Monday's Shopping List | 6 Tops from The Closet & the Body Types They Work For

Monday's Shopping List | 6 Tops from The Closet & the Body Types They Work For:

Check out the Shopping List line up that covers the top half of the fashion equation like no other. Obviously, there's some sort of drape-front fever taking over the office as you'll see by the common theme in the majority of the six top picks below. Each has a different style spin on it however, so scroll away, click the images to shop, and keep going to find out the latest 20 picks that made it into the Closet this week. First things first, number 1...


The Silk Crepe Wrap Top & The Body Types it works for: This is for the Apples and Hourglass ladies out there. The deep-v neck elongates the neckline, good for both silhouettes. Vertical stripes have the same effect. The wrap minimizes a wider waist and cinches in the thinnest part of the hourglass body. Finally, the draped hem brings the attention away from the shoulder of an Apple, criss crossing in the front, without adding bulk for those Hourglass girls.

1 Halston Heritage Striped silk-georgette top edited


The Embellished Tunic & The Body Types it works for: Pears, this tunic is your friend as long a it doesn't hit too low below your waist. Pair with a dark, skinny leg (denim or legging even) on the bottom half of the equation. Hourglass girls, you're also all set with this pick. The v-neck will show off your 'assets' without going overboard. Throw in a belt and skinny leg pant to pull it together. Also, Rectangles out there, wear this tunic with a wider leg or even boot cut pant and you're good to go.

2 Rory beca Embroidered Caftan Tunic


The Draped Jersey Top & The Body Types it works for: This is a body-con fit (translation: hugs curves), but the wrap effect makes it almost universally flattering, let alone comfy. The neckline is perfect for accentuating hourglass curves, let alone the rest of the top. Pair it with a boot cut pant or jean, or even a pencil skirt (only to be worn with a heel though). Pears, have at this one. The cross-cross wrapping going on at the deep-v neckline is perfect for accentuating curves where you may not have many.

3 Rick Owens LILIES draped jersey top


The Colorblock Button Front Top & The Body Types it works for: Rectangles, have a field day with this shirt. Tuck it into denim, wear loose over a skinny jean, or go with a pencil skirt to pull off a more polished look. Hourglass ladies, the location of the black on this colorblock top is a good thing for you. If you have issues with the button front tops and fit, by all means, move along. If not, wear this over a boot-cut pant, possibly a pop color like coral or mint, and make sure the waist is accentuated by tucking into a lower waist pant or going with a belt (leave the belt out of the equation though, if you have a shorter waist).

4 DKNY Color-block stretch-silk crepe de chine tunic


The Pop Color Jersey Top & The Body Types it works for: The wider neckline is beyond flattering for several body types. Hourglasses and Pears, you should feel right at home here. Hourglass ladies, pair it with a classic trouser, depending on the season you could pull off a clean, bright white. Or, just go causal with a boot cut jean, or even a slightly flared hem in a medium or dark wash. Pears, this top offers tons of coverage, but the wrap-effect at the waist will flatter your bustling without drawing too much attention to it. Pear it back to black on the bottom, or another dark hue, to keep proportions balanced out.

5 Vivienne Westwood Anglomania Sihu draped stretch-jersey top


The Satin Wrap Front Top & The Body Types it works for: This is an incredible, go-to top for Hourglass silhouettes out there. Wear to work as a layer under a blazer (streamlined) or just pair it back to a white skinny jean. Go with denim to keep it casual on another level, or even hit up a pencil skirt to take it up a notch. Pear ladies, if you're comfortable showing off a little skin, the deep v-neck, wrap front, and embellished shoulder will bring the eye line up top a bit to balance out proportions.

6 Armani Collezioni Satin Wrap Blouse

sources: Halston Heritage Striped silk-georgette top (, Rory Beca Embroidered Caftan Tunic (, Rick Owens LILIES draped jersey top (, DKNY Color-block stretch-silk crepe de chine tunic (, Vivienne Westwood Anglomania Sihu draped stretch-jersey top (, Armani Collezioni Satin Wrap Blouse (

Six hand-picked tops is just the style warm-up. Every week, the virtual shelves of the StyleShaker Closet are updated with 20 new picks, curated and collected by our editors, served up for your shopping pleasure. Shop more here, and get 'em while they're hot. These will either be sold through or moved on out for the next batch by the end of the week!


Inspiration comes in many forms. Here's a little something to make you think today:

the price

Last week was filled with new conversations had with new people in my life. It was also filled with one glaring commonality in all of those convos via a single phrase that kept resurfacing. It got to the point where I was convinced someone or something bigger than myself was trying to nail a point home that evidently, I just wasn't 'getting.' The broken record that I didn't seem to catch until, oh, I don't know, maybe the eighth conversation had with these strangers/new friends, was the concept of saying 'yes' to something which in effect, means you say 'no' to something else. Every action has an equal and opposite reaction, or at least that's what I learned in Mr. Rod's tenth grade physics class.

Today's quote hits it home using time, the one thing we all wish we had more of. Where we invest our time and energy is where we invest our life.

It's soooooo simple and yet manages to perplex even the most well-adjusted of us everyday. How many times have you heard, "I just don't have enough hours in the day..." or, "where does the time go?" Sound familiar? Right, join the club.

If you want to do something, you will make time for it. If you don't, you won't. It's a black and white perspective, leaving little room for 'grey' area, the fabric of human life, but it's the truth, or I should say, it's my truth. So on this Monday, when it's so easy to switch back into your to-do list/morning-meeting mode, why not take a step back and look at where you're investing your time? Here's the real clincher: when you take a peek at the bigger picture of your day, if you see that you're investing your time in something that doesn't energize you, maybe you'll want to consider how you can change that.

Because at the end of the day, the twenty-four hours you have are yours and yours alone to decide what to do with.

Don't make excuses (we all do now and then, but it's not such a cute habit). Life will always get in the way. The list will never be finished. It's up to you to figure out if where you've been spending your time is where you want to continue spending your time. And if not, you just happen to have all the power to change it up. You may not believe that, you may not want to, but it's worth thinking about even if for just one minute, in the interest of time of course.

Inspired? Good. Want to take the zen-moment inspiration and dive back into fashion? Even better, shop the closet or get in some more fashion inspiration on what to wear and how to wear it here.

Get My Look | What I Wear When I'm Trying, But Not Too Hard

It's ironic how, when you try to look like you're not trying, sometimes the best ensembles float up to the fashion surface, you know? I mean, there are definitely those times when nothing is working and after an hour you leave a wake of destruction in the form of three-quarters of your closet's contents strewn across your room, bed, bathroom, etc. Frustrated from trying too hard and attempting to now throw in the towel, raise the white flag, and come up with some excuse to not make it out that night.

That's one end of the spectrum. On the other side there's the get-dressesd-on-a-loop approach. The rinse and repeat that leaves you wearing out that same old ten percent of what's hanging in your closet because that's what's easy.

The point I'm going for is smack dab in the middle of these two styling scenarios. It's the point when there's definitely effort, but you don't feel the need to go overboard. You want to look pulled together, but you still want to look and feel like you, i.e. comfortable and hopefully, confident. This is the kind of look that, in my mind, achieves just that. It's a happy medium of polished and distressed, classic and creative, yin and yang, peas and carrots, wait...

Bottom line: This is what I wear when I'm trying to pull something together, but not into trying all too hard.

If there's one thing I've learned after ten years in the fashion industry, and this is also a great metaphor for life, it's that, when you push too hard, try too aggressively to get that square peg into a round hole, you end up feeling less-than. More importantly, you end up missing the entire point.

Loosening your grip a bit allows for space, and when you make space, new ideas are able to move in and out freely. Cue: evolutiona and growth. Sometimes we try so hard to get a look just right (or anything really) that we're missing out on all of the remarkable goodies that are right there in front of us waiting to be seen. We're too busy trying to perfect, to fit into a trend that doesn't fit into our personal style.

All I'm saying is, go with what works for you. If you don't know what that is, contact me. For now, what's working for me is the combination of a classic silk blouse with a slightly distressed short that reads, "casual," but with the addition of a few key accessories works it's way into an evening situation. I love when that happens.

The accessories pull it together, show I care, while the foundation of a button-front top and denim shorts keeps me grounded, or in this case, not trying too hard, but rather, going with the flow:

what I wear when I want to try but not too hard

Shop the Look:
Love the look and now you're in the mood? To shop, not the other mood, but more power to you if that's the case. If you're looking for more picks like the ones above, I have the perfect spot for you. Check out the goods lining the virtual shelves of my very own 'happy place' known at the Closet. Everything in there is updated weekly with my top picks pulled from my top shopping sites.
See what all the fuss is about and step right up:


See more where that comes from. Check out more product reviews, style tutorials, and takes on how to wear the latest trends in fashion, all right here (click the images below):

get inspired

What to Wear, How to Wear It: Equipment's Bright Yellow Silk Blouse

Meet 'Adrianna,' the super-saturated yellow silk blouse from Equipment. Check it out before you see how to wear it...

1 Adriana Shirt in Blazing Yellow

Right, and here we go with how to wear the yellow silk blouse in question. Keep it simple and don't get scared off by the concept of working a pop color into your everyday wardrobe:


source: 1. Equipment Adriana Silk Blouse (, 2. Citizens of humanity Racer Skinny Jeans (, 3. Foley + Corinna Mid City Tote (, 4. BCBG Paris Jaze d'Orsay Pump (, 5. House of Harlow 1960 Zig Zag Tribal Collar Necklace (

The picks used to pull together the look around this lemony-yellow silk blouse are all lined up to shop on this post as well as in the StyleShaker Closet. You'll also find the rest of our fashion favorites, hand-picked and pulled every week to line the virtual walls. Check it out and keep the shopping spree going strong here:


These looks are your style inspiration. Sometimes inspiration only gets you so far. That's when the Weekly Lookbooks come in handy. It's that added 'oomph' of styling direction using picks from your own closet. No more, 'what am I going to wear?' See how it works.

Check out more on what to wear, how to wear it, and where to shop right here.

What to Wear | 5 Looks That Will Inspire You To Change It Up a Bit

What to wear? You've got options. I love creating looks, especially for my clients when I get to use actual picks from their personal closets and show them countless ways to wear them they would have never dreamt up. I started doing it in my own closet as a method of survival while working in the land of luxury fashion. Ten years and hundreds of looks later, I now get to share what I love and help simplify life a bit for clients who can now spend the energy they were putting into 'what am I going to wear today?' on actually living their lives. They can walk into their day feeling good about what they have on, and consequently, feel good about themselves. It's a win-win.

Styling 'mush moment' aside... Sometimes I just cant stop creating these looks and a few favorites end up without their rightful cameo on the site or in a client's What to Wear Weekly Lookbook for one reason or another. So, now's their time, and no one is stealing their thunder. Check out five looks that will hopefully inspire you to switch things up a bit with what you have hanging in your own closet...


look img 1

source:  1. Sandro Ciseau Silk Blouse (,  2. Rachel Zoe Hutton Tuxedo Pants (,  3. One by Abaco Jamily Bag (,  4. Ann Taylor Delaney Haircalf Stacked Platform Pumps (,  5. Lulu Frost Hera Studs (   


look img 2

source:  1. Alice + Olivia India Fur Cascade Vest (,  2. Equipment Slim Signature Star Print Blouse (,  3. All Saints Lucille Leather Skirt (,  4. Aldo Romelia Suede Court Shoes (,  5. Marc Jacobs Baroque Single Large Quilted Leather Shoulder Bag (  


look 5

source:  1. Topshop Crop Back Collarless Jacket (,  2. Rebel Yell Viva Logo V-Neck Tee In Heather Gray (, 3. J Brand Aiden Distressed Boyfriend-Fit Jeans (,  4. Opening Ceremony Oc La Small Satchel (,  5. Madison Harding Women's Barbara Ankle Boot (


look 4

source:  1. Velvet by Graham & Spencer "Joss" Slub Cotton Slouchy Tee (,  2. Jacob Cohen Flared Jeans (,  3. B Brian Atwood Peep Toe Pump (,  4. Rachel Zoe Tote Deux  (,  5. Carrera 32/S Sunglasses (,  6. Adia Kibur Wide Cuff (


look img 3

source:  1. HELMUT / Drape Front Cardigan (,  2. J. Crew Perfect-Fit Boatneck Tee (,  3. Citizens Of Humanity Avedon Slick Skinny Jeans (, 4.  Pauric Sweeney Python Satchel (,  5. Diane von Furstenberg Claret Platform Ankle Boots  (


It's not just about what to wear, but how to wear it, and even more so, what you're going to go do in that look. Are you not dying for a week off from having to ask yourself, "what am I going to wear today?" I know I was. It's like a weight is lifted, I'm not even being melodramatic here (which is rare). If you don't believe me, see what my client's are saying here.

Want to get on the list and start receiving your What to Wear Weekly Lookbook stat? Sign up asap to get in while one week is still under $20. Or sign up for the month if you're feeling like you want to be really nice to yourself today.

top lookbook sell banner

Keep the shopping momentum going strong. See the rest of the picks lining the virtual walls of the StyleShaker Closet:


Get more on what to wear, how to wear it, and where to shop, all right here.

Shopping List Time | From Vanessa Bruno to Haider Ackermann, Silk Crepe Tops to Peplum Leather Jackets

I love when you can throw a blouse over your favorite jeans and look completely pulled together in one fell swoop.  Today's shopping list begins with just that kind of blouse, courtesy of Vineet Bahl. From there, Vanessa Bruno finds her way into the mix with a mini sac, followed up by a woven bracelet from Lanno that had me at 'hello.' Bring it all home with a pair of Strategia wedge boots reminiscent of Isabel Marant's runway nod to going West (sans the price tag that leaves you dizzy or, if you're die-hard, begging your personal shopper for a payment plan) and a leather peplum jacket from Haider Ackermann that I would give my eye teeth to be buried in, morbid as it may sound. Sure, sure, I'd rather wear it while I had a pulse, but I'll take either scenario, the latter being the obvious preference.

And on that note, it's time to meet today's crew of heavy hitters:

main post montage template 4_top


See? I told you. This is the kind of top you can wear back to almost any neutral bottom in your closet (let the blouse do all the talking) and be effortlessly on-point.

1 Vineet Bahl Sequin-Front Printed Crepe Top


Don't let the product shot fool you, this is the mini-version of a satchel. At a time when tote sizes are bordering at flotation device level (think: raft not vest), it's nice to pair things down a bit.

2 Vanessa Bruno Mini Sac


As for Tati, I'm not sure where the name originated from, and to be honest with you, I'm not really focusing on that right now. I love this woven bracelet for resort moments, summer days and nights, and really any other scenario you could attempt to place it in. There are several that come to mind, but I still have two more picks to go on this shopping list so, I'll leave it at that. There's your topic, discuss...

3 Lanno Tati Bracelet


When it comes to fringe, you need to be sure you don't cross the fine line between trendy-chic, and trendy-oh-god-no. It is a fine line mind you, and gets even finer when you add studding into the mix. So, wear these boots carefully. Translation: let them do all the talking in the ensemble. Less is more when it comes to all this detail, so a classic wash skinny jean would do the trick.

4 Strategia Suede Fringe Wedge Boots


Oh right, the latest love of my life in peplum-jacket form. You know how people say you should visualize yourself living the life you want? Here it is: Me in that jacket walking the sidewalk of my favorite city on my way to dinner with  my closest friends who just happen to have a full glass of Palmaz cab waiting for me. Happy girl.

5 Haider Ackermann Leather Peplum Jacket

source: 1. Vineet Bahl Sequin-Front Printed Crepe Top (, 2. Vanessa Bruno Mini Sac (, 3. Lanno Tati Bracelet (, 4. Strategia Suede Fringe Wedge Boots (, 5. Haider Ackermann Leather Peplum Jacket (  

See the rest of the picks that I scour the web for while on the hunt for my clients' What to Wear Weekly Lookbooks in my happy place, where the virtual walls are lined with  my favorite shopping picks. Check out The StyleShaker Closet:


This quote came at a very, and I mean VERY, good moment. The holidays are two-fold for me. Sure, you get to see family you haven't seen for a long time, and then you get to reminisce. Oh, and then there's the other side where you get to see family you haven't seen for a long time, and then spend hours reminiscing. This is both a blessing and a curse.


I understand that it's all about looking at the positive side of things. Right. I get it. Changing one's perspective to see the best and not worst case scenario. But if you're like me (and if you're reading this now I assume you may very well be) you're only human. The whole change-of-perspective concept is easier said than done.

I'm learning that this shift in perspective goes well beyond negative vs. positive. It's lies under that umbrella, sure, but for me it's looking at the difference between reactive and proactive. Not every moment is going to be bliss, things will get negative, and not all of that is so bad. How would we be able to see the positive if it weren't for the negative? And if it weren't for those moments of disconnect or sadness, we may never had been motivated to move forward, grow, try something else, and live our lives in a new way.

Maybe, instead of fighting against all of it, or trying to avoid it, we should just suck it up and put our left foot in front of our right knowing that, without the bad there would be no good. Sure, the timeline pictures lining the profiles on Facebook would tell us otherwise, i.e. that everyone is having the BEST DAY EVER, no really, EVER! But who would ever post anything that casts a negative light on their life anyway?

When did imperfection become the opposite of an asset? There's going to be clutter, so find the space in it. There will be discord, fine, accept that, and then go, "ok, so now what?" Now you can choose to find the harmony on the other side of that coin. And that difficult thing you're facing, it may very well be the precursor to something brilliant. When s&*t happens, you have two choices, you can let it own you or you can use it.

So for today, I challenge myself and my readers (if you're game) to find the beauty in the imperfect. I have a best friend who has this quality like no other person I've known. This girl could take me to the market, walk through the produce aisle, and find beauty in a root vegetable to the point of me thinking twice about the potential of rutabagas. She saw something stunning when others would only see 'blech.'

Fashion happens to be an amazing place to cultivate this new way of looking at things. The band of brilliant misfits known as designers work their magic each season seen by what they send down the runway. Each collection is inspired by the unexpected film, piece of art, natural phenomenon, latest travelling expedition, what have you. From there, clothing is created to yes, be worn, but also be appreciated as something beyond a cool cardigan or pencil skirt. It's not about creating what is expected, it's about looking at things in a new way. And then, doing it all over again for next season.

This is the life. Creation happens all [pause for effect] the [pause for effect] time. Hence why I adore this industry and being a part of it.

See more on what to wear, how to wear it, and where to shop.

So Now What? We Shop. Today's Top 5 Shopping List Line Up Has Arrived...

Good morning and welcome to the next round of the top five fashion picks that have been added to the never-ending (would it ever be any other way?) shopping list that is The StyleShaker.

Today's list ranges from a printed silk blouse via A.L.C. that I'm swooning over, to a clutch from a new name out there in Fashion Land I'm counting my  lucky style stars that I just discovered. Sit back, relax, and scroll away to start the shopping momentum...

today's shopping list


There's a black pump and then there's a black pump. I know, that sentence makes very little impact when you can't hear the inflection in my voice, so I'll elaborate. This sophisticated Zanotti pump takes the go-to basic suede version and turns it on it's head, courtesy of a little metallic pop in the heel. Just because a black pump is a basic essential to any woman's closet doesn't mean it has to look basic right? Right. Classic, with a twist.

shop the GIUSEPPE ZANOTTI Black Suede Nan Pumps

Here's the look that inspired this pump pick.

Keep it simple. So often we go down the rabbit whole when it comes to putting a look together, and why wouldn't we with all of the shopping options out there that lead to massive style sensory overload? There's no need to stuff it all into one look, I don't care what 'they' say the trends are. Take a step back, and go with what works for you. If that happens to be a tank and skinny jean, perfect.


how to wear black pumps



Artessorio is a newbie to the mix for our team, and we're happy to add the label to our roster. I stumbled upon this python-printed number while on the hunt for a clutch that had a little oomph to it, and lo and behold, I found this guy. Meet one of the top shopping discoveries this week.

shop the Artessorio Python-printed Construction Leather Clutch


All right, let's just put it out there. I'm officially adding a printed blouse to the list of essentials that belong in every woman's closet. It's official (and yet I'm blatantly aware this semi-bold statement is nothing new or novel, just give me my moment). A.L.C. is a name I have grown to know and love, and for good reason. Why? The overall style aesthetic always, and I mean, always, resonates with me. It's just that simple. The below Marianne silk blouse is no exception.

shop the A.L.C. Marianne Silk Printed Blouse

Here's the look that inspired the blousy shopping list pick. It's casual, yet incredibly polished and pulled together thanks to Miss Conrad (we would expect no less). The best part about this blouse pick however, is the fact that this is just one of countless looks you could pull off with this one printed top. Versatility is a golden quality for anything hanging in your closet to have.

how to wear a print blouse


I'm happy to admit I now have a full-on, designer-crush/soft-spot for Mademoiselle Felee. I first met the designer in this post after having fallen in love (pun intended, you'll get what I mean when you see the ring I featured) with her work. I'm actually writing to you now with that ring on my finger and I'm happy to report the image I saw on-line is exactly what I  got, if not better than expected!

Mademoiselle Felee's designs range from demure to bold, so of course, I had to give the latter end of that style spectrum a cameo in the way of this amazing statement piece, the etoile gold collar necklace. It's a work of art and now has it's rightful spot on today's shopping list.

shop the Mademoiselle Felee Etoile Collar Gold


Ah yes, three little letters that hold such power: D, V, and F. Diane von Furstenberg needs no introduction, let alone someone to elaborate on her extensive and fabulously timeless body work, so I'll just get to it with the next shopping list pick, the 'Missy,' dress. Less is more anyway as this dress speaks for itself.

Meet the perfect dress to have in your bag when you vacate the chilly temps for something a bit more beachy this winter. Add this one to the resort packing list.

shop the Diane Von Furstenberg 'Missy' Dress

And finally, the look that inspired the shopping list pick. The bold, lemony-lime neon yellow is super crisp and perfect for a little infusion of citrus color into any woman's wardrobe. It's the kind of editorial image I could stare at for hours and never gets old...

how to wear a yellow dress

sources: 1. Giuseppe Zanotti Nan Pumps (, 2. Artessorio Python-printed Clutch (, 3. A.L.C. Marianne Silk Printed Blouse (, 4. Mademoiselle Felee Etoile Collar Gold (, 5. Diane Von Furstenberg 'Missy' Dress ( | Looks: look 1 (, look 2 (, look 3 (

And there you have it, the top picks for today's shopping list. See more lining the shelves of the StyleShaker Closet here, because our Top 5 is not meant to be the final fashion word, it's just the jumping off point. Keep the shopping momentum going strong:

shop the styleshaker closet

Time for a quick quote, or really this time around, the little three-word reminder I always go to when things get tough:


I'll keep this short and sweet, just like the quote. Have you ever found yourself at the end of your rope, things just didn't go your way, and you're exactly where you really didn't want to be? Maybe this is a repeat of what just happened, making it even more challenging to swallow?

Yea, been there. We all have and I am making a generalized assumption that we all have also attempted to find ways to dig out and deal with it. Some better than others.

This is how I suck it up, for lack of a better phrase. These three words are the words I turn to when there's not much else to get me moving my right foot in front of my left. These three words shift my focus from looking at the 'blech' situation I'm in  for far too long, to looking at what I'm going to do to get out of it, and usually that involves lots of little baby steps. But the point is, this phrase gets me moving and sometimes, just those small steps are all we need to hang our hat on. Those are enough for now.

Examples of said 'blech' situation would be:

1. You just broke up with someone you thought you'd end up with. Ok, so now what?

2. You just left the job you spent the last ten years of your life stressing over. Ok, so now what?

3. You didn't get to everything on your laundry list of items for the day. Ok, so now what?

4. 'It' isn't what you thought it would be. Ok, so now what?

The oversimplification that comes with this expression is not a result of lack of compassion. Far from it in fact. In a way, it brings you directly back to yourself, back down to earth.

The, 'so now what?' moments in life are there to show you that life does go on, this too shall pass, and oh yea, hmm, this could get really good. Maybe even better than you possibly could have imagined had that 'blech' situation not brought you right here, right now.

Funny how that goes...

So now what? See more when it comes to what to wear, how to wear it, and where to shop.

Today's Shopping List a.k.a Five of My Favorite Things, Trust.

Today's shopping hit list is making me extraordinarily happy. I love all of my lists, but every now and then, one just seems to come together, the products (stars) align, and there's something that makes me want to scroll up and down again and again. Completely mesmerized.

I wish I could figure out how to re-create this fashion flow every time, but I've come to the conclusion that it's an organic thing, so for now, I'm just going with it...


Cowl neck jersey top, how do I love thee? Let me count the ways. Oh wait, I can't, because this post would end up being a never-ending list of numbers and that's just boring after awhile. So here's some cowl neck eye candy:


Ob-sessed, and I am NOT, repeat, NOT alone. The all-caps situation is meant to inspire you to get a sense of shopping urgency because I'm not sure at all how long these heels are going to be around unless they do a re-order. Which, eh hem, Free People peeps, you may want to consider. Just call J. Campbell and see if he has a few orders that cancelled with the big guys right? Just sayin. It's the buying office in me rearing it's ugly, yet oh-so-stylishly-coiffed head yet again.


I've definitely seen less-expensive versions of this ring silhouette before, not that this 'block' ring from Bittar isn't a great deal. But there's something to be said about the quality and originality Alexis Bittar serves every season. The colors, designs, all of it, are beyond unique and always inspiring. The below ring makes me think of holding a daiquiri in my bronzed, perfectly-bejeweled hand, while lying on a beach somewhere absolutely gorgeous. Be back, must go visualize...



Should you ever need a pick-me-up on a rainy, cloudy, overcast day, here's your shirt. Keep whatever you pair with this boyshirt from Madewell toned down to a minimum so you don't throw every color in the spectrum at the eyes of on-lookers. Less is more, and three brightly saturated colors on this silk shirt are plenty. Yum.

source: 1. Cut25 Washed-Silk Crepe De Chine And Jersey Top (, 2. Jeffrey Campbell Solitaire Heel (, 3. Alexis Bittar Block Ring (, 4. Liebskind Berlin Liebeskind "Lotta" Taupe Hobo (, 5. Madewell Silk Colorblock Boyshirt (

Five picks are all well and good, but that is the tip of the shopping iceberg. See what else didn't make today's list but deserves it's rightful cameo on the site via the StyleShaker Closet:

In keeping with the less is more, keeping it simple theme, I thought I'd go with the below quote from one of the most brilliant minds out there, Maya Angelou:

Shout out to all the control freaks out there, I get you, you're my people, but seriously people, we need to lighten up a bit, live a little, I'm talking baby steps here. Five minutes to day dream, an hour reading a book, taking an unknown route to work, or god forbid incorporating color into your all-black, all-sad-face wardrobe.

Loosen up the grip, let something bigger take over, and trust that when you need to pull the emergency brake, make the move, take the leap, you will (totally quoting my good friend Justin on that one, so cheers to you).

How to do this? Do something. Reference the list above or just go for something you can't know the outcome of, I'm talking small here just to start. It's like a mini-trust fall, sans actual fall and arms smacking into your back during a camp exercise post-ropes course.

Either way, if you don't let go, you won't know that everything will be ok. If you don't know that everything will be ok (usually because you can make it so by using you're very own thoughts inside you're very capable brain), you won't let go, and so goes the cycle. Let life show up for you, you can always grab the reins again tomorrow.

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Happy Thanksgiving | The Latest Shopping List Turns Into a Gratitude List

It's Thanksgiving, a time to eat endlessly and sit around the table with the people you call 'family,' the ones you love, sometimes the ones that drive you crazy, but at the end of the day, these are the people who remind you of who you are, they're all your North Star in one way or another.

And for those of us who can't get back home this year or are unable to be in the same room at the same table, I hope you can take some solace in the fact that your family (biological or not) is with you wherever you may be, guiding you along that path, just look up at the sky tonight and you'll see them.

Before I get on a roll with shelling out style picks that cover what I want, it's time to take a cue from Thanksgiving and write a bit about what I'm grateful for. This is probably a process I should keep up with because you can't really have one without the other. For now, here it is, what I'm grateful for today:

And now, it's on to the shopping list, this time, covering five picks that range from silk tops and neon dresses that simply deserved their rightful cameo. Cue the montage:

Equipment has taken the silk blouse above and beyond lately. tapping into something on a classic silhouette that no one has seen, or possibly pulled off in the right way, since it's inception back in the day. I'm a huge fan of this reinvention, and the line itself. Especially the prints that have been surfacing each season, case in point, the python-print 'Brett' blouse that made #1 today:




This Inner Circle dress is the perfect illustration of how to play dress-up and have fun with what's hanging in your closet, keyword being 'play.' I am definitely guilty of not having worked the 'play time' muscle, it atrophied for a bit there, but now that I'm gaining some strength back, I'm gravitating towards stepping foot outside of a stylish comfort zone. To throw in something neon yellow is completely out of character for me, but the dress reminds me of a street style look I fell in love with and have yet  to be able to shake obviously. So, it's a keeper.

Here's the look I was referring to, color, color, everywhere...



I know, it's rare to see a list on the StyleShaker and not have something from Helmut Lang, I need to diversify, I get it, but how is that going to be possible when this ruched jersey dress is out there? Ruching is a beautiful thing, the perfect 'camo' for all the areas we have a hard time accepting on our body. Instead of covering it up with extra fabric (which, p.s., makes you look bigger than you are), or going insane with layers of Spanx (a. ow, b. how do you sit let alone get in and out of the ladies room in under thirty minutes with those on?, c. false advertising as my friend Steve would put it), the ruching just covers what you want it to, while still allowing you to show off your assets, your curves, you know what I mean. Be grateful for them for once ok? It's Thanksgiving, so add that to the gratitude list and move along...


source: 1. Equipment Exclusive Brett Python Print Chiffon Blouse (, 2. Vivienne Westwood Anglomania Boeing Taffeta Top (,  3. Inner Circle Neon Yellow Dress (, 4. Mason Exclusive Leather Multi Strap Silk Tank (,  5. Helmut Lang Ruched Jersey Dress (

Today's list is boiled down to five picks, and to assume that all shopping cravings will be covered and put to bed with that is nonsense, this I know. The point is to use this list as a means to simplify shopping, get inspired, and warm things up a bit. Next, it's on to shop more hand-picked favorites that cover all fashion categories from boots to trenches and dresses to tops, rotated weekly on and off the shelves of the StyleShaker closet:

And although I covered a lengthy nod to the holiday that is today, I can't go on without my Zen moment, my quote:

This one reminds me of the line my father has always told me, "it never hurts to ask." It's so true. Even the asking part used to scare the crap out of me, but when I realized what is possible by just making that one simple move, I became addicted, much to the dismay and frustration of several people that provide my utility services (you should have heard me on the phone with the cable company last week, my father would be so proud).

Of course, I'm referencing this quote to be taken beyond the mundane context of paying one's bills, but baby steps are just as significant at the 'biggies,' life is made up of them after all.

The catch 22 in my mind here is this: Trying involves believing in one's self, but you can't believe in yourself unless you try, so it's back to a 'smile like you mean it,' situation. So, give it a go.

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What to Wear to Work, Something New & Different. It's About Time...

Time for a New Take on What to Wear to Work. Here Come 4 New Looks to Inspire Your Work Wardrobe...

So, the million dollar question is:


We all get into style ruts when it comes to what to wear to work. I'm definitely guilty of reaching for my black skinny pants one too many times. Sometimes it just takes a little nudge to get the fashion juices flowing again. Cue the below four looks, served up 'shop-by-number' style for a little wardrobe inspiration.

Look 1: The Pencil Skirt, an absolute must-have. Pair it with a cozy striped knit, subtle nude pumps to elongate the leg line, and your everyday satchel. Polish it off with a pair of smokey drop earrings:

1. Thakoon Addition Striped Knitted Sweater ( 2. Reiss Simia Pencil Skirt ( 3. L.A.M.B. Meredith Platform Pump ( 4. Coach Legacy Leather Rory Satchel ( 5. Brace Yourself LA Chunky Stone Earrings (

Look 2: Everyone has the quintessential black blazer. A cobalt blue blazer with a peplum on the other hand, is the perfect pop piece to liven things up a bit. Let the blazer do the talking. Pair basic black pumps with a flared, fitted trouser, and add some subtle color with accents from earrings to a rich, rust-colored, leather messenger bag:

1. Ted Baker Wrenn Peplum Jacket ( 2. Burberry Prorsum Stretch Trousers ( 3. Mango Suede Stiletto Pump ( 4. Aldo Eskeets Messenger Bag ( 5. Oscar de la Renta Waterfall Stone Earring ( 6. Charlene K Gold Dipped Ring (

Look 3: This one is not for the fashionably timid. The red wide-leg pant can actually be extremely versatile, don't let the bold color frighten you. Actually, every piece in this look can seamlessly find it's way into a myriad of other ensembles. Thrown all together though, you get an updated take on the silk blouse/trouser combo.

1. PJK Patterson J. Kincaid Blouse Farrow Button ( 2.Reiss Daria Wide Leg Trousers ( 3. Dune Bernie Leopard Pointed Court Shoes ( 4. Vince Camuto Natalie Round Satchel ( 5. Alex and Ani Spiritual Armor "Plume" Russian-Gold Bangle Bracelet ( 6. Yves Saint Laurent Statement Ring (

Look 4: Throw a blazer over a dress and you have your daytime look covered. Subtract the jacket from the fashion equation and you're instantly in cocktail-mode. The look isn't only streamlined and polished, it's actually one of the most comfortable combinations out there. Don't forget the cap-toe on your everyday black pump. It's an approachable trend that's worth taking advantage of this season.

1.Theyskens' Theory Jaco Striped-lapel Blazer ( 2. MICHAEL Michael Kors Sapphire Blue Cowl Neck Drape Dress ( 3. Dolce Vita Selina Pump ( 4. Marc By Marc Jacobs Graphic Print Tote ( 5. Michael Kors 'Mercer' Chronograph Bracelet Watch (

There's plenty more out there to shop and one of the best places to start is the StyleShaker closet, lined with hand-picked pieces filtered in every week from shoes to sweaters. It's all there. Don't forget another perfect place to shop, you're own closet. You'd be amazed how getting some fresh perspective can take you from, "I have nothing to wear," to, "whoa, I like that."

At the end of the day, it's not only about what you wear. It's about what you DO in what you wear. With these looks on your back, get out there and own it. Get inspired and take advantage of the hours between nine to five (or longer for most of us). You never know what can happen with a fresh set of eyes and metallic cap-toe pumps.

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How to Wear Red Skinny Jeans Courtesy of Current/Elliott

How to Wear Red Skinny Jeans from Current/Elliott in 5 Steps

The pop color pant (or in this case, corduroy jean) is not going to be a thing of the past for at least another season, so hold on to what you've got or get in on a more Fall-centric version, i.e. the bold red corduroy jean from Current/Elliot. Never one to encourage shopping for the sake of accumulation, I highly recommend shopping your closet  for alternatives first, but if you're coming up short or black or beige even, it's time to buckle down and bring a new shade from the color spectrum into your closet by shopping Our Closet.

The foundation and inspiration behind it all is a pair of skinny corduroy jeans. The natural next step is figuring out how to wear them. Sounds simple, contrary to the daunting scenario of standing in-front of your closet at 8am with the phrase, 'I have nothing to wear,' rolling around in your head. No worries. That's why The StyleShaker is here. The work is done for you. Here's one transitional take on how to pull the look off below:

Shop the Look:

1. Equipment Brett Clean Blouse (  2. Current/Elliott The Skinny low-rise stretch-corduroy jeans (  3. Zara Basic Heel Court Shoe (  4. Belle Noel Gypsy Chic Hoop Earrings (  5. Yves Saint Laurent Reflective Stone Ring (

So, I'm looking at the shop-by-number montage and realizing how 'patriotic' these picks are, but it's more about proportions than color to start with. The skinny leg jean calls for some volume on top, and what better to bring that than a silk striped blouse from Equipment? In keeping the look somewhere right between Summer and Fall, the shoe stayed neutral and classic with a court pump from Zara.

Tying the loose ends together and polishing things off are a reflective stone statement ring from YSL and Belle Noel earrings that pack a lot of look into hoops. Done and done. Well, almost.

1. Equipment Brett Clean Blouse

2. Current/Elliott The Skinny low-rise stretch-corduroy jeans

3. Zara Basic Heel Court Shoe

4. Belle Noel Gypsy Chic Hoop Earrings

5.  Yves Saint Laurent Reflective Stone Ring

Quick recap: You know what to wear, how to wear it, where to shop, check, check, and check. Now it's time to think about what you're going to do in it, the best part. It's time to consider where those skinny red jeans will take you.

How about a Saturday lunch with old friends that turns into a marathon conversation and slides slowly,  right into dinner. No one notices the time though. Above you, a glass ceiling, below you, a table covered with half-full wine glasses, and surrounding you, the best part, friends you only see once or twice a year, but when you do, it's as if ten years never passed.

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LunchBox List | Today's list of things to love...

It's time to sit back, relax, and take a little mini break since, if you're at all like me, you haven't gotten up from your desk to take a real-person, off-campus (i.e out of the office these days), lunch all week. It's just not right, but sometimes, these weeks happen. So it's our job to give ourselves a break, a ten minute, ten day (lovely), or even ten second mini-respite to soak up some amazing images of things that inspire (hopefully), things that are drool-worthy (without a doubt), things that are filled with words that resonate, and maybe, finally, things that remind one to daydream like children do, like we once did.

Here's the LunchBox list. Take a moment and take it in. Be kind to yourself:

1. fathers & daughters (source:

2. the amazing Richard Avedon (source:

3. vodka sauce, yum (source:

4. office space (source:

5. white pants hit the street (source:

6. blouse pick from Tucker (shop online:

7. casual maxi street style look (source:

8. dress pick from Vionnet (shop online:

9. layers of yum (source:

10. the journey (source:

So, since it's 'now,' right now, what are you going to do with it?

See more fashion inspiration, what to wear, and how to wear it here, but only, ONLY, after you have taken a second to think about that question I just asked. Seriously, do it. You can thank me later.