Today's Top 10 Shopping List Adds Go High/Low from Balenciaga to Mango & Rick Owens to Tibi

Today's top 10 shopping list picks are lined up and ready to go...

 As you well know by now, I love a good list. Should the word shopping precede the word list, even better. It all starts with the fashion pick grid:

The name of the game for today (and really, everyday for me) is high/low shopping. It's pretty simple. Mix in some high level investment pieces with a few basic lower-pricepoints (low shouldn't equate to poor, disposable, quality here) on your shopping list, and your bases are covered. I'm sure you've heard it all before, nothing new, but it doesn't hurt to have a quick refresher now and then right?

Speaking of, let's get started on the list with a strong shopping pick from Balenciaga. I mean, c'mon, gorge-ous....


I usually sway away from the thought of blowing mass quantities of cash on a trend-driven look, but then again, shopping can be an emotional thing, practically Pavlovian. See the Balenciaga pump below, and before you know it you're drooling. It's instinctual (unless of course the neon pink/tangerine orange color combo makes you want to run screaming in the opposite direction). This one is about inspiration. I'm all about investing in the real deal, just not at the expense of missing a mortgage payment. Option B: just take it in, let the color wash over you, and shop more shoe favorites for something that feels just as colorful and significantly less painful when adding to your on-line shopping cart. I get it, but I also appreciate noteworthy fashion, regardless of price point. Blame it on ten years at Neiman Marcus.


So here's the 'low' when it comes to high/low. Low is referring to price and not at all the look, don't let the negative connotation of the word fool you. You get major bang for your buck on the 'low' end of the retail spectrum when it's done right, . A label is just a label, whereas style can be found on several levels using the label for a little direction (not the definition of what style actually is). For instance, Mango is a solid label I happen to adore. There's a lot of look for what you shell out here. And let's be honest, when will I ever turn down a tuxedo blazer like this one? Um, not going to happen.



Pleating, a hugely transitional green hue, and a cinched waist. Need I say more? No, but I'm going to because I can't stop myself. Tibi is a go-to for me when it comes to finding pieces that have amazing color, print, and universally flattering cuts. My one caveat on this Guinevere dress, if you're bigger than a C-cup, I'd recommend looking elsewhere. The pleating at the front will separate according to your shape, which for some is a great thing, but for others (i.e. those with amazing racks; crude, but true) the dress loses it's overall aesthetic and goes from romantic to a bit distracting in all the wrong ways.

Other than that, this is a gorgeous dress to wear through Spring, into Fall with a cardi, and through winter with some tights and boots. Seasonal, definitely.


Ob-sessed with this chain link necklace. So you think I would have figured this out by now, both parents having worked in the retail industry, me having spent the past decade in luxury fashion, but no. I took the scenic route to my own styling evolution, and finally decided that jewelry (or really all accessories) are the best, and I mean best (most efficient as well if you want to bring out my inner-organizational nerd), method of pulling together a basic look and making it your own. When I consult with my clients, I repeat the significance of a solid core closet, stocked seasonally with go-to quality wardrobe basics, to the point of sounding like a broken record. It's tough fashion love. But once you have your core, all you need are some amazing jewelry picks (cue the Adia Kibur necklace), scarves, wraps, you name it, and you can extend your wardrobe from 10 to 20 or 30 looks. No joke. It's not only possible, it's genius. Again, took me awhile to get here, but now that I am, I'm all over it like white on rice.



Hi, hey, what's up, ready to see the most amazing suede clutch ever imagined by a designer? Am I building it up too much? Do I care? Nope. In, love with this Matthew Williamson clutch for all the delish details. You've got to be a fan of green, and unfortunately, now that I'm looking at it, also yellow, which saddens me solely because those are the colors of the Green Bay Packers and I'm not a fan (if I lose a couple of readers on that one, so be it).

I grew up in the Chicago 'burbs, amongst several other areas (retail, not army brat if you must know), but while cities changed, my arch football nemesis remained the same, the Packers. Once a Bears fan, always a Bears fan, which is saying something because I know nothing about football, hardly ever watch the games (first and ten huh?what?) and couldn't tell you who's currently having a good season (mind you, I live in Texas at the moment, so to say that I don't fit into the culture would be a massive understatement). I do recall my older brother an I doing the Superbowl Shuffle in the '80's though, and to me, that's enough.

I can't even believe I'm talking about foozball right now in the middle of featuring a Matthew Williamson clutch. I think I've gone off the deep-end. Need, to, find, my, way, back...Fringe lining! Ok, I'm back. Sorry about that.


Rick Owens, how do I love thee? Let me count the ways, starting with a cold-shoulder, draped jersey top that is going to be my no-brainer, going-out-for-cocktails-or-what-have-you, top. Rick Owens is a favorite, and I'm not talking price wise (ouchie), but there's something about his style aesthetic that is on-point. It reminds me of how every woman will always have a 'thing' (secretly or not, it happens at least once in a lifetime; own it) for the 'bad boy.' Rick would be the bad boy in this equation. You know you should watch yourself, maybe take a step back, but you dive in head first, and indulge anyway. You have to.

The exception here is, with Rick, once you get to know his designs, the thrill stays. In fact, it only gets better the closer you get to the designer's work. With a real-life bad boy, the opposite is usually the case. It gets old, fast. Been there, won't be doing that again, but it was so worth it.



And finally, a Tibi tank in a ridiculously 'pretty' pink silk that I normally don't go for. The shape borders on halter with the racer-back, which is a hugely flattering line for most body-types. Tip: bring out the strapless or bandeau bra in a fun color if you're wondering. It's just simple, that's why I love this tank. Throw it over some skinny jeans, toss on a massively gorgeous statement necklace, and let the compliments roll in. Sure, that's not entirely why you're wearing it, it should make you feel good first and foremost, but little love notes never hurt throughout the day. Make sure you pay it forward.

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The Top 10 shopping list picks are one thing, but the buck never stops there. You've got options. This list is all about simplifying, a place to start the shopping momentum and get inspired. To keep the flow going, shop more hand-picked favorites from the StyleShaker Closet here:

Time for a little quote action. All this talk about love and 'bad boys,' has me thinking about the good ones out there that I've been lucky enough to meet and have in my life.

She says it so well you know? And it's so, damn, true. Or at least for me it is.

These quotes obviously hit the StyleShaker pages because they resonate with me, but always in hopes that they will do the same for you, or at least get you thinking. Fashion is wonderful, it's the air I breathe, but there's more to life (gasp) and it's important to keep it all in perspective. I get carried away with a Balenciaga bootie as quickly as I do with a quote from Marilyn Monroe. Both are loves in my life, and there are plenty more out there. I encourage you to find yours, or at least, reacquaint yourself with what you love, cause it's in there. It definitely can't be found externally in those ridiculously long Monday meetings, or the power point decks that go on for days (why people, why; you know you'll lose my interest after slide 3). You won't find it in those excel spreadsheets that cross your eyes, or the beige-covered cubical walls that, ps, are not walls at all.

Look inward, the good stuff is always there, living in the non-beige part of you. Go find it.

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