Monday's Shopping List | 6 Tops from The Closet & the Body Types They Work For

Monday's Shopping List | 6 Tops from The Closet & the Body Types They Work For:

Check out the Shopping List line up that covers the top half of the fashion equation like no other. Obviously, there's some sort of drape-front fever taking over the office as you'll see by the common theme in the majority of the six top picks below. Each has a different style spin on it however, so scroll away, click the images to shop, and keep going to find out the latest 20 picks that made it into the Closet this week. First things first, number 1...


The Silk Crepe Wrap Top & The Body Types it works for: This is for the Apples and Hourglass ladies out there. The deep-v neck elongates the neckline, good for both silhouettes. Vertical stripes have the same effect. The wrap minimizes a wider waist and cinches in the thinnest part of the hourglass body. Finally, the draped hem brings the attention away from the shoulder of an Apple, criss crossing in the front, without adding bulk for those Hourglass girls.

1 Halston Heritage Striped silk-georgette top edited


The Embellished Tunic & The Body Types it works for: Pears, this tunic is your friend as long a it doesn't hit too low below your waist. Pair with a dark, skinny leg (denim or legging even) on the bottom half of the equation. Hourglass girls, you're also all set with this pick. The v-neck will show off your 'assets' without going overboard. Throw in a belt and skinny leg pant to pull it together. Also, Rectangles out there, wear this tunic with a wider leg or even boot cut pant and you're good to go.

2 Rory beca Embroidered Caftan Tunic


The Draped Jersey Top & The Body Types it works for: This is a body-con fit (translation: hugs curves), but the wrap effect makes it almost universally flattering, let alone comfy. The neckline is perfect for accentuating hourglass curves, let alone the rest of the top. Pair it with a boot cut pant or jean, or even a pencil skirt (only to be worn with a heel though). Pears, have at this one. The cross-cross wrapping going on at the deep-v neckline is perfect for accentuating curves where you may not have many.

3 Rick Owens LILIES draped jersey top


The Colorblock Button Front Top & The Body Types it works for: Rectangles, have a field day with this shirt. Tuck it into denim, wear loose over a skinny jean, or go with a pencil skirt to pull off a more polished look. Hourglass ladies, the location of the black on this colorblock top is a good thing for you. If you have issues with the button front tops and fit, by all means, move along. If not, wear this over a boot-cut pant, possibly a pop color like coral or mint, and make sure the waist is accentuated by tucking into a lower waist pant or going with a belt (leave the belt out of the equation though, if you have a shorter waist).

4 DKNY Color-block stretch-silk crepe de chine tunic


The Pop Color Jersey Top & The Body Types it works for: The wider neckline is beyond flattering for several body types. Hourglasses and Pears, you should feel right at home here. Hourglass ladies, pair it with a classic trouser, depending on the season you could pull off a clean, bright white. Or, just go causal with a boot cut jean, or even a slightly flared hem in a medium or dark wash. Pears, this top offers tons of coverage, but the wrap-effect at the waist will flatter your bustling without drawing too much attention to it. Pear it back to black on the bottom, or another dark hue, to keep proportions balanced out.

5 Vivienne Westwood Anglomania Sihu draped stretch-jersey top


The Satin Wrap Front Top & The Body Types it works for: This is an incredible, go-to top for Hourglass silhouettes out there. Wear to work as a layer under a blazer (streamlined) or just pair it back to a white skinny jean. Go with denim to keep it casual on another level, or even hit up a pencil skirt to take it up a notch. Pear ladies, if you're comfortable showing off a little skin, the deep v-neck, wrap front, and embellished shoulder will bring the eye line up top a bit to balance out proportions.

6 Armani Collezioni Satin Wrap Blouse

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Six hand-picked tops is just the style warm-up. Every week, the virtual shelves of the StyleShaker Closet are updated with 20 new picks, curated and collected by our editors, served up for your shopping pleasure. Shop more here, and get 'em while they're hot. These will either be sold through or moved on out for the next batch by the end of the week!


Inspiration comes in many forms. Here's a little something to make you think today:

the price

Last week was filled with new conversations had with new people in my life. It was also filled with one glaring commonality in all of those convos via a single phrase that kept resurfacing. It got to the point where I was convinced someone or something bigger than myself was trying to nail a point home that evidently, I just wasn't 'getting.' The broken record that I didn't seem to catch until, oh, I don't know, maybe the eighth conversation had with these strangers/new friends, was the concept of saying 'yes' to something which in effect, means you say 'no' to something else. Every action has an equal and opposite reaction, or at least that's what I learned in Mr. Rod's tenth grade physics class.

Today's quote hits it home using time, the one thing we all wish we had more of. Where we invest our time and energy is where we invest our life.

It's soooooo simple and yet manages to perplex even the most well-adjusted of us everyday. How many times have you heard, "I just don't have enough hours in the day..." or, "where does the time go?" Sound familiar? Right, join the club.

If you want to do something, you will make time for it. If you don't, you won't. It's a black and white perspective, leaving little room for 'grey' area, the fabric of human life, but it's the truth, or I should say, it's my truth. So on this Monday, when it's so easy to switch back into your to-do list/morning-meeting mode, why not take a step back and look at where you're investing your time? Here's the real clincher: when you take a peek at the bigger picture of your day, if you see that you're investing your time in something that doesn't energize you, maybe you'll want to consider how you can change that.

Because at the end of the day, the twenty-four hours you have are yours and yours alone to decide what to do with.

Don't make excuses (we all do now and then, but it's not such a cute habit). Life will always get in the way. The list will never be finished. It's up to you to figure out if where you've been spending your time is where you want to continue spending your time. And if not, you just happen to have all the power to change it up. You may not believe that, you may not want to, but it's worth thinking about even if for just one minute, in the interest of time of course.

Inspired? Good. Want to take the zen-moment inspiration and dive back into fashion? Even better, shop the closet or get in some more fashion inspiration on what to wear and how to wear it here.

Top 5 Shopping List & the D'Orsay Pump That Puts All Other Pumps to Shame

Pops of pink have found a home amidst the five hand-picked favorites that make up today's shopping list. From the Noir 'Hacienda' cuff that looks best on a wrist that has a hand at the end of it holding a margarita (on the rocks), to a pair of Pura Lopez ankle boots that add some interest via a little blue suede. Next comes an everyday basic from Mason by Michelle Mason, turned upside-down with an injection of hot pink. Not for the fashionably timid. And finally, the perfect pairing of a Diego Dolcini super-soaked magenta suede shoulder bag and the Lavin Bow D'orsay platform pumps polishes the list off in must-have accessory form.

main post montage template 4_top


This cuff is essentially a party on your wrist. Bring color into any fashion equation.

1 Noir Jewelry Pastel Hacienda Cuff


Blue suede ankle boots? Yes, it actually works.

2 Pura Lopez Ankle boots


Throw this top back to some distressed skinny jeans and you're done.

3 Mason by Michelle Mason Fine-knit Cashmere and Silk Top


Color therapy, in shoulder bag form.

4 Diego Dolcini Suede And Laminated Leather Shoulder Bag


Prepare to drool. Meet the epitome of feminine footwear, the bow d'orsay pump, courtesy of Lavin. Who else could pull this together so well?

5 Lanvin Bow D'Orsay Platform Pump copy copy

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Time to keep the shopping momentum going. See more hand-picked favorites lining the walls of the virtual StyleShaker closet. These goodies are updated weekly when I shop for my clients' What to Wear Weekly Lookbooks. See more personal shopping picks and click below:


Zen moment...


Confucius says, well, you already read what he said. I suppose this quote could go hand in hand with, 'beauty is in the eye of the beholder.' This one is relatively cut and dry. I posted it here because I happen to be in awe of people who can find the beauty in almost anything. Actually, I try to hang around those people as much as humanly possible when I find them.

Isn't it interesting to think that, walking down the street, what one person sees is different from what another person sees? I know this is basic information, but when you dig in a little deeper, it's kind of a beautiful (pun intended) thing. It's what makes the word go 'round, what makes variety a good thing. And in the world of fashion, it plays a major role.

The industry is filled with people offering direction on what's hot, what's trendy, what you 'must have' this season. I agree with  a little fashion direction, we all could use a little fashion 101 from the experts. But that is just a solid (depending on who you're listening to) style foundation as each season comes and goes.

From there, it comes down to you and what your eyes deem as beautiful. Sure, there are general guidelines that we have evolved to recognize as 'pretty' or visually pleasing that differ from one culture to the next. But then there's the wild card, the edge of the commercial cliff where the social direction fades and your imagination begins to take hold.

This is where the magic happens. In the industry, this is the point where the business falls to the way side and the art of fashion begins. I happen to love this part. The part where you take someone's creation and make it your own.

See more on what to wear, how to wear it, and where to shop.