The Shopping List | 10 Reasons (@ $100 & Under) Why You Need a New Pair of Earrings

Throwing on a pair of earrings before you head out the door can be a genius move. I have my jewelry organized and visible in my closet (I set it up like a boutique in there) but also keep a little bowl right on the kitchen counter with a few pieces in it as well. This is my mad-dash-out-the-door grab-it-and-go bowl. I know, lengthy title, but it's one of the best routines I've started.

Earrings have been used to adorn our lovely lobes since the dawn of time, well not that far back, but for a very, very long time. Men and women all over the world have embellished with earrings for centuries and for good reason. First of all, ear lobes are just asking for it, am I right? Secondly, wearing the right pair can frame your face, light it up a bit, and I have yet to meet someone who wouldn't welcome a little bit of that into their everyday look.

Earring obsession aside, take a look at the top 10 ear-candy shopping list. The hit list is a beautiful thing with every pick hitting at or under $100 so have at it. Click through to get all the details. Or just scroll, browse, find something similar in your closet that you can pull out when you get home, and start your own grab-it-and-go jewelry bowl. You can thank me later:

shop the Kendra Scott Tamara Earring


shop the Kate Spade New York Statement Chandelier Cluster Earrings


shop the Gorjana Fatima Drop Earrings


shop the Vince Camuto Kite Earrings


shop the Gorjana Honeycomb Earrings


shop the Oscar de la Renta Hammered Gold Plated Clip Earrings


shop the Kristen Elspeth Bar Stud Earrings


shop the Giles & Brother Ceres Pyramid Hoop Earrings


shop the Tory Burch Tina Drop Earrings


shop the Loren Hope Petra Earrings in Teal Mint

Shopping list sources: Kendra Scott Tamara Earring (, Kate Spade New York Statement Chandelier Cluster Earrings (, Gorjana Fatima Drop Earrings (, Vince Camuto Kite Earrings (, Gorjana Honeycomb Earrings (, Oscar de la Renta Hammered Gold Plated Clip Earrings (, Kristen Elspeth Bar Stud Earrings (, Giles & Brother Ceres Pyramid Hoop Earrings (, Tory Burch Tina Drop Earrings (, Loren Hope Petra Earrings in Teal/Mint (

I love to include a Zen Moment in these shopping list posts. Fashion, although an extension of who you are on the inside, mainly covers the outside part of the equation. Balance is tricky, I don't think we ever get there and I think that's a good thing. That little bit of instability keeps us always learning and evolving. Still I'll always attempt a little balance via quotes, images, and whatever else I can find that resonates to cover what's on the inside.

My intention in sharing these finds with you is simple: I hope wherever you're reading this, that you are inspired. To do what? Who knows. That part is up to you entirely.

Let's give it  a try:

zen quote1

This is a big one for all of the self-employed, small business owners out there. I chose it because it's beyond relevant in my own life (it IS my life right now) and hit me like a ton of bricks. But the concept is a universal one.

When you come up with an 'impossible' idea (and we all do, we're all capable of this) it's easy to classify it as just that and stick it back into the never-going-to-happen box, or worse, the I'll-look-at-it-again-tomorrow (translation=never) box. This is when genuine support comes in handy. It takes a village.

You don't get an encourgaing, "you're on the right track, keep going!" from these ideas. There's no certainty, no clearly defined next step to take. That is up to you. This is the beautiful and ridiculous part of it all. And this is why it's so important to have your 'board.'

You get to pick and choose who is on your board of directors, so my advice that you didn't ask for is, choose wisely. Go with people who know more than you, who want to see you do well (genuinely), and who will give you honest feedback. It doesn't hurt to have a few on there that will come back to you with an, "everything is going to be ok," now and then either. It comes in handy.

With that kind of support, unimaginable things are realized. It's never as complicated as you think it is. But if you never try, you'll never know (another favorite line; thank you Coldplay).

The same holds true for fashion. We've all looked at a dress, top, [insert your drool-worthy item spotted in a store window, glossy mag, or e-catalog here], and thought, "there's no way I could pull that off." Well, I ask you, how do you know unless you try? It starts with believing and often times, it helps to have a good 'board' in your corner to keep that belief alive when doubt sinks in, because it will.

But doubt is the best. It's going to show you what you're really capable of. Things don't happen to you, they happen for you. I forget that ALL the time.

So, go ahead, try the dress on. Ask around about your 'not-so-impossible' idea. Give yourself a little credit here, you're stronger than you think (this is what my yoga teacher always tells me when I feel like I'm about to die in warrior 2; she's always right, I'll admit it).

Oh and one more thing, ladies, when you DO try the dress on and stand in front of the mirror, find something you like about yourself. Re-read that last sentence. Let it sink in. I know you'll find a lot of what you don't like, I get it, trust me. It's what we do, but it doesn't have to remain a pattern.

My challenge to you is to look at what you have, not what you don't. Focus on that and bring that feeling outside of the dressing room and into your life.

Again, you can thank me later.

 Back to retail therapy...Keep the shopping momentum going strong and continue on to the StyleShaker Closet where our team edits down our top picks and lines them up along the virtual shelves every week. This is where you can really dig into whatever you happen to be looking for. It's the perfect shopping starting point:


While you're at it, keep the momentum going and get some more inspiration in:

last slide

What to Wear, How to Wear It: Leopard Print Charlotte Olympia Boots

What to Wear? It's time to pull out the big leopard-print guns (or boots in this case). Now, how to wear them? We'll get there. First, check out the shoe inspiraton:

2 Charlotte Olympia Alice Shoe Boots

Here it is, see how to wear the leopard print booties in question:

how to wear it montage

source: T By Alexander Wang Shirt Dress (, Charlotte Olympia Alice Shoe Boots (, Clare Vivier Foldover Clutch (, Gorjana Raul for Gorjana Farrah Armor Studs (, Emilio Pucci Brass Onyx Ring (

The boots take all the thunder in this look, and for good reason. The rest of the ensemble is kept clean and streamlined with a black shirt dress, classic foldover clutch, and a couple of key jewelry picks.

Check out more fashion options that you could use to switch out and complete the look in brand new ways. The gang's all here, all of the hand-picked fashion favorites, lining the virtual walls of the StyleShaker Closet:


Need a little style direction on how to wear what you have lining the walls of your personal closet? Send over picks that you need help styling, and sign up for the Weekly lookbook.

Check out more when it comes to what to wear, how to wear it, and where to shop right here.

3 Ways to Wear Dresses for Winter | Layer Up

Have a favorite dress hanging in the back of your closet and no clue how to pull it off this winter? See three ways to wear the wardrobe essential that is your everyday dress, and get a little inspiration. First, we'll start with a more fashion-forward combination that pulls in a menswear-inspired vest:

look 1

Let the pop of color happen in the handbag, and leave the other layers neutral. This is an updated way to pull off your basic grey jersey dress and add a little oomph. If the tuxedo vest scares you, by all means, omit and substitute a black blazer or oversized boyfriend cardigan.

the look montage

source: DKNY Black Tuxedo-Style Vest (, Kenzo Floral Print Inset Jersey Dress (, Sergio Rossi Veronica Slouchy Suede Boots (, Coach Madison Leather Isabelle Tote (, Heather Hawkins Y Necklace With Black Horn (, Wildfox Couture Jewelry Bone Bangle In Rose Gold (

look 2

Next up, a little layering. I put an open-toe sandal in here just incase these milder Fall temps last for a minute longer, but if not, this would be the perfect opportunity to slide in a foldover ankle boot. The rest of the look plays on the color combo between the Vivienne Westwood dress and the butterscotch brown biker jacket. The scarf is another way to draw in color, as well as the Iscar de la Renta earrings that I can't seem to get enough of right now. This is one way to polish up a rough-and-tough biker jacket...

the look montage

source: Muubaa Kendyll Biker Jacket (, Vivienne Westwood Red Label Asymmetric Jersey Dress (, Lanvin Stiletto Sandal (, Marc By Marc Jacobs 'Onyx' Scarf (, Oscar de la Renta Waterfall Stone Earring (

look 3

Fine, fine, yes, you're looking at a top from Tibi, not a dress, but the length  lends itself to be worn just like a tunic/dress, especially when there are leggings involved. This is the kind of look you wear and can own a room in. It's sharp, there's some edge, but it doesn't go overboard on the intimidation factor. It's just ridiculously sophisticated with a more contemporary twist. I mean, those boots! A drool-worthy additions to any wardrobe.

the look montage

source: Tibi Striped Knitted-Cotton Top (, Givenchy Pleated Back Blazer (, David Lerner Zippered Legging (, Alaïa Leopard Calf Hair-Paneled Suede Ankle Boots (, Golden Lane Perforated Leather Duo Satchel (, Gorjana Raul For Gorjana Farrah Armor Studs (

It's so easy to go back to what we know when it comes to our closets, our go-to pieces that we can rely on, yet may not be how to necessarily put our best fashion-foot forward. But who has the time to figure it all out? Well, I do, and so can you.

The What to Wear Weekly Lookbook started on the premise that most of us are only wearing a teeny, tiny portion of what's hanging in our closet. It's what's easy, familiar, and sometimes kind of dull.

Here's why the Lookbook is growing...My clients send over pics of pieces in their closet they need some inspiration on, I pull them together and send them weekly, personalized, virtual Lookbooks. It shows them ways to wear what they already have that  they would have never had the time to think of, or been able to see. On top of that, they get other goodies like a hand-picked shopping list to fill in any essential closet 'holes,' notes on each look, and a Looks Library they can reference any time on the go. Talk is cheap. Visuals are always best, so see what I'm talking about here and get on the list so you can drop the question, "what am I going to wear today?" out of your vocabulary for good...Trust me, it's SO possible:

In the mean time, all the pieces used to create these three looks are pulled from the shopping gold mine that is the StyleShaker Closet. See more fashion favorites in all categories lined up for your shopping pleasure here:


See more when it comes to the latest on what to wear, how to wear it, and where to shop for it.

3 Looks & New Ways to Wear What's in Your Closet

Today it's all about three new ways to wear some serious outerwear for winter, from a Barbara Bui leopard print fur coat that may lead to instantaneous swooning, to a faux fur vest from Rachel Zoe that can layer into any look you throw at it. Tis the season to bundle up, so you might as well evolve a bit and do it as stylishly as possible right? Or, just take these looks in and get a little inspiration on how to wear what you have hanging in your own closet...

look 1

This is my 'back in black' look that has served me oh so well working in the fashion industry, we LOVE our black. Each pick is tailored and has attention to detail when it comes to structure from the DVF sheath dress to the Mackage shearling coat. The 7 for all Mankind boot combined with the Alexander Wang satchel keep things super clean, sharp and sophisticated beyond compare. The right accessories have the power to do that, it's why they're really investment pieces to any wardrobe. I'd probably say bags more than shoes since it's easier to find amazing shoes at approachable price points than handbags unless you have access to sample sales. More power to you. Finally, those studs add a slightly severe but creative edge. Add in some color using cosmetics with a bold red lip, and you're ready to run the show in this one.


source: 1. Mackage Black Shearling Trim Isabel-B Coat (, 2. Diane Von Furstenberg 'Holly' Sheath Dress (, 3. 7 For All Mankind Vignet Boot (, 4. Alexander Wang Jamie Satchel (, 5. Tom Binns Hard Wear Small Bullet Studs (

look 2

Ah, good, time for a little color after the first black-out look. Nothing like a grey fur vest paired back to a bright printed midi-dress right? Right. I love this look for it's playfulness. Use it as a guideline if you're less into the boho-take on things. Substitute a classic black pump if the wedge isn't your thing, and if you want to tone it down further, go with a solid color dress as opposed to the print. In the end, always do what's best for you and gets you out the door in the morning feeling good about yourself.

the look montage

source: 1. Rachel Zoe Taupe Grey Vintage Faux Fur Marianne Vest (, 2. Topshop Graffiti Tank Midi Dress (, 3. Forever 21 Crossed Strap Wedge Sandals (, 4. Red Valentino Nappa Leather Bow Clutch (, 5. Tom Binns Classic Large Ribbon Hoops (

look 3

Finally, a leopard print fur coat from Barbara Bui's runway collection that you need to be a certain kind of woman to wear. I love how, when you take away the coat, the look is pretty clean and polished. Sure, I could have gone with a streamlined black blazer on this, but where's the fun in that? This is all about pushing the envelope and playing a bit. I don't feel fashion is meant to be taken too seriously, so might as well have fun with it, take in the inspiration, and if you feel daring enough, change up your own styling habits. Time to kick yourself out of your everyday rut. Go big with leopard, or start small with an injection of color on anything from your top to your tote...

the look montage

source: 1. Barbara Bui Long Leopard Print Rabbit Fur Coat (, 2. J. Crew Perfect-Fit Boatneck Tee (, 3. Michael Kors Samantha Pants (, 4. Aldo Gyal Pump (, 5. Jene Despain Turner Necklace (


These looks are exactly what I create for my clients who are members on The StyleShaker. There's only two differences, their looks use pics of pieces from their actual closets, and their virtual Weekly Lookbook is completely personalized to their individual style profile. I could go on and on about all the goodies you get when you sign up at under $20 (gasp, I know), but instead of telling, I'm just going to show you. Click below:

top lookbook sell banner

Every piece I use in these looks comes from the mecca of all shopping finds we hand-pick and scour the web for on this site, the StyleShaker Closet. See the favorites that are pulled each week covering all of the fashion categories from shoes to sweaters and leather jackets to jewelry. It's all inside:


Get more on the latest when it comes to what to wear, how to wear it, and where to shop, right here.

What to Wear | 5 Looks That Will Inspire You To Change It Up a Bit

What to wear? You've got options. I love creating looks, especially for my clients when I get to use actual picks from their personal closets and show them countless ways to wear them they would have never dreamt up. I started doing it in my own closet as a method of survival while working in the land of luxury fashion. Ten years and hundreds of looks later, I now get to share what I love and help simplify life a bit for clients who can now spend the energy they were putting into 'what am I going to wear today?' on actually living their lives. They can walk into their day feeling good about what they have on, and consequently, feel good about themselves. It's a win-win.

Styling 'mush moment' aside... Sometimes I just cant stop creating these looks and a few favorites end up without their rightful cameo on the site or in a client's What to Wear Weekly Lookbook for one reason or another. So, now's their time, and no one is stealing their thunder. Check out five looks that will hopefully inspire you to switch things up a bit with what you have hanging in your own closet...


look img 1

source:  1. Sandro Ciseau Silk Blouse (,  2. Rachel Zoe Hutton Tuxedo Pants (,  3. One by Abaco Jamily Bag (,  4. Ann Taylor Delaney Haircalf Stacked Platform Pumps (,  5. Lulu Frost Hera Studs (   


look img 2

source:  1. Alice + Olivia India Fur Cascade Vest (,  2. Equipment Slim Signature Star Print Blouse (,  3. All Saints Lucille Leather Skirt (,  4. Aldo Romelia Suede Court Shoes (,  5. Marc Jacobs Baroque Single Large Quilted Leather Shoulder Bag (  


look 5

source:  1. Topshop Crop Back Collarless Jacket (,  2. Rebel Yell Viva Logo V-Neck Tee In Heather Gray (, 3. J Brand Aiden Distressed Boyfriend-Fit Jeans (,  4. Opening Ceremony Oc La Small Satchel (,  5. Madison Harding Women's Barbara Ankle Boot (


look 4

source:  1. Velvet by Graham & Spencer "Joss" Slub Cotton Slouchy Tee (,  2. Jacob Cohen Flared Jeans (,  3. B Brian Atwood Peep Toe Pump (,  4. Rachel Zoe Tote Deux  (,  5. Carrera 32/S Sunglasses (,  6. Adia Kibur Wide Cuff (


look img 3

source:  1. HELMUT / Drape Front Cardigan (,  2. J. Crew Perfect-Fit Boatneck Tee (,  3. Citizens Of Humanity Avedon Slick Skinny Jeans (, 4.  Pauric Sweeney Python Satchel (,  5. Diane von Furstenberg Claret Platform Ankle Boots  (


It's not just about what to wear, but how to wear it, and even more so, what you're going to go do in that look. Are you not dying for a week off from having to ask yourself, "what am I going to wear today?" I know I was. It's like a weight is lifted, I'm not even being melodramatic here (which is rare). If you don't believe me, see what my client's are saying here.

Want to get on the list and start receiving your What to Wear Weekly Lookbook stat? Sign up asap to get in while one week is still under $20. Or sign up for the month if you're feeling like you want to be really nice to yourself today.

top lookbook sell banner

Keep the shopping momentum going strong. See the rest of the picks lining the virtual walls of the StyleShaker Closet:


Get more on what to wear, how to wear it, and where to shop, all right here.

How to Wear Skinny Jeans? 7 Looks to Answer the Question

The Question: How to Wear Skinny Jeans? See 7 Ways to Wear the Trend

One of the top questions we get here is how to wear skinny jeans. Instead of serving up one or two takes on how to pull of this trend that can transition into fall, I've created seven looks so scroll through and get inspired!


This look is all about how to wear skinny jeans, in this case cropped, distressed skinny jeans, into Fall. There's still some color involved, and then a peep toe bootie to give things more of a cold weather feel:

How to Wear Skinny Jeans...Round 3


J.Crew Tee (, Siwy Skinny Jean (, Tylie Malibu Satchel (, Paula Mendez Ankle Boot (, Gorjana Bracelet (, Ettika Bead Wrap Bracelet (, Low Luv x Erin Wasson Ring (


Again, another take on how to wear the same Siwy skinnies with a Fall twist. You will always see me swooning over a Burberry trench. And the rest of this look is just simple and easy with a little edge:

How to Wear Skinny Jeans...Round 4

Burberry Trench (,  Rebel Yell Tee (, Siwy Skinny Jean (, Cosmic Thread Earrings (, Alexander Wang Satchel (, Wedge Bootie (


I love the preppy feel on this look. The chambray shirt is an essential to any closet for any season. The leopard print adds some personality along with the bold coral leather tote from Gap:

How to Wear Skinny Jeans...round 2

Madewell Chambray Shirt (, Siwy Skinny Jean (,  Coach Leopard Print Flat (, Gap Travel Tote (,  Chan Luu Wrap Bracelet (, Trina Turk Earrings  (


One more take on how to wear skinny jeans involves a silk top I'm obsessed with. The volume on top balances out the streamlined denim. The fedora and other accessories pull it all together:

How to Wear Skinny Jeans...

Paul & Joe Top (, Siwy Skinny Jean (, Giuseppe Zannotti Sandal (sold out), Love Mart Ring (, Marc by Marc Jacobs Boxer Satchel (,  Fedora (


Here's a weekend look for the skinny jean question. It's all about keeping it simple, stylish, and showing some personality in subtle red pops through the accessories:

Britt wk 1, Look 3

T by Alexander Wang Top (, Siwy Cropped Skinny Ankle Jean (, Coach Leopard Print Flat (, Alexander Wang Bag (, RayBan Sunnies (, House of Harlow Cocktail Ring (


I can always count on J.Crew for a basic top with some added oomph to it. Love this look from the stripes to the hobo to the chunky heel that brings it all into focus:

Britt Wk 1, Look 4

J. Crew Boatneck Tee (, Siwy Cropped Skinny Ankle Jean (, Deena & Ozzy Hobo (, All Saints Rosalina Heel (, RayBan Sunnies (, Low Luv x Erin Wasson Ring (


Finally, I'm using this as an opportunity to share my latest favorite from Anthropologie. I love the feminine lace back to a laid back stripe and even more laid back cuffed jean:

Lace & Lines Look 1


J Brand Cropped Jeans (, Anthropologie Lace & Lines Pullover (, Alexander Wang Bag (, All Saints Rosalina Heel (, Low Luv x Erin Wasson Ring (, Chan Luu Wrap Bracelet (

See more style questions answered here. What to wear? Check out the constantly updated virtual shopping lists. How to wear it? Well, let's just say, the list is endless.