Cashmere, Put It On Your Fall Shopping List if it Isn't Already, Which Seems Stylishly Unlikely. Shop the Top 10 Cashmere Sweaters.

Bring On the Cashmere Sweaters: One More Spot on the Fall Essentials Shopping List Where You Should Invest

When you see sweaters being featured in the fashion industry, the descriptor 'cozy' usually finds it's way into a cutline. I don't buy it, UNLESS they're talk about a cashmere sweater. Do you really think snuggling up to a 100% wool acrylic pullover is a pleasant feeling, you know, super cozy? Unless you have nerve-ending issues with your skin and feel nothing, you're aware of the itch factor involved when it comes to acrylic wool.

It's not worth it. Take the money you'd put into a wool sweater, save yourself the overall sensation that you're wearing a suit of stinging nettles, and invest in something that lives up to the word 'cozy,' a.k.a. cashmere. It can be a blend, just make sure it's more 70:30 and less 20:80 (cashmere:other fabric).

To get the cashmere sweater shopping momentum going, take a look at the Top 10 picks in the category that go from basic to print. A basic cashmere sweater is a must, the prints just add to the mix.
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Recap: What to wear? Done. This time the focus is on cashmere sweaters for Fall. Where to shop for these sweet sweaters? Done. I love a good shopping slideshow. Now on to the next fundamental piece of the fashion equation. How to wear some cozy cashmere sweaters? See below...

look 1 (, look 2 (, look 3 (, look 4 (, look 5 (,  look 6 (, look 7, ‘Cashmere Club’ by Stefan Heinrichs for Vogue Germany, September 2011 (, look 8. Nina Ricci Pre Fall 2012 (

Ten picks may just be a warm up for you. No worries, we understand. Shop more sweaters lining the shelves of The StyleShaker Closet right here:

That should cover the cashmere end of your Fall wardrobe spectrum. Now it's on to the next picks out there when it comes to what to wear. See it all from where to shop and how to wear right here.