The Shopping List | 5 Swim Picks That My Packing List

We've covered step 1, the Closet Consult. Check. Step 2, the Virtual Lookbook, was covered for both her & him. Loving that, check and check. You know where you are (if you've signed up for the services that is), you know where you're going (again, this all applies when you get in on the action yourself, OR if you've been following along all week). Now it's time to hit up step 3, the Shopping List:

For some of us, shopping is therapeutic. For me, not so much. Go figure having spent the last decade or working in the fashion industry.

I love a good to-do list whether it's for produce or pumps. I like to get in, get out, and get on with my life.  Somehow, when you put everything down on paper and organize a bit, there's a sense of relief. The wave turns into a manageable puddle. It's bliss.

Those who sign up for my personal Shopping Lists tend to fall in-line with that same approach. When they use my service, they're collaborators, I take the reins from there. I create it, manage it (it changes all the time, same as life), and cross items off as I go. As soon as they have the perfect piece living in their closet, it's on to the next one. Oh, I almost forgot, the gravy on this is that clients can also see how to wear their new picks with what they already have in their closet via future Virtual Lookbooks.

The contents of each personal Shopping List is two fold. It's 1 part essentials and 1 part pieces to update & elevate the wardrobe.

First, the essentials. This sounds easy, and it really should be, but finding just the right black blazer, black pump, ankle boot, skinny jean, etc. to carry you through the season is a toughie (understatement). It takes time, that illusive thing no one can seem to get enough of. That's why I'm here...

You don't always have to throw down big bucks on the essentials, but don't go with the quick and easy option either. Trust me, you'll spend more money replacing disposable pieces in the long run. And plus, it goes against one of my biggest wardrobe guidelines:

"Your closet should always, and I mean ALWAYS, be filled only with pieces you feel good wearing."

Take a minute to let that sink in. Ok, now go to your closet. No seriously, I'll be right here when you get back. You're back? Great. Now tell me what percentage of your closet would fit into the 'feel-good' category? Answer me here if you like. If you're under 100%, it's time to reevaluate, clean house, and reach out for some help getting things back in line. You don't have to go it alone.

Whether it's an essential piece or something trend-driven, if you stare at it every day and aren't excited to wear it (assuming you've asked me for help if you had trouble figuring out how to wear it already) then it needs to go to a better home. Seriously, create that space. Good things will come in to fill it.

Now, onto the second half of what will be filling up your Shopping List, the picks you'll use to update and elevate your style quotient. Some are trend-driven, some are just more on par with the new perspective you have following the Closet Consult and Virtual Lookbook. Done and done. The picture is coming into focus...

The StyleShaker started with me when was working during the day and building my business at night, let alone trying to squeeze in a yoga class and maintain some semblance of a social life. I've tweaked the process over the years, but I still use it alongside my clients. Case in point, take a peek at my spring Shopping List below.

I'm looking for a few good swimwear pieces that will tell the story of my upcoming trip to the island of Tortola. Check out the list, and see the five swimwear shopping picks (usually a dreaded shopping experience, but I'm too busy going ga-ga over island images to get self-conscious about prancing around on white beaches more than half-naked) I have lined up and ready to go:

the list

Throwing in some pics of Tortola, just cause. Gorge-ous:





On to the shopping picks (click to shop): 1.

1 Mara hoffman Frida Braided Bandeau Bikini Top


2 Thayer Halter One Piece Swimsuit


3 Eberjey Boho Beautiful Rafaella Bikini Top


4 Red carter Glitter Bomb One Piece


5 Juicy couture Prima Donna Ruffle Maillot

sources: 1 Mara Hoffman Frida Braided Bandeau Bikini Top  (, 2 Thayer Halter One Piece Swimsuit (, 3 Eberjey Boho Beautiful Rafaella Bikini Top (, 4 Red Carter Glitter Bomb One Piece (, 5 Juicy Couture Prima Donna Ruffle Maillot ( 

The shopping focus of this post is swimsuits, but why stop there? Keep the momentum going and shop the closet by clicking below:


At The StyleShaker we believe 'when you FEEL good, you LOOK good.' It's an inside/out, holistic approach to style. We flipped the well-known saying on it's head for a reason. How do you capture that serotonin-filled feel-good moment everyone's always chasing? You create it. But you don't have to do it alone. The StyleShaker is here to get you inspired, excited, and in the end, help you take your personal style to levels you never thought possible. Aim higher, think bigger, walk into every day feeling confident and always, ALWAYS ask for help (a sign of strength, not weakness; took me awhile to figure that out) or know it's here if you need it.

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