place. Resistance is an early warning signal.

-Tony Schwartz

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