Meet My Fashion Weakness, The Top 10 Jackets for Fall. The Editing Process Brought Tears to My Eyes. No Joke.

Shop the Top 10 Jacket Picks for Fall. Two Words, Drool-Worthy...

Sure, I've whittled it down to the top 10 jackets, but there's still an unlimited amount of love behind the category as a whole. I, love, jackets. I have a closet dedicated to them, and I'm not ashamed to say so. Some women swoon over shoes, others designer bags, me, I go ga-ga for a classic trench or asymmetrical leather motorcycle jacket (ugh, grinning as I write those words). So, to narrow it down was probably one of the most challenging tasks I've had at The StyleShaker thus far (and you should have seen the Closet I just styled out).

Time to get down to the shopping. Flip through the slides to see the top 10 jackets. I've already gone through them a double digit number of times mind you, trying to decide on what will be the next addition to my closet. The prices go from high to low, the looks run the gamut when it comes to classic jacket silhouettes, and there's plenty of variety on textures so the options are definitely there. Click away:

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Shop more jackets lining The StyleShaker closet, because realistically, we could never keep it at just ten. The list is updated weekly with hand-picked finds. Get a sneak peek at what's going on right now:

We've got the shopping portion under wraps. Now it's time to look into a fundamental piece of the fashion puzzle, how to wear these jackets:

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Product Review | Vince Camuto's Heath Pump

I Shopped, I Wore, Now See My Product Review of Vince Camuto's Heath Pump

Before I head straight into the video product review, it's time to look at the shoe in question, well pump in question if we're going to be specific. Here is Vince Camuto's Heath pump in a butterscotch brown leather. I'm in need of a basic brown pump, just one of the closet essentials that comes into play during every season. So I went shopping. Here's what I found:

Product review video time. Did it stay or did the pump have to go? The answer is right here:

So at the end of the day, when it comes to the product reviews, like I mentioned, there are four key points to The StyleShaker rating system on a scale from 1 to 5 (5 being the best). Here they are:
1. Shipping & Delivery: 4 (nothing blew me away but it was efficient)
2. Fit: 2 (ouch. Size up half a size. Seriously, still ouch)
3. Construction: 4 (still in week one but the leather is holding up well)
4. Value:  4 (you can't beat a basic pump that you can wear with anything into Fall for $50)
I'm still kicking myself on this one. I found it for less on (link above for you), but that's my bad. Overall, the value is still pretty good. 
Product Review Final Verdict is... I'm keeping the pump. If you saw the video you'd already now this. Thumbs up for the value, the construction, the shipping, etc. Thumbs down for the extended breaking in period.
Shop more shoes from the list:

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What to Wear | 3 Statement Necklaces That Bring Your Look From Blah to Bold

Q: What to Wear? A: A Statement Necklace + Basics

When it boils down to what to wear, many of us (myself included) tend to make a B-line for the standby, go-to basics in our closets. It's easy. I get it. But why stop at basic? The classic white tee, heather grey tank, or dark blue, vintage wash jean, could use a little fashion push every now and then. Redefine easy with the simple addition of a statement necklace.

I love a statement necklace for one main reason, you can put it back to anything, especially a casual tank top and jeans look, and it will  instantly elevate the style quotient. I tell my clients who are trying to stick to a budget that one of the best ways to do so, is to layer up on the trend jewelry. Taking a basic white tee and throwing on a statement necklace, some fabulous elaborate earrings, or colorful cuffs, makes the look both your own, and notable, at the same time. It's not just the ho-hum, go-to look anymore. When you're looking for what to wear, keep it simple. You don't need a new wardrobe, you may just need a few key additions here and there.

Speaking of keeping it simple, I've narrowed things down a bit for your shopping convenience. When it comes to what to wear, here are three statement necklace picks that set themselves apart. I've also included a little quote with each pick to get you inspired. I love fashion, and have grown up in the industry, but even I know it's not about the necklace at the end of the day. It's about what that necklace inspires you to do. It's about what you actually do in the necklace that matters.

The fashion part of the equation, combined with a few quotes that hopefully hit home, can give you that little ounce of oomph that you need to go for it. Be open to it and shop away!




Like I said, it's not just about the necklaces. When you look at what to wear and make your style decisions, think about what you'll be doing in with that outfit on your shoulders, with that jewelry around your neck. Who knows, maybe that's the necklace you wear when you finally decide to leave your corporate job to pursue your dreams, or maybe it will forever go down in history as the necklace you wore when you met the person you're going to spend the rest of your life with. You never know what can happen, but I can guarantee you one thing, each piece in your closet will have a story behind it if it doesn't already. Here's to those stories being legendary ones you can't wait to tell....

Shop more hand-picked jewelry finds on the virtual What to Wear Shopping List:


Now it's time to go back and find more inspiration, more hand-picked pieces that answer the omni-present question, 'what am I going to wear today?'