Today's Shopping List for Him | Let's Hear It For the Boys

Happy Thursday and welcome to the latest line up of favorites, hand-picked and pulled together for your little moment of shopping therapy today. Guys, this one if for you. Five fashion finds picked out of the bunch. It's men's fashion from a female fashion industry persective. Let's get started...


I love a good hoodie, and tis the season to work one into your wardrobe mix. The heathered color and seaming detail take this just a couple of levels above you're ordinary hoodie. It's the go-to piece for a pulled together weekend look. Love.


I can't count the number of men I know with sneaker obsessions on both hands, or toes for that matter. It's kind of a thing I keep running into, so, I figured I'd just give you all one more kick to drool over, this time from Commonn Projecta. Bring on the vintage.



A tie, like any good accessory, can totally change the look your going for. I am the girl that could stand and stare at the tie table for hours making color combinations until I go cross-eyed. I actually think it's a fashionable form of  color-therapy. I had to throw a tie into the mix sooner or later. Cue, the vintage print tie from Gianni Versace. The 'flash' is toned down and yet the print still makes a sophisticated statement. Crazy about it.


Vertical stripes are a very good thing, especially in a classic, streamlined sport shirt. This textured top from Rome is a new and ridiculously flattering favorite. The clean lines tucked into the right trouser pull off an easy but incredibly on-point look for work.

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Five picks are all fine and good, but yes, as one would imagine, it takes hundreds to boil it down to the best. Even then, some of our favorites miss their cameo on the daily shopping hit list, so, we give them a home (while they last, selling out is common so watch as we update weekly) in our very own fashion habitat, the virtual StyleShaker Closet:

Time for a zen moment because nothing goes better with shopping than introspection? What? I know, deep thoughts and fashion usually don't find themselves together, and yet, here they are. Maybe it's a new trend we can start? We do love our trends... Here's the quote:

It's true. Honestly, there's not much to be said around that because the quote puts it so well.

I am lucky to have two parents that are still together and happily married. I won't say they're rainbows and sunshine all the time, but they are partners in crime and two peas in a pod. Watching them raised the bar for me and my older brother. It showed us what we should aspire to have in our own lives just by watching, observing, and seeing how they 'love.'

I can safely say that, some of my happiest moments are when I see my father being kind in the way only he knows how to my mother, and my mother giving back in the way only she can do. They speak their own language, and this quote goes both ways for mothers and fathers.

In the crazy chaos of the everyday it's important that we take a minute, a second, a breath, and see what example we're setting. We may not be able to control how other's interpret our words or actions, but we can control what we do, and when people see something that comes from a genuine sense of love, it's pretty hard to deny the warm, fuzzy feeling that usually follows.

We accept the love we think we deserve, so in a small way, when you show love to those around you,your husband, your wife, your friend, your cat, etc.  you're teaching those watching what is possible. Who knows, maybe you can help raise their bar for love...

All the lovey dovey, gushy stuff aside, if you're not done with your shopping for the day (as well you shouldn't be), keep the momentum going strong and see more on what to wear, how to wear it, and where to find it.