Today's Shopping List, There's a Reason Why Necklaces Have Stuck Around Since the Stone Age

Necklaces are nothing new, in fact, the gorgeous, shoppable creations out there today are just modern variations on an ancient theme as old as time. The necklace is still around for good reason, several good reasons in fact, and today, you'll see five of them...

today's top five shopping list picks


Color therapy in necklace form is what we have going on with Aurelie Bidermann's 'Do Brasil' piece below. A necklace can elevate any tee-and-jeans look to an entirely different level, bringing light and color around the face (right where you usually want it), and making a look all your own. They don't call them 'statement necklaces' for nothing. We're not in the business of whispering here...

1 Aurelie Bidermann Do Brasil Necklace


2 Belle Noel Enameled Modernista Necklace


I have a couple of go-to, long gold necklaces in my jewelry arsenal. I layer them up or streamline with one depending on the mood and look. It's absolutely an easy essential you should have in your mix, and what better way to cover your jewelry bases than with this double rope necklace from Gorjana?

3 Gorjana Double Rope Necklace


4 AV Max Gold Link Necklace


Meet a modern example of the statement necklace. An encrusted collar that looks very fancy-pants is best thrown into a crew-neck sweater/top situation these days. Meshing the super-glamourous with something a bit more casual is a simple way to bring your style quotient up a level, and plus, it means you get to play 'dress-up' as an adult. This time you get to wear it out of the house (sans boa and chalk-blue eyeshadow; child of the eighties).

5 J.Crew Crystal Encrusted Collar Necklace

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Time for a zen moment, inhale, and go:


I love words, I should, I'm a writer in all of my spare time. That said, sometimes words do fail me. When it comes to definitions and placing things in their appropriate 'boxes' whether they belong in there or not, can complicate things when you're looking for the exact opposite, or clarification.

Happiness is one of those 'things' we all try to define, and yet no one really can with one universal sentence. It is just as subjective as defining what the word 'love' or 'god' means to a person, hence G.K. Chesterton's (great name, seriously, great name) quote.

People will always ask, always. Sometimes it's perfectly fine to not have an answer for them. Sometimes the only answer you know is the one that can only be translated by your core self, and maybe, that's where it belongs for now. Words can only take us so far after all, the rest is up to what's inside us, the undefinable space that makes us who we are and guides us in the directions we choose to go in. Explanations can be overrated.

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