The Top 10 Riding Boots That Should Be On Your Fall Shopping List

Today's Top 10 Riding Boots for Fall

Can you believe we're already in September? Can you believe we always say the same thing every year expecting, somehow, that time is going to slow down and seasons won't show up faster and faster? Yea, well, September has arrived and I am beyond ecstatic. I love Fall, adore it in fact. It's probably my favorite time of year.

There are a couple of major holidays that revolve around eating copious amounts of candy or turkey (which means I'll be eating everything but the turkey because that's the best part) and I finally get to tap into my jackets (they have their own closet and get stuck in the dark for month upon month since I currently reside in the sauna that is Dallas, TX). How could I not be obsessed with the season, right?  Right.


This Top 10 is not about jackets, sweaters, or layering anything (we'll get there soon enough). This is about a huge trend for fall, the riding boot. They can go from a full-on, equestrian-detailed boot, to your everyday flat boot that will be worn all over the place as the temps continue to drop.


I narrowed down the list to ten at the request of a personal styling client (a.k.a. my co-hosts on this site). Having just re-organized her closet, it was evident, glaringly so, that the woman needed some everyday boots for Fall, so Christy, this is for you. Shop the top 10 riding boots below & get 8 celebrity looks that will show you ways to wear the trend (bonus!):

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The 'what-to-wear' piece of the puzzle is covered. Now it's on to how to wear a riding boot. Here's a little inspiration to get you going:


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7. Aquascutum Fall 2011

So the flat riding boot is now covered and checked of the Fall Essentials Shopping List. That's just one pieces of the equation to get prepped for the season. See more on what to wear, how to wear it, and where to shop for it here.

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