Spring Trend, Oversized Sunglasses | Shop the Big Sunnies Trend & See How to Pull it Off

Right, so I realize this trend isn't going to come as a shock to anyone. I know, oversized sunglasses, for Spring, it's novel no? Can you hear the sarcasm dripping off of that sentence and onto the floor? Moving along...

Sunglasses are for all seasons, but, like florals, they tend to get their spot in the trend sunlight come Springtime. It's just how the industry rolls, every, year. That said, the size, shape, and color of the sunnies will vary as far as trends go, and this year, it's all about taking up more real estate on your gorgeous face.

Bring out the big sunnies, the oversized accessories that read uber-glamorous on most face shapes and can come in handy should you have forgotten to apply mascara (gasp) that morning. Which reminds me, always, and I mean always keep a bottle of Great Lash in your bag, just incase. Lashes can really make such a difference, almost as much a difference as defining eyebrows (obsession of mine) but I digress. This time its not about what's around those beautiful lookers of yours, it's about what you use to cover them up.

It all begins with the Spring Trend check list below. A list of 12 trends that were narrowed down (painstakingly mind you; I went through every magazine, editorial fashion site, major retailer, you name it, etc... to hand over the Cliffs Notes version you see below you) from over fifty. Yup, over fifty. It's mass confusion out there in Fashion Editor land. For editors, they could certainly improve on their editing skills. Love you, but it's the truth (of course, the whole 'less is more' concept never really sits well in a more commercially-driven retail environment; I should know after having spent over a decade at Neiman Marcus).

Today the laser-like trend focus is on those oversized sunglasses, or 'big sunnies,' because there's never enough abbreviation out there in the land of acronyms and emoticons. Yea, I shortened it to sunnies, and no, I don't have time to write sunglasses if you're asking, mainly because I'm not making the time. I'm kinda busy serving up some runway looks and shopping list picks that cover the trend and simplify the shopping-by-firehose scenario. Here's the list (click through if you can't take it and want to get started shopping all twelve):

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I'm not making this trend stuff up. It all begins with the runways. Check out the six key looks/collections from Spring 2013 that illustrate the oversized sunglass trend perfectly:

runway matrix

Spring 2013 Collections: 1. Bottega Veneta 2. Erdem 3. Michael Kors 4. Fendi 5. Miu Miu 6. Gucci

(all courtesy of www.style.com)

Sunglasses may be relatively small in comparison to the rest of the fashion categories that exist out there, but as you can see, the small size doesn't stop them from making a big statement.

Right, so, you know the trend (you saw it coming already), you've seen a few inspirational runway picks to wet your fashion appetite, now it's about figuring out how to get your hands on this statement accessory for spring.

Check out the edited and handpicked shopping list below. Bring on the sunnies:


These lists only last as long as the stock does, SO, a sense of urgency is encouraged. That said, if you see something you love (translation: can't live without and must have immediately) but it's not in your size or sold out, let me know and I will hunt to find it (or similar options). Try me, or not, it's totally up to you. I do this for my clients on a daily basis so I want to extend the same offer to my readers, just cause I happen to appreciate you all. And B, it's such a pain when  you fall in love with a pick and then can't find it, or don't have the time to dig. I have my secret spots and ways to find these picks. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't (rare), but if you never ask, you'll never know.

Love spending time looking over trends but you're wanting something more? Maybe something not so tied to a trend? No problem. Check out the StyleShaker Closet by clicking on any of the categories below, and see what other finds I've come up with. These lists are updated weekly and always changing so be sure to check back. For now, click at will and have fun:

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