Today's Top 5 Shopping List, From Sweater Favorites to D.H. Lawrence, For Realz

It's one hundred percent sweater-weather right now, and if you don't have a current favorite in your closet, or are in need of a little refresher, here's your moment. Check out the top five sweaters that made their way onto today's shopping list...

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Loving the loose layers on this one. Keep it simple and cozy with your favorite denim picks covering the bottom half of the fashion equation. Easy.

1 Rebecca Taylor Two-Tone Turtleneck




2 J. Crew Collection Cashmere Bateau Sweater



Should you get stuck in the never-ending grey days of winter (I'm referencing my time spent living in Chicago oh, I dunno, ten years ago; great city, however, I've seen better weather) there's nothing like a little color injection, courtesy of a cardi in this case, to knock you out of it.

3 ASOS Blanket Wrap Cardi In Vintage Pattern



4 Thakoon Addition Patterned Knitted Cotton Cardigan



Ob-sessed with this new find! Say the designer name ten times fast if you like, or just go ga-ga over their line up of cozy sweatshirts and so much more like we did. The entire office is still recovering from the intense swoon session that erupted upon making the discovery last week. This is a complete upgrade to your everyday sweatshirt, taking it from a cozy/casual to super-chic with the addition of that collar and some key zipper details. Gotta love it.

5 kupukupu apparel Black Sun Sweatshirt


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We cover massive web shopping ground each week to narrow it down to our top five. That said, several shopping casualties end up on the cutting room floor. Instead of leaving them in such a sad state, we pick a few favorites up off the ground, dust them off, and give them their rightful cameo on the site elsewhere. See more favorites that didn't make it into today's list but are currently lining the shelves in the StyleShaker Closet:

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Zen moment time people. It's Monday, the frenzy has begun, which means it's the perfect time for a little breather in the middle of the 'reality' of it all. It's time to take a quick minute, slow your roll, and soak up a little inspiration, this time brought to you courtesy of a quote from D.H. Lawrence:


D. H. serves up one more way to spin the concept of trusting someone's actions more than their words, and, I, LOVE, it. I love it because it's the great equalizer.

When things get confusing, and you don't know what to believe, first and foremost, take a minute to get a bit more in-tune with yourself. I'll always advocate some quiet time, but when that gets you nowhere, or worse, the mere thought of being your own company has you breaking out in hives (note: this should be explored  further, maybe in a therapy session), there's always the ever-reliable quick reference on the actions of the person in question (sig other, friend, fam member, what have you) to help clarify things a bit.

When people show you who they are, listen. Look at their tale as you hear them out. Your gut will sort it out from there. And yes, it can be that simple. I've found most things can be if we would just get out of our own way, give ourselves a little break, and above all, trust our instincts. Easier said than done, but that's why I'm here. It all starts with a little inspiration, be it a colorful cardigan or classic quote.

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