What to Wear, How to Wear It: Leopard Print Charlotte Olympia Boots

What to Wear? It's time to pull out the big leopard-print guns (or boots in this case). Now, how to wear them? We'll get there. First, check out the shoe inspiraton:

2 Charlotte Olympia Alice Shoe Boots

Here it is, see how to wear the leopard print booties in question:

how to wear it montage

source: T By Alexander Wang Shirt Dress (www.shopzoeonline.com), Charlotte Olympia Alice Shoe Boots (www.matchesfashion.com), Clare Vivier Foldover Clutch (www.farfetch.com), Gorjana Raul for Gorjana Farrah Armor Studs (www.shopbop.com), Emilio Pucci Brass Onyx Ring (www.stylebop.com)

The boots take all the thunder in this look, and for good reason. The rest of the ensemble is kept clean and streamlined with a black shirt dress, classic foldover clutch, and a couple of key jewelry picks.

Check out more fashion options that you could use to switch out and complete the look in brand new ways. The gang's all here, all of the hand-picked fashion favorites, lining the virtual walls of the StyleShaker Closet:


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Today's Shopping List Zen Moment: Keep Your Heels, Head, & Standards High

The list has been picked apart, narrowed down, and edited to a 't,' all to get to five more shopping favorites that go from a ridiculously versatile blouse to a silk shirt-dress that makes me want to order a Shirley Temple (a.k.a the drink of my childhood, and what led me to my love affair with red dye #2 & grenadine at an early age) just to coordinate...


This is a go-to blouse that can actually be used as an everyday basic, but looks special thanks to all the small embellishments from seaming details to a an almost-bib like, uber-feminine front. Work this into a professional look by adding a black pencil skirt and pumps, or go weekend casual with a pair of skinny jeans (medium wash, maybe even distressed) and neutral flats. Either way, I love the idea of a red lip with it, in both instances. Red lipstick always feels like cause for a celebration, so sure, it may be putting the cart before the horse, but if you build it (or wear it) they will come.



I wasn't familiar with the name Gianna Meliani until I discovered these heels, and now I'm obsessed. The suede upper is a luxe touch back to the rest of the leather on the shoe. As far as them slipping on, I'm not sure, but for now, that doesn't matter. What's in a product title anyway (my e-commerce colleagues are cringing, I can feel it). Really gorgeous design and craftsmanship, I'll always tip my hat to that in the fashion industry, always. Well done.



Why fix it if it isn't broken, right? This 5 Station Necklace is a signature look from House of Harlow 1960. It keeps coming back for more each season, and for good reason, it just works. I'm a fan of evolving, the Neiman Marcus handbag buying office clued me in on how important it is to not rest on one's 'it-bag' laurels, but when you've got a good thing going, why overhaul? Make new friends but keep the old, I forget the rest of the saying, so on to the necklace product shot:

source: 1. Daniel Rainn Coco Blouse (www.piperlime.gap.com), 2. Aldo Fabiank Clutch (www.aldoshoes.com), 3. Gianna Meliani Closed-Toe Slip-Ons (www.yoox.com), 4. Splendid Washed-Crepe Shirt Dress (www.net-a-porter.com), 5. House Of Harlow 1960 5 Station Necklace (www.piperlime.gap.com

Shop the rest of the picks lining the walls, and updated weekly, in the virtual StyleShaker closet:

Ah yes, we've come to quote time yet again, my favorite...Here it is:

This one is for the ladies. Amen on the heels, that's just me, I walk like a duck in flats.

Double amen on keeping one's head high. Life comes at you when you least expect it. Sometimes it can knock you down and break you apart. That's when space is made for the really good stuff you would have never seen otherwise, mind you, at the time of said 'blue period,' the warm fuzzy, sunshine and unicorn moments coming your way couldn't feel further away. So annoying, but it's the truth.

That's the moment when you follow the wise words of the above quote, let alone Tupac, and trust that "you gotta keep your head up." And yes, I just mentioned Tupac in a shopping list post. Take THAT (cue subsequent eye-roll from industry people).

But the most important piece of the puzzle in the above quote, in my opinion, is the 'standards' part. I can't speak for everyone on this so I'll speak for myself. I'm don't proclaim to be even semi-closet a 'Wise Sage' status here, I admittedly have plenty left to learn (thank god or else things would get boring), but I do know that, at this point in my life, high standards equate to respecting one's self, and/or self-worth. If you don't respect yourself, I'm not sure who will. Keep 'em high. It reminds me of a line I just heard, "we get the love we think we deserve." The question is, what do you think you deserve and are worth? Probably not something to dwell on, but it never hurts to ask right?

So, to recap, I've got the heels. Please, let's be honest, I'll always have the heels. My head is held pretty high right now, and for those down days, I've got the backup of some good people around me. Check and check. As for the standards, a year ago it was a work in progress, today, it's what I live by and continue to learn from. Check, and done.

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