How to Wear | Peplum & a Full Skirt in 7 Steps

Love a peplum top, love a full skirt, why not put the two together in a fabulous look with 7 easy steps to pull off any ensemble seamlessly right? Right. Here's how to wear a peplum top and full skirt:

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What's the best body type for this look?

Pears: this is not going to be your moment. The peplum is perfect for adding curves and will accentuate any waist so if you're wanting the focus to be the complete opposite, as several of my favorite pear-shaped clients do, then swap the peplum top for a fitted crew neck tee that falls slightly over the waistline of the skirt.

Rectangles: This is PERFECT for you. The look will add shape and proportion to your athletic lines in a cinch.

Hourglass: Here's where you get to play up your silhouette. Heels will be a MUST to elongate with all the curvy action that will be brought out by the combination of the peplum top and skirt.

Apple: Keep the skirt, lose the peplum top. Instead, substitute a fitted, white v-neck top, you could do three-quarter sleeves or just go with a clean tee. The v-neck will bring the eye in and lengthen a bit. Definitely keep the heels in the equation to keep that vertical line extending.

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In the mean time...five picks that inspired me. Of course, that means I had to share.

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Harper's Bazaar February 2013 (source:



dancing in the rain. (source:



Harper's Bazaar February 2013 (source:



love me some Tory. (source:



truth. (source: Rework by Jason Fried & David Heinemeier


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How to Wear Purple Flare Corduroy Pants, No Seriously. The Look Works, Promise

Cut the Cord (the basic beige version) & Dive into the Deep (purple) End. Check Out How to Wear Pop-Color Flare Corduroy Pants...

Usually pulling together a How to Wear post starts with an image from the runway or pure street style randomness that we collect on our Tumblr inspiration wall. This time around however, I died and went to heaven over the Rachel Zoe flare corduroy pants.

The impulse to figure out how to wear these corduroy pants dyed in a royal purple that has me swooning still (no clue how I'm keeping it together to even write this) was immediate.


Here's a little shop-by-number moment for you. Sure, based on the inspiration street-style image the shoes are not of any visual importance, but I figure, find a good tailor, hem the leg, and show off the bootie.

See how to wear the purple-soaked pant pick below:

Tibi Cable-knit Sweater ( Rachel Zoe Rachel Corduroy Flare Pants ( Foley + Corinna Simpatico Shoulder Bag ( ENZO ANGIOLINI Suede Ankle Boots ( Gorjana Graham Leather Bar Triple Wrap (

 Time for the shopping close-up...

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2. Rachel Zoe Rachel Corduroy Flare Pants


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3. Foley + Corinna Simpatico Shoulder Bag

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4. ENZO ANGIOLINI Suede Ankle Boots


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5. Gorjana Graham Leather Bar Triple Wrap

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