Introducing | The New Virtual Lookbook Styling Service

Morning Sunshines...I know I know, it's early. Go grab a coffee and come back to me. You're going to want to take a peek at what I've been working on.

Caffeinated? Good. Let's move on..

After several months of working with clients and tweaking the process here and there, I've developed a new take on how to help more women (and some men if they're up to it; the option is ALWAYS available to them) figure out how to wear what they have hanging in their closet. At this stage in the game, I can't teleport myself to every location (how fun would that be), so I needed to come up with a new and improved way to create personal styling Lookbooks that give clients I have a long-distance relationship with (the only good long distance relationships I've ever been in) the same styling services, just on a remote level.

Allow me to introduce the latest (updated) service I've added to The StyleShaker's personal styling line-up, the Virtual Lookbook 2.0 (I'm channeling my inner-techie), tweaked and refined down to a science (literally, I've got formulas in there people) after numerous in-person sessions with my amazing clients.

Per the norm, each service starts with a initial consult. Details on that here. As for the rest of it, see what I'm talking about when I say I've 'refined' a few things, and check out the slider by clicking below. It spells it all out for you in true show & tell fashion (pictures are ALWAYS better):


As always, ask any questions you may have. I love a good Q&A moment, and yes, I've had my coffee so I'm ready to go when you are.

Spoiler alert: I used a few of my own pieces to create this slider so check out what's in MY closet for once (ps- I never show this so get it while it's hot because it won't happen again):


Get back to being inspired here if you just need another hit of some how-to-wear it moments, product reviews, or shopping list time.