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Setting the intention: With everything I do on this site, my intention is simply to inspire you. It always has been and it always will be. Should you crack a smile on top of this, then my day is made. On to the Get My Look post..

Quick question: who doesn't have those days when you wish someone else would do the talking for you? You know the ones, when even bathing your brain in copious amounts of caffeine doesn't bring you to the point of wanting to speak like a grown up because you're not sure you can take one more second of the Monday business review meeting, the fifty-two page (um, why people, why?) powerpoint deck, or the same guy who walks into the elevator every Wednesday and says, "well, at least it's hump day right?"

If you can't relate, good for you. In my past life however, there were those days when speaking to another human being in a cordial manner (let alone coherently) seemed impossible (this is huge coming from an individual who could hold a steady conversation with a brick wall for hours).

It was on one of those exact days recently that a good friend told me to, "smile like you mean it, until you mean it." Um, ok? So, I took my friends advice and walked around at an early 8am meeting with a blatant (almost comical and slightly obnoxious even though that wasn't what I was going for)  smile on my face, much to the wonderment of my pre-first-coffee-of-the-day retail peers attending the same planning meeting.

Five minutes in, I actually started to feel on the inside like I looked on the outside. On top of that was the added bonus of watching others in the conference room smile with me. Whether it was because they questioned my sanity, thought I looked ridiculous, felt sorry for me being all alone in Smiley La-La Land, or were genetically predisposed to respond by mimicking my facial expression I don't know, and honestly I don't care. The room went from lifeless to happy in five minutes. Could what started as a fake smile really have been the catalyst to this shift?

After a bit of digging, I found out that smiling sends a trigger to your brain that literally changes your mood. Sure, when we're sad, we frown. But what if we can also bring on sadness because we frown? The same question applies to any expression, in this case, smiling.

It's an outside-in approach that fascinates me as a stylist. I do my work on the outside for the client which is all fine and good. But then I get to witness something below surface level. I see an instant impact on a client's mood (let alone a change in the way they look at themselves in the mirror; read: they work their look out) when I get them into a look that has them feeling surprisingly (for them, I saw it all along) confident. 

Clients are one thing. When I need to inspire myself but don't have my friend around for support, I turn to what I'm wearing to start the chain reaction. My smile soon becomes an accessory. 

Today's Get My Look moment involves a pair of to-die-for, crazy insanely printed, Kenzo pants. Every time I look down at a print that isn't for the fashionably timid (understatement), not only will I get a dose of color therapy, I'll start to smile. Here's the fashion-induced chain reaction for further explanation and your viewing pleasure (cue my own form of fashion science):

Pants > smile > triggers Brittany's brain > mood lifts > big ole' smile > smiling is contagious so everyone walking past me smiles back not really knowing why > onlookers' moods are elevated > those walking past previous onlookers smile, again, not knowing why but hey, why not? > and the domino effect continues...

Get it? All from a pair of printed Kenzo pants. Do  you love it? Are you smiling? You should and then go out and show the world so you can pass it along.

Get My Look What I Wear When I Want My Pants To Do the Talking For Me
Shop the Look:

Paul's Boutique Stella Leather Tote- SOLD OUT (shop more totes here)

Studded Leather Bracelet-SOLD OUT (shop more totes here)

Body type. Right. It's one thing to know what looks amazing in a shop-by-number montage, but does it work for your personal body type? That's the million dollar question. See below:

body type img

Rectangles, hourglasses (keep the heel, it's a must), you're all set. Apples, you can do it if you also keep a high heel in there to elongate. Pears, this is not for you as I'm sure you could imagine. Drawing the eye to the widest part of your fabulous silhouette is not the best style scenario (for you, or any other body type out there). Go with a fuller leg pant in a solid color to keep the fashion momentum going. Maybe even a washed, boot-cut jean in a warmer hue like peach or burgundy.

Love what's going on in the look but now you want even more Shopping Options, or (more likely) something has sold out? Don't let that stop you. Shop the StyleShaker Closet, category by fashion category below and see where the magic happens:


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