Are You Asking Yourself, "What Am I Going to Wear Today?" Yea, Me Too. See the Look in 6 Steps

How to Pull Together a Look for a Laid Back, Working Friday

It begins with a pair of J.Brand jeans, and builds from there. Actually, most looks begin with one pick and then you have to create something around that. Sure, there's the go-to, 'I don't even want to think about it so I'm going with the same old black cardi and flats,' thinking, but you should think about it, just not at six a.m. after snoozing five times with the stressed out style statement, 'I have nothing to wear,' rolling around in your foggy head. If you're female, and care about how you look, you know this feeling well.

Here's the thing, what you wear can directly affect how you feel. How you feel affects how you go throughout your day meeting people, and overall, doing what you do oh so well. So, why not take the time up front, plan a bit, and ease the pain of the morning routine by having it all figured out, fashionably, and ahead of time?

It's what I do for my clients after clearing out their closets. They each get a virtual, personalized Shopping List and Lookbook so they know exactly what goes with what, and when they can wear it. Sounds like heaven right? Well it did to me, I was my first client.

In fact, I'm still all about the process, and for good reason. It works, seamlessly.

I pulled together looks for the week on Sunday and took quick pics for you to see, but more importantly, for myself to use as a reference point. For today, it started with knowing I wanted to bring out the denim on a sunny Friday. From there I kept it basic with a BCBG white, over-sized top, layering pieces, an unexpected color on the handbag, a classic caramel pump from Vince Camuto, and some shiny stuff, a.k.a, a vintage cuff bracelet and my new ring from Low Luv x Erin Wasson.

It's a look that  is pure comfort to me and I didn't even have to think about it on the day of. I love the jeans, I feel good in them, so it's the perfect foundation to start off what is going to be a fabulous weekend.

Hope you get some inspiration with your own wardrobe. If you have questions on what to wear or how to wear it, shoot us a quick note. We love to help out and take on anyone's fashion puzzles. They can be easily solved, you just need to ask for help. No big.

For now, here's my Friday look. Hope you have an amazing day!

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