Post-Turkey Detox Shopping List | Bring On the Accessories

Today it's all about accessories on the top picks pulled for the shopping list, which, mind you, was a smart move seeing as how there would be no way I could realistically write about apparel after last night's mass-consumption moment.

So, as we're all in a little bit of detox mode with Black Friday on our minds, I've decided to stick to a few gorgeous pieces, a little bit of calm in the middle of the shopping storm.

Did I fall in love on my last trip to Paris? No. Did I have a brilliant time with an unexpectedly close friend I happened to meet after several trips to California? Yes. Did we wake up to strong coffee and two croissants every morning and then proceed to walk it all off before wine at lunchtime? Yes and yes. I discovered the gold 'Paris Love Ring' from Mademoiselle Felee (the designer will soon launch a customized line of bracelets that can be personalized, bonus round)on Boticca, and instantly fell in love with it's simplicity, let alone the fact that it's made by hand. Who doesn't need a little reminder of what life is all about on their finger to look down at in the midst of the daily grind right? Love this, pun intended.



J. Crew manages to churn out some of the most eye-catching and approachable (really decent price points) statement jewelry every season and this resin link necklace falls right in line with that. I'm a huge fan of maxing out the number of looks in your closet by combining basics (a solid core closet is key, trust me, it's also the biggest challenge I have when building a wardrobe to style-out for my clients, but it's well worth it) and switching up the jewelry/accessories involved. You can take a basic black crew-neck tee, throw on some skinny jeans, and turn it into a viable cocktail look with this necklace and the right shoes/clutch. It's so simple, and not seemingly so, it really is a no-brainer.



When it comes to black boots, I have a tendency to go for two things: first, a slight platform, second, I have yet to move in the way of the stacked-heel trend so I keep it a bit more stiletto. The stacked-heel is a great alternative, and a more comfy giving a more even distribution of weight, but for now, my eye goes towards bit more streamlined, cue, the below high-heeled boot from Casadei. I'm also always going to advocate investing in a great pair of black boots, spending a bit more, and then holding on to them for as long as you can. The high-maintenance (not really high at all, just don't trash 'em) is well worth it.


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Five picks are never enough, and I totally understand that. So, keep the shopping momentum going strong and take a look at what didn't make this round on the hit list, BUT, the items, the hand-picked pieces that still found their way on to the shelves lining the virtual StyleShaker closet here:

What? What's that? Oh right, it's time to take this shopping-centric post and flip it on it's fashionable head with a quote that caught my eye:

I think this one applies to more than just finding love. I think it can actually be applied to several aspects of an individual's life. There are things that  you shouldn't have to question in your life after awhile. Sure, I'm a massive, huge fan of taking a step back to reevaluate what I'm actually doing, I do it every few months to see where I'm at and if my actions are in line with what I want, or more importantly, if what I want is clear to  me. Most people avoid this introspective moment like it's the plague, but I digress...

So I'm going to flip it: If you love him, you'll know. If you don't, you'll be confused. Apply that to anything...If you want the job, you'll know. If you don't you'll be confused. Or, if you think she's your friend, you'll know. If you don't, you'll be confused. The point I'm getting to here is, that most of the time, you already know, you just need to hear yourself out.

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