The StyleShaker Week In Review | In Case You Missed It, July, Week 3

In case you missed it, here's what went down on The StyleShaker this week...*click images to check it out

1. 10 Crosby Derek Lam, if you haven't noticed yet, is a favorite of mine from the runway collections that hit Spring, 2012. I'm all about how to take that runway look, get inspired, and sometimes, how to get the look for less. Sometimes, you just can't recreate certain works of fashion art:

2. Altuzarra, the darling of the fashion industry and recent CFDA winner (aka, someone the cream of the fashion crop feels is the next amazing thing for the industry, or at least, has something incredibly valuable to add to the mix), pulls out prints that have left me swooning since his Spring 2012 collection went down the runway. There's the look, and then there's how to get the look. Bonus round, it's on sale:

3. There are times when the work just needs to be done. Times when you know you have to move forward and make it happen. But there are also times, necessary times in fact, that need to be cared for and watched over like a small child. Times when you need to take a break and gather some inspiration, in this case, visual inspiration. We call it the LunchBox list, and it comes every now and then as a reminder that dreaming and soaking up some gorgeous images or inspiring quotes, is just as important as a making the bottom line. You need one to get to the other if you want to not just make it out alive, but if you want to really live. That's this girl's opinion at least. Feast your eyes on this:

4. Finally, there's Alexander Wang. A name relatively new to the fashion landscape, but now that I take a look at it, I'm not sure how it ever was without him on the style scene. It's another classic, edgy, all-encompassing Alexander Wang look, and how to get it. Shop on:

There you have the week in review. Hope you enjoyed and for now, it's time to kick off this summer weekend with a cocktail. Get more of your fashion fix from what to wear, to how to wear it, here.