What's Under Your Trench? Shop Trench Coats, Our Top 10, & See How to Wear this Fall Essential

The Fall Essential of All Fall Essentials. Shop Trench Coats, the Top 10, for Fall & See How to Wear Them.


There's plenty of history behind the trench coat, however, due to over-indulgence of the coffee press, I'm not feeling the academia side of myself right now (no ability to focus), I'm going to bypass.

So I'll go right to why I can't see my life without a trench coat hanging in my closet. Here's the best thing about a trench (a no-brainer Fall essential if I've ever seen one): you could be wearing five-day-old scrubs, Uggs (sorry Andre Leon Talley, I do not concur with Uggs being a viable shoe option for any non-athletic ensemble), and a polka-dot onesie with grass stains for all I know, but when you toss on the trench and cinch the waist, you're instantly pulled together. It's the great equalizer and can bring sophistication to any ensemble, and I mean ANY, ensemble.

So, let's find ourselves a trench coat right?

(main large image source: www.jcrew.com)

It's time to get down and dirty with the super-simplified shopping list. Check out the top 10 trench coats, hand-picked and served up in slide-deck style. Flip away:


[SlideDeck2 id=9249 iframe=1]


It starts with the Fall Essentials Shopping Checklist that tells you what to be on the lookout for this season.

Next, you cross-reference your closet for what you've already got working in your wardrobe (translation: shop your closet). You need some refreshers, we all do. Hence the slide deck you just scrolled through.

That will cover what to wear, but what about how to wear a trench coat? It's outerwear so the styling tendency is to keep it basic, but there's nothing like a little inspiration to mix things up a bit. Speaking of...


look 1 (www.style.com), look 2 (www.style.com), look 3 (www.sea-swept-hair.tumblr.com), look 4 (www.style.com), look 5 (www.fashiongonerogue.com), look 6 (www.glossynewsstand.tumblr.com), look 7 (www.kalastajanvaimo.indiedays.com), look 8 (www.beautifullyhip.com)

All right, I get it. You shopped your closet, no dice. You come to the StyleShaker to see the top 10 picks for this Fall essential, the trench coat, and again, you're still left wanting more.

Ten just isn't enough. So, it's time to pull out the big guns. It's time to shop the virtual StyleShaker Closet, updated weekly with hand-picked pieces from the trends and essentials you need to know and love lining the shelves. Get a sneak peek of what I'm talking about here:



Q&A time. Fall in love with a dress, bring it home and have no clue how to wear it? Did your friend convince you to buy that peplum top and now you're wondering how close of a friend she/he really is?

Send us a link or image of the item in question (or something similar), a few details if you want, and we'll shoot you back how to wear it. Done and done. Click below to have the million dollar question answered.

The trench coat is a favorite, that goes without saying even though I just said it. But there's so much more.

Shopping for the season and figuring out what you're going to wear can be daunting, let alone frustrating. That's where The StyleShaker comes in. We start with the Shopping Checklist, and then follow it up with the trifecta: what to wear, how to wear it, and where to shop for it right here. The goal? To inspire and have everyone walking into their day feeling good in what they're wearing.