The Shopping List | It's Monday, Which Means, It's Time for Sequined Leggings Of Course

Morning sunshines. I know, most like that is the last phrase you want to be reading on a Monday but I'm following it up with a super-edited, hand-picked shopping list, so it can't be all that bad right? And besides, that's what my mother used to wake me up with at the crack so now, I'm passing along the tradition right before I dive into today's hit list that covers a couple of new discoveries making me ridiculously giddy at such an early hour here on the east coast...

I found Una Burke on-line the other day and have since fallen head over heels for her technically gorgeous designs. Think: wearable pieces of leather art wrapped together (bondage-esque) in ways you or I would never dream up. Best discovery so far, and it starts with a cinched cuff...



I have this thing with bags, a bit of a fixation really. It stems from living (literally, all I was missing was an acceptable bed) in the designer handbag buying office at Neiman Marcus. While there I saw the good, the bad, and the ugly of the handbag world, and I have to say, there were very few picks that fell into the 'good' category that didn't cost an arm and a leg.

Bottom line: A handbag is going to be an investment, if you want a great (unique, not talking about those logo-drenched numbers) looking bag that will last. Does it need to be a four figure purchase? No. Actually, hell no. I'm happy to say that, although I see some amazing quality out there starting at $200 and above, Zara is doing what they do best, and picking up where others have left off. The silhouette of the below bucket bag with zips, not to mention the color, is spot-on. It's a great bag (sure, the leather is not the kind you'd see on designer labels, but it's far beyond those plastic picks that smell like gasoline; pick one up and take a whiff next time, you can learn a lot about quality at the expense of the people around you looking at you like you've lost it, smelling handbags left and right), and the price is right in-line with what you'd expect from Zara. Oh happy handbag moment...


Meet another new name, this time I found it on Etsy, and I had to share. The NOLAbead leather bracelet fits perfectly into what I'm always on the hunt for when it comes to casual that can be dressed up, but is just simple and easy. Loving the mint green color, the layering, and the price points that are essentially unbeatable. I love when that happens.


Yep, it's a sequined legging, and yep, it's officially on the list. Don't squint, don't squirm, just think about a new take on a holiday party. These are not for the timid, nor the pear shape if I'm going to be completely honest here, which, I always am. If your legs are not your favorite body part, move along and go celebrate the part(s) of your body you love. Throw a tunic over these leggings, get some volume on top, and head out for the night. There are stories to be made here.

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Five is never enough, but it does get the shopping ball rolling. Shop the rest of the picks lining the walls and ready to be checked out in the virtual StyleShaker closet:

Time for a little inspiration:

It's true. It's a pain in the ass at times, which you know unless you've been living in an emotional bubble for the entirety of your life, and if so, wow, that's both frightening and quite impressive. But Robert Frost was speaking the truth on this one...

A good friend of mine was telling me this over wine one night, she worded it a bit differently than Frost (we were at least a bottle in mind you) but in the end, the message was the same. The amount of energy spent trying to find a way to not get hurt, a way around the things we're afraid of, can often times be exponentially greater than if we just faced things head on.

It's just another reminder that the unknown may be worse in our minds than it is in reality. I know you've heard it before, but the concept bears repeating, well, at least in my life it does, and you just happen to be along for the ride. Yay you!

Regardless of my little adventures, I do believe that Robert Frost, in just a couple of key words back in the day, has managed to sum up a range of emotions that are pretty close to universal.

Is there something you've been skirting around, trying to get through unscathed because you're afraid of the 'what if's?'

Cue these questions: What if I fail? What if it breaks us up? What if I never live up to their expectation? Sound familiar?

Try this: What if I succeed beyond any stretch of my imagination? What if I find true love in the process of it all and create space for healthy love to come into my life? Or what if, I mean, what if I decide to detach any emotional ties to what 'they' think and start living, really living my best life, the only way I can live it?

What if we looked at the good stuff that could happen and not just the bad right? I'm working on it as well so, we're in this together.

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