It's Shopping List Time, See the Latest Top 5 Picks from Pumps to Dresses with Pockets

It's Tuesday and it's time to check out the latest picks added to the shopping hit list. It starts, with a montage...



You have got to love a dress with pockets. This one comes to you courtesy of one of my favorites, Pixie Market. I'm in love with all of it, starting with the print and moving to the pockets of course. Great piece to wear with boots, sandals, flats and the list goes on...



Meet EON, the fashion brainchild of Lisa Cameron and Caroline Farina, and also a new discovery this week that I'm crazy about.  The design duo goes 'small,' numbering each item and championing quality over quality. It's a concept (as a former retailer for one of the big guys) I happen to believe very strongly in and you can see it translate directly into their work, i.e. the black leather neck warmer.

I have never really seen anything else like it. I love how, with the addition of this one layer, you can take a basic top and make it something completely your own. It's a unique piece you can play with back to almost anything you've got in your closet, plus the look it creates is ridiculously sophisticated, bonus round. I may have to start my very own EON fan club if this gushing continues, I'll need an outlet because right now, you need to keep shopping and I need to get out of the way.


Veda is another find this week and the line is all about my personal fashion obsession, leather jackets. I'm not talking you're everyday bomber or biker jacket here. Each creation designed by the name behind the label, Lyndsey Butler, is perfection, completely raising the bar on what a leather jacket can be. Below is the Garde jacket that is about to sell out (not surprised), but you can find more at their on-line shop here.

source: 1. Sonia Rykiel Medium Leather Bag (, 2. Pixie Market Leather Pocket Dress (, 3. Jean-Michel Cazabat Metal Toe Stiletto Pump (, 4. EON Black Leather Neck Warmer (, 5. Veda Garde Jacket (

Top five is one thing. See more picks that have been hand-picked and added to the virtual shelves in the StyleShaker closet here:

Today's quote is a little bit different. It's two words, it's from me, and it basically gets right to the point of things, something I'm a fan of whether I take that route on a personal level all the time or not. Here it is:

I love to be introspective. My natural and instinctive tendencies are to write, question, be curious, and have long conversations over wine sitting around a fire pit that lead to a string of epiphanies. But sometimes, all of that gushy stuff can get one absolutely no where. Sometimes I just want to quiet the chatter and just do, go, be...

Everyone has that thing they talk about 'wanting' to do. Sometimes we get really crafty and find other things we 'should' do that are the perfect distractions taking us further away from what it is we really want. Soon enough, we forget what we wanted in the first place, or worse, we remember it, but still don't act.

I'm a firm believer that, if you want it, you'll do it. Yes, I'm admittedly oversimplifying life to an almost remedial level, but you should have already expected that when you saw my two-word quote. I'm on a simplicity kick.

There's some line I've heard that sounds similar to, 'if you want it bad enough, it will happen.' In my mind, if you want it, you'd act on it. If you're not acting on it, take a second look at what excuses are getting in your way. Actions always speak louder than words and what you act upon will tell you very quickly what your priorities are.

Every now and then I like to take a step back and get some of this perspective in my own vida. I can talk a good game, but I also know, at the end of the day, it's what I do that matters.

So, you've taken in your deep-thoughts for the day, now it's on to play and get some more inspiration.

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