Get My Look | What I Wear When I Can't Make Up My Mind

Three words, 8 steps: Get, my, look.

Matchy-matchy can be predictable-predictable.  We are all guilty of going back to that 20% of our closets that we keep on heavy rotation because, well, it's easy. I get it. But what about the rest of what's hanging in there, that 80% you look at every day and wonder, "should I finally wear this, wait, how should I wear this, wait, why did I buy this?"

To my personal shopping and styling clients reading this, sound familiar? Right. Well, technically speaking, it shouldn't be all that familiar any more. It should be a distant memory...

When I'm working with a client or speaking to a group of women at one of my Sip & Style Sessions, I find that things really start to click as soon as I begin pairing pieces they have with ideas they would have never dreamt of. Now, are these combination novel? Mind-blowing? Absolutely not. Actually, I love the fact that they are incredibly simple, approachable, affordable, and at the end of the day, real fashion for real women. It just takes a little inspiration and some helpful direction. Hence today's Get My Look post.

See how I pull things off when I'm feeling creative and want to go in a direction that's the exact opposite of matchy-matchy (translation: you will NOT find any color coordinated twin-sets in this one). If it strikes a chord in you, try it out using pieces from your own closet and mix and match away. If you have questions, it's really simple, just ask. For now, soak up the look-spiration:

get the look opp of matchy matchy that works

Get my look, well, shop my look below:


Pop quiz: What good is a look if you don't know how to wear it for your body type? It gets the inspiration flowing, yes, that's a bad thing. But loving a look and shopping according to a Style by Number situation above while not considering what works best for you silhouette can also leave you with a full closet and nothing to wear. Frustration, peace out. You're no longer welcome here. See which body types this look works for and where you may want to consider making a few fashion tweaks or moving on to the next look all together:

body type img

Rectangles and Hourglasses, this is all you. Apples, the reason you're not on this list is because there's too much volume on the top with the jacket. Swap that leather classic out for a more fitted cardigan (grey possibly, any neutral will do just not black) and you're all set. Pears, the pleats are why I left you out of this initial equation. Should you find a skirt sans pleats that is about midi-length (mid-calf) then feel free to partake!

Love what's going on in the look but now you want even more Shopping Options, or (more likely) something has sold out? Don't let that stop you. Shop the StyleShaker Closet, category by fashion category below and see where the magic happens:


The StyleShaker is all about inspiration. Shopping inspiration, fashion inspiration, Look inspiration, and now inspiration via quotes.

It's one of my favorite things to do, share quotes that resonate with me, with my friends, so I'm incorporating into a few posts, just, cause. Take a minute, take a breath, take a step back and just be for a second. Fill up that part of yourself.

Clothing, what you wear on the outside, truly can make you feel good walking throughout your day. I not only believe this, I live it every day in my own life and I see it in each and every one of my clients. That's the outside though and it can only take you so far. It's important, but it's one piece of the puzzle. Now it's time to try something on, this time, on the inside. Check out the quote, see if it resonates, and hopefully it inspires you the way it did me. Inspiration, inside AND out.


Get back to more inspiration when it comes to what to wear, how to wear it, and where to shop: 

get inspired


Style Tutorial #2 | How to Wear Maxi Skirts. 1 Ted Baker Skirt, 5 Ways to Wear It

Question: How to wear maxi skirts? Answer:
The maxi skirt can definitely be a polarizing piece when it comes to any woman's wardrobe. You either love it, or you have no clue what to do with it. But before I get to far ahead of myself, it's time for a proper introduction on the topic:

Personally, I love the way it can look when styled out appropriately, seems like an obvious statement, but it can go stylistically south in the blink of an eye. The key to a maxi is knowing how to pull it off and whether your body type is going to work well in this tricky silhouette. What else is new right? I know, but I'm about to tell you how to figure out which body type works best in which look so the work is pretty much done for you. Um, yay!
Just because something's a trend, doesn't mean you must have it, contrary to the content filling up fashion columns each month. If it works for you, fabulous, more maxi skirt power to you. If not, move along to what you feel good in and the pieces that work best for your body type (again, I'm here to help you figure that out.) See one gorgeous, super-spring like maxi skirt from Ted Baker and five options for how to wear it below. Then check out what body type each look belongs to. From there, it's full-on shopping and inspiration. Let's get the ball rolling with a quick video:

The 'How to Wear Maxi Skirts Video' is just one piece of the fashion puzzle. Next up, shop what you saw. But first, here's a close up of the looks from the video showing off five ways to wear this one color blocked maxi from Ted Baker:

how to wear maxi skirts
(Click the images to shop)

McQ by Alexander McQueen Crop Shirt | (sold out) SHOP MORE SHIRTS HERE.

Madewell Chambray Boyfriend Shirt | SHOP MORE SHIRTS HERE.

Equipment Tie Front Blouse | SHOP MORE SHIRTS HERE.

AllSaints Chase Leather Biker Jacket | SHOP MORE JACKETS HERE.

Rebecca Taylor Denim Vest | SHOP MORE VESTS & JACKETS HERE.

Ted Baker Maxi Skirt | SHOP MORE SKIRTS HERE.


Tory Burch T Strap Flat Sandals | SHOP MORE SHOES HERE.

See by Chloé Ankle Wrap Flat Sandals | SHOP MORE SHOES HERE.

Nine West Flat Weslie Sandals | SHOP MORE SHOES HERE.

Sam Edelman Metallic Gatsby Sandals | SHOP MORE SHOES HERE.

Ralph Lauren Collection Woven Tote Bag | SHOP MORE BAGS HERE.

Proenza Schouler Gray PS1 Handbag | SHOP MORE BAGS HERE.

Reed Krakoff Atlantique Mini Leather Tote | SHOP MORE BAGS HERE.

Neil Barrett Leather Handbag | SHOP MORE BAGS HERE.

Aurélie Bidermann Laser Cut Ring | SHOP MORE RINGS & JEWELRY HERE.
Body Types HEADER
body type img
To my Pear shaped ladies, the best looks for your body type are going to be Look 1 and Look 5. The layering will help even out the proportions on the top half of your body whether it's via the fitted leather motorcycle jacket or the chambray shirt (which I would leave untied at the hem and laying over the waist.
Rectangles: You can work out any of the above Looks (*note the below advice when it comes to height; this may be the only exception). Why? The maxi has small pleating details that will help define your waist back to any of the above top options.
Hourglass ladies, my people, the best looks for your body type are going to be Look 1, Look 3, and Look 5. There's a catch. If you go with Look 1 or Look 3, since the hourglass proportions can sometimes give a short-waisted look and feel, you will want to elongate your torso with the layers you use under the leather jacket and vest. Wear something, a tank or fitted tee, that falls just a bit below the jacket and vest but not all the way over your hips. This tricks the eye line and lengthens (visually) the mid-section. I do this all the time and it works wonders, but again, don't go too far with the under-pinning (top), the goal isn't to cover up, it's to elongate.
Finally, for the Apples of the bunch, your best bets are going to be Looks 1 and 5 as long as the shirt and jacket are fitted and not boxy. The idea of a layer on top to streamline a bit works only if that layer is not a bulky one. The last thing you'd want to do is add unnecessary volume so keep the top have a clean-cut and close to the body as possible. The pleats and length of the skirt will balance things out a bit.
**One caveat to this skirt is something I haven't mentioned and that is height. The less height you have, the less affinity you should have towards a maxi skirt or dress for that matter. It can be done, but is pulled off best when the skirt or dress in question cinches at  your narrowest spots (waist, etc). A pleated maxi skirt or maxi dress with extra volume is not your best friend. Instead, opt for a shorter summery dress with a wedge to add some height. Just a little style side note.

Maxi skirts are just one category of sooooo sooooo many. There's always more where that came from. Check out the pieces that are pulled each week while digging for my clients. They're all lined up, all of the favorite picks from my favorite shopping spots on-line, in the StyleShaker Closet.

Welcome to your Shopping Starting Point:

(click the image below to dive in)


links to love header


easy breezy. (source:



denim garden party. (source:



look forward. (source:



lapel love. (source:



he loves me, he loves me not, he loves me. (source:


See more when it comes to what to wear, how to wear it, and where to shop.

get inspired

Dear Past, What a Week! Dear Future, Time to Tackle My Top 10 Shopping List

Meet my top 10 shopping picks for the week. Let me tell you, between the two new Lookbooks and major packing list compilation for a client's upcoming trip to the Virgin Islands (jeal...if only I could fit into her suitcase(s) as well; note to self, work on improving my contortionist skills), it has been a fun few days over here.

Oh right, there was also that teeny tiny (read:massively significant)  launch of the new Spring Trends Shopping Lists (where I took every trend ever mentioned by a fashion editor or director and narrowed it all down to the top 12 for my readers to shop; it's my Cliffs Notes version).

There's been some major on-line shopping mileage covered and today's list of 10 favorites will directly reflect what the latest fashion focus has been here at The StyleShaker. Prepare for some beaded embellishment, sharp metallics, flowy florals, and more. Enough talk, time to check out today's line up:

(FYI:  No one is paying me to pick these items and/or brands. I don't select a single item I wouldn't buy myself and/or my clients. All selections are unbiased, this is my promise to you. Nothing like a swift, yet stylish, injection of integrity before diving head first into your shopping moment of bliss).

source: 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10.

The top 10 shopping list of the latest picks is just the warm up. Keep the shopping momentum going strong in the StyleShaker Closet. Click any image below to shop pieces, trend driven and just, plain, fashionable, by category.

shop handbags shop shoes shop pants shop jewelry shop accessories shop skirts shop tops shop dresses shop coats

The StyleShaker

Ok, we're moving away from the Shopping List for a minute. Everyone needs a little inspiration every now and then. Something that makes you think. I know, thinking, ugh, such a pain.

But seriously, take a minute and use this time to inhale, get the wheels turning, and reflect. Or just stare and space out, either way, it's a little break and it's good for you, like a vitamin for your soul. I swear I didn't even get that from Oprah, I have no clue where it came from. Espresso does crazy things to me, and for that, I love it even more.

I happened to run across this amazing site,, the other day and I totally lucked out. Or maybe it knew I had a not-so-hot (diplomatic way to say 'crappy') day and it found me. Who knows, either way, here is what resonated, what inspired me to smile and leave an extra dollar in the tip jar at my favorite coffee spot.



I was a little torn on this because I happen to believe that when a person says out loud that he or she is 'ready' it means they aren't. It's just a personal opinion based on my own history. I do believe that when the student is ready, the teacher will come. Or in other words, we don't control this one. We don't get to tell the world we're ready, it shows us when we are. Then it's up to us whether we rise to the occasion.

We can say we're ready until we're blue in the face (I say this because I have) but, being truly ready isn't shown in words, it's shown in actions. When you're ready, you don't even think about it, you certainly don't talk about it, you just go for it.

I'm definitely not discounting the whole 'thinking about it,' phase when it comes to change. I'm just saying, we (I) have a tendency to get stuck there instead of using it to our (my) advantage.

How to un-stick yourself? Keep it simple and just take a quick inventory of where you're at right now. I do this every time I work with a client. It's the first step, to see where they're at in life, their wardrobe, their closet, all of it. *Important note: keep as much emotion out of this step as humanly possible. The emotion is tied to the past usually, and this first step is all about getting clarity so you can move forward. Say it with me, "for-ward." Yes. Perfect.

Looking back helps my clients see where they've been and how they got to where they are now. Again, I'm not there to help them dwell in the past, or get stuck in the black hole that is their current closet. I'm not there because they told me they're ready and now they want to sit back and wait, let the universe (or whatever's out there that's bigger than us) do it's thing.

I'm there to hold their hand and inspire action with one goal in mind, to help them feel good about themselves and move towards where they want to be.

Every time I do this with a client (read: friend) it's an honor. I'm catching these amazing individuals at the crossroads of the above two points in time illustrated by today's quote. I'm a witness to them being at the corner of 'Lessons Learned,' and, 'Ok, let's do this.' The intersection between Dear Past and Dear Future...I'll keep going but I feel like I'm getting redundant now.

What I'm saying is, I get to be the one standing next to these amazing women in their closets at the very moment they're truly ready to take on their future. Actually, it's why I'm there. And this is why I can now say I love what I do.

Dear Past,

Thank you.

Dear Future,

Who's next?

See more on what to wear, how to wear it, and where to shop here.

Product Review | Steve Madden's Realove Ankle Strap Sandal

It's product review time, and the latest purchase I'm following up on are the Steve Madden ankle strap sandals.

I was packing for my recent trip to San Francisco when it occurred to me that, for every evening look I put in the suitcase, I couldn't come up with a pair of comfortable black shoes that I can actually walk long distances (not to mention, up and down some particularly hairy and dangerous hills, especially after having spent the last ten years living on the ridiculously flat-as-a-pancake land that covers Dallas, Texas) in.

So, naturally I went on the hunt for a shoe that would get a lot of use, whatever city my virtual styling and shopping business takes me to. Low and behold, the latest addition to my closet that I would definitely qualify as an essential to any wardrobe:

steve madden sandal img

Here's how I saw it on-line at Amazon. No major differences which isn't too surprising. You can't really over-style a basic black, ankle strap sandal. 

as seen on amazon

From the back...

alt shot 3

Side angle love...

alt shot 1

Here's the review. I'm going with a simple, three-question evaluation system:

1. What do I like about the shoe? Easy, they go with everything I own in the closet. I tried them on and they're actually comfortable to boot (no pun intended; they're sandals after all). The look is exactly what I was going for, minimal, with a little 'oomph' courtesy of the thin metallic strap going across the toe. The heel height is fine for me (4.5"), and the pitch (angle the shoe has my heel at) is also beyond bearable. It's high, don't get me wrong, but they're definitely easy to walk in. Plus, one more thing to adore is the ankle strap. The shoes stay on my feet, right where they're supposed to. I threw in a little foot cushion to make sure I could stay comfy, and they've done wonders. Sometimes I'll go up a half size for comfort, but I stuck with an 8, and they work perfectly (true to size fit).  One more pro, I bought them through Amazon, I'm a Prime member, so free two-day shipping is definitely a massive bonus. For $79.95, I know I'll be getting plenty of use out of them. No question. 

2. What don't I like about the shoe? Right, you should know this but it bears repeating, I am not paid one cent to review this merchandise. Integrity people, that's what I'm talking about here. I don't get paid to write the review, I don't have the product sent to me, I'm just an industry insider who believes that you should get what you pay for, i.e. value. That said, here is some honest feedback about the 'cons' on this sandal.

You really do need to go out and buy a little foot cushion, especially for the toe bed. The heel height means you'll be putting a little extra pressure there, and with no platform, there's very little buffering between your foot and the surface you're walking on. When it's the sidewalks of San Fran, or just standing on a marble floor during a house party for a few hours, you will need a little lovin in the way of a foot pad. Trust me on that one. Save yourself the pain. And now I'm getting nit picky...The buckle on the ankle strap on the right shoe seems to wander off to the other side of my foot. The strap isn't sewn in place, so it moves around your ankle. Is it uncomfortable? Nope. Still, it's odd looking to have on buckle hitting the outside of the ankle and another buckle hitting the inside of the ankle. Odd, but true. It has only been a month since I've had them so the heel caps have held up.

Usually I have an issue with this as I've been known to have a pretty hard walk. I hit the floor with a vengeance, not sure why, but I've been told people can hear me coming a mile away. It must have something to do with finally being able to get away with wearing heels after years of trying on shoes in my mother's closet, only to have to take them off before I went to school. I take pride in rocking a heel, you'll rarely see me in flats, so when I walk, I really walk. Unfortunately, this also means the consistent need for replacement of heel caps. So far, so good on these sandals, but it's just a matter of time. I wouldn't hold that against them though.

Other than that, the fit is fine, the construction, solid enough for the price, and I can wear them for more than a few hours without holding back tears. Those days are done by the way, no more shoes that make me want to well up at the sheer thought of throwing them onto my feet. 

3. Am I keeping these shoes? Yes. They're sticking around and have now found a new home in my closet. I'm happy to report that they're getting along well with the rest of the 'crew.'

Finding the right shoe is step 1, figuring out how to wear it using what's in my closet is the second half of the equation. This is exactly what I do for my clients, but it started with me. 

Here are two looks to inspire ways to wear these new additions to my closet:


This is a more casual take on how to wear the sandals. Mind you, for San Fran, this would probably be considered a bit more dressed up. Potato, pot-ah-toe. I didn't put a red lipstick in there, but I love the idea of it for evening, or day for that matter. Why not?

look 1_how to wear ankle strap sandals

1. Pleione Mixed Media Shirt (, 2. Current/Elliott High-rise Skinny Jeans (, 3. Steve Madden Realove Ankle-Strap Pumps (, 4. Marc by Marc Jacobs The Classic Q Hillier Hobo  (, 5. Maiyet Natural Horn & 18kt Gold Plated Necklace (, 6. Carrera Eyewear Retro Sunglasses (


Dressing things up a bit with a super-feminine black dress, tough-girl leather jacket (loving the yin and yang of those two), a playful pink lip to add some color, and accessories with plenty of shine. 

look 2_how to wear ankle strap sandals

1. ASOS Sequin Dress with Fitted Bodice (, 2. Rick Owens Leather Jacket (, 3. Steve Madden Realove Ankle-Strap Pumps (, 4. Monserat de lucca Marciela Cross Body Bag (, 5. Rachel Zoe Teardrop Earrings (, 6. Bobbi Brown Rich Lip Color (

[SlideDeck2 id=12190 iframe=1]

The product reviews just keep coming. There's plenty more on the way, in the mean time, check out other reviews here and get more inspiration on all things that cover what to wear, how to wear it, and where to shop.

Today's Top 5 Shopping List | Meet My All Time Favorite Leather Jacket & More

I want to write a witty shopping list intro, I really do, it's Friday after all, but all I can keep thinking is, "I want the jacket, I want the jacket..." Ok, I'm going to try a keep it together and get through the rest of this list filled with everything from a leopard calf hair and suede ankle boot from Alaia to a printed peplum top from Dolce Vita, and a fringed tote bag via Mango to the most amazing asymmetrical wrap dress I've seen in a quick minute, thanks to Alexander Wang. Oh right, and then there's that Rachel Zoe jacket, oh the jacket. I want that jacket...

See, there I go again. Cut to the montage:

main post montage template 4_top


Do you see what all the fuss is about now? No? Fine. Move along. Yes? Yea, I know, I'm swooning over this one too.

1 Rachel Zoe Daphne Fitted Leather Jacket


I will never turn away from a foldover ankle boot. Throw in the fact that it has a leopard print, calf-hair panels and is made by Alaia...I'm done. Sold.

2 Alaïa Leopard Calf Hair-Paneled Suede Ankle Boots


Love the peplum top, and evidently I'm on a leopard print kick. I happen to also be a huge fan of the cosmetic styling with a red lip.

3 Dolce Vita Three-Quarter Sleeve Leopard Print Peplum Top


Fringe? Yes, thank you. Here's the bag for it. Not too big, not too small. Not too crazy with embellishments on top of fringe (keep it simple, studding and metallics need not apply, the fringe can speak all for itself), just right.

4 Mango Fringed Tote Bag


This is one of the most flattering dresses. Draping plus asymmetry make it the perfect cover-up for any flaws you may not want highlighted, all while still showing off your shape and in a rich, velvety red that oozes sex appeal.

5 Alexander Wang Asymmetric Draped Dress

source: 1. Rachel Zoe Daphne Fitted Leather Jacket (,  2. Alaïa Leopard Calf Hair-Paneled Suede Ankle Boots (,  3. Dolce Vita Leopard Print Peplum Top (,  4. Mango Fringed Tote Bag (,  5. Alexander Wang Asymmetric Draped Dress (

Aaaand, the shopping continues. It always continues. It's the gift that keeps on giving, or wait, the gift you keep on giving yourself? Right, either way, there's more where that came from. See the rest of the hand-picked products that found their new home in a safe shopping place we lovingly call the StyleShaker Closet. Enter at your own risk: 


Time to slow down the heart rate a bit, exhale and take in a little non-shopping inspiration:


I feel like this quote is one that should be left alone. Fear is a big topic. We all have our own relationship with it, so I don't imagine I could write something here that would cover the spectrum of what the one word means to us all.

No. Instead, I'll let you take it in and see how it sits with you. If it resonates, great. If not, great. Either way, it got me thinking and when anything gets me thinking, I share. It's an automatic impulse. Lucky, you.

See more on what to wear, how to wear it, and where to shop.

It's Time for the Top 5 Shopping List, But First, This Leather Biker Jacket, I Mean, C'mon...Love

You've got to love any shopping list that starts with a leather biker jacket. The 'Yarrow' jacket from Muubaa is beyond. Follow that up with the next pick at bat, the twisted bracelet from Iosselliani, and there's your color for the day. After there, the list segues into the world of accessories with a classic everyday satchel and tough-stuff pair of Pedro Garcia heels. Finally, a printed shirt from Thakoon Addition that pulls off a strong print in a very wearable way.

main post montage template 4_top


This jacket is my budget's kryptonite and Muubaa is my new addiction.

1 Muubaa Yarrow Long Mac Biker In Black


I love how you can get all of that color into a twisted metallic bracelet. It's a substantial piece, and totally different from anything else I've seen out there.

2 Iosselliani Twisted Multiwires Bracelet


The Chloe heels from Pedro Garcia are the kind of shoes you either love or hate (although, I'm not sure how anyone couldn't love 'em, hence them making the list). I happen to love the gladiator-esque-ness of it all back to a skinny leg pant or legging.

3 Pedro Garcia Black Leather Chloe Heels


This is the perfect everyday satchel at a price you will not be able to beat. I realize that line is borderline informercial-sounding, but it's totally true. Click through to see it worn crossbody style as well. Bonus round.

4 Selma Satchel


This silk shirt is a whole lot of print. I'd recommend pairing it back to something simple. A brick red skinny jean would work well.

5 Thakoon Addition Printed Silk Shirt

source: 1. Muubaa Yarrow Long Mac Biker In Black (,  2. Iosselliani Twisted Multiwires Bracelet (,  3. Pedro Garcia Black Leather Chloe Heels (,  4. Selma Satchel (,  5. Thakoon Addition Printed Silk Shirt (  

The high five of fashion that made up today's list are just the beginning. See more picks that have found their way into my clients' Lookbooks lined up and down the virtual walls of the StyleShaker Closet:


Zen moment time. Go get some popcorn, or a coffee, and settle in for a moment of inspiration in-between your stints of shopping:


Right, so I'm putting a Lady Gaga quote on the site, not because Gaga said it, although I'm a fan. It found it's way onto this post because it bears repeating.

There is one thing I'd like to edit though. I'd like to substitute 'others' for the word 'men.' I think it works just as well.

Follow the leader is a game best left on the school playground. There's so much more to be learned by listening to, rather than following others. Take what you like, toss the rest, and go with your gut. It's the only thing that will get you where you, yes you (not them), want to go. In other words, you are your own North Star.

See more on what to wear, how to wear it, and where to shop.

Today's Shopping List | From Feathered Booties to Cat Eye Sunnies, The Gang's All Here

I just realized I haven't had any sunglasses up and running on the StyleShaker shopping lists as of late, and for no good reason. For shame.

I will say however, that Tom Ford's Bardot Cat Eye sunglasses make up for any accessory deficit there was. Follow those sunnies up with a feathered ankle boot, the perfect jumper from Wildfox Couture, and a leather jacket to put all other leather jackets to shame from none other than Mackage, and today it shaping up to be a very good day...

main post montage template 4_top


Are you as in love with these as I am? Cat eyes are settling into their new home on every fashion trend list out there. Surely you can see why. Meow...

1 Tom Ford Black Bardot Cat Eye Acetate Sunglasses


Warning: don't forget to blink. These feather ankle boots form Nicholas Kirkwood will stun you, in a good way. In the best of ways. Navy suede....mmmm hmmm.

2 Nicholas Kirkwood Feather Boot Navy Suede


3 Juliet & Company Aimer Sucreries Necklace


If you follow the StyleShaker you know about my raging addiction to all things 'jacket.' Throw the word leather in front of that, and I go into a full-blown shopping frenzy. Restraints may be necessary. Mackage is today's enabler:

4 Mackage Black Wool Trim Leather Jacket


5 Wildfox Couture Leopard Spots Baggy Beach Jumper In

source: 1. Tom Ford Black Bardot Cat Eye Sunglasses (, 2. Nicholas Kirkwood Feather Boot Navy Suede (, 3. Juliet & Company Aimer Sucreries Necklace (, 4. Mackage Wool Trim Leather Jacket (, 5. Wildfox Couture Leopard Spots Baggy Beach Jumper  (

See where the rest of the picks go when they're not making their shopping cameos on the site. It's a little spot we lovingly call our 'happy place.' Check out the StyleShaker virtual closet:


And if there ever was a time to get some quotable inspiration, now would be it right? Right. Cue a little enlightenment from the complex mind of Edgar Allen Poe:


Why save all of your dreams for when you're eyes are closed? Seriously, when you walk down the street (or through the halls of the office building, etc) with open eyes, truth really can be stranger than fiction.

It may just be me, but when I get down to some creative writing time (which is never enough in my everyday life), I've penned some pretty interesting stories of characters based (not even close to loosely) on the people I've worked with over the years. These day dreaming moments were my sanctuary in the middle of board meetings that would include forty page decks punctuated by hundreds of bullet points each explained by one monotonous voice or another.

My imagination saved me on those days. Without it, I'd probably have turned cubicle-beige on the inside, and that's just not right.

Make it a game. Try to find something extraordinary in the ordinary today. It's easier than you think.

See more on what to wear, how to wear it, and where to shop.

The Shopping List Gets a Shot of Testosterone, See 5 Finds for Him

Totes, watches, leather jackets, and the shopping list goes on. We've weeded out the fashion fluff to get down to our five product favorites for him, so without further adieu, check them out:

main post montage template 4_top


Coach serves up another tote that just works. It's substantial enough to throw around throughout the day, and polished enough to look like you care without going overboard.

1 Coach Bleecker Suede Utility Tote


All Saints, know the name, love the name. These are leather jackets to covet and invest in, case in point, the Standon jacket below. The look, a side zip and collar details, is very 'biker-esque,' so if you're streamlining then keep moving, but this is an amazing, swoon-inducing jacket to have in your outerwear line up.

2 All Saints Standen Leather Jacket


These are the kind of weekend-warrior boots that will get you from A to Z and still look like they're supposed to. Not too polished, not too distressed. Meet the happy medium of leather boots from Rogue:

3 Rogue Lopus Standard Shiny Boot


Men and their watches. I'm still trying to get this, and yes, I am starting at the lower end of the price point spectrum, but c'mon, I'm not ready to throw down a Cartier just quite yet. I'd like to know what I'm talking about and right now, I can safely say you get plenty of look for the price when it comes to Marc by Marc Jacobs' watches. It's a great line to start with and build upon...

4 Marc by Marc Jacobs Chronograph Blade Two Tone Stainless Steel Watch


This jacket is perfection, from the collar to the cinched waist that you will probably hardly ever use (leave it open when it's a touch warmer out). Belstaff serves up the quintessential Fall jacket, done and done.

5 Belstaff Roadmaster Waxed-Cotton Jacket

source:  1. Coach Bleecker Suede Utility Tote (, 2. All Saints Standen Leather Jacket (, 3. Rogue Lopus Standard Shiny Boot (, 4. Marc by Marc Jacobs Chronograph Blade Two Tone Stainless Steel Watch (, 5. Belstaff Roadmaster Waxed-Cotton Jacket (

Five products are just enough to get the shopping ball rolling. Keep the momentum going strong and see more hand-picked favorites hanging in their virtual home otherwise know as the StyleShaker Closet:

shop the styleshaker closet

Zen moment, and today it's short and simple...

quote copy

Such a great line, so much so that I think it should be said daily. So here's your little exercise for the day, your mission should you choose to accept it: when you read that line and one person pops into your head (or two, or three, or four, etc..) tell them. Tell them you love them to the moon and back, just because.

It's SO much better than a gift on their birthday or holiday. This is the unexpected 'trinket' gift, the best gift of all in my opinion. It's not obligatory, it's not planned, it just lets the ones you love know how much you appreciate them, just because they are who they are.

So, there it is, take it or leave it. I would suggest taking it and running with it though. I'm going to...

Just sayin.

See more on what to wear, how to wear it, and where to shop.

Hello Cap Toe, Double-Chain Elephant Necklace, and Violet Furla Satchel, Glad to Have You on Today's Shopping List

The hits, just, keep, coming. And I love it. I can't get enough actually, which is why you're getting yet another installment of the Top 10 picks to add, immediately (these puppies sell out) to your shopping list. Cue, the montage:

It all starts off strong with a Reiss pump that you'll either love or wince at. I get it, the color is going to grab you whether you like it or not though, so be warned. Proceed with caution if you must, or in my case, with wild-wide-eyed, shopping abandonment. I'll take a picture of that one day so you get the full picture, or actually, probably not a good idea. I don't want to scare anyone, so just come up with your own visuals for now. Speaking of visuals, it's time to serve up the eye-candy and scroll away...


Like I said, there's some major color happening here, let alone a cap-toe moment that's gone all 'disco' on me, and I'm perfectly ok with that. These are what you would call an emotional, impulse buy. It's all about pure, fashion playtime with these pumps so loosen up a bit and enjoy it.


I have been a loyal 'Lovestory' wearer for years now (much to the dismay of my ridiculously fashion savvy friend Sam; she's been trying to get me into new denim for, oh I don't know, a year or two now), and I'll always have a soft spot for J. Brand in my heart, but Mih jeans are moving up fast and may soon trump my go-to denim. The Marrakesh, seen below in a perfect neutral that will go with anything, are a great cut. I can't say much more than that, because it's really just that simple. The cut elongates the leg like nothing I've seen lately, and the quality is on-point. It's a no-brainer.

Disregard the missing 'r' in the bubble please, or wait no, I planned that. It's me having a clever copy moment. Are you buying that? Yea, I didn't think so. Moving along...



If you're going to do a colored bag, and the color is going to be purple, my suggestion to you is to keep it a bit muted. Let's not go all 'Barney,' with our accessories, yes? Right. This eggplant purple satchel from Furla is a great and classic silhouette that can be thrown into a neutral look and will liven things up a bit. Keep the foundation of the look simple so the bag gets it's rightful ensemble cameo. Or go crazy and add it in with a printed, wrap dress and pumps. Either way, it works.



You should really just buy these, unless you have a strong aversion to leopard print, or like me, have a tendency to fall over when flats are slipped onto your feet. Seriously, I'm a little jealous of women who can pull off a flat and walk without looking at all ridiculous. I think I've just trained my foot for heels, unless I'm on a beach and have my flip flops. Closed toe flats, although gorgeous, make me look like a puppy that the owner dresses up like a person with shoes (poor doggies, see what I mean here) and proceeds to walk like Bambi, in circles. Take that, multiply it, and you have yours truly.

My fashion hang-ups aside. I love these leopard print flats for the price and the piping detail in the contrasting coral. They're the perfect shoe to have on hand if you're feet need a break from those heels. I'll grab my flip flops thanks, don't judge.



Job Hazard: I'm a stylist (amongst other things), so I'm constantly pulling together lookbooks and shopping lists for my clients that I consult with. As one would imagine, every now and then, some of the ideas and picks I come up with for my clients tend to rub off on me and my wardrobe. And by, 'now and then,' I mean all the time. One of the latest styling call outs was a pop-color clutch that was desperately needed for an upcoming event involving a classic L.B.D. (little black dress for those not big on acronyms, and if that's the case, then I have no clue how you're deciphering social media but I wish you the best of luck, btw).

Black is a go-to non-color, color pick (I know, it made little sense to me too, but I write how I speak, so it all makes sense in the end, hopefully) for anything evening. I love a good black tank/skinny jean moment as much as the next girl, but that really isn't living up to one's style potential, that's just called playing it safe, or playing it, "I'm way too busy to think about this stuff so I'm just going to grab what I always grab and deal." Scenario number two is why I'm here on the StyleShaker, and what I have built my business off of. So yes, I get both.

Here is one clutch that can quickly solve the problem, in all of it's saturated, cobalt blue glory...



via: 1. Reiss Olympia Encrusted Toe Cap Pump (, 2. Mih Jeans Marrakesh Jean (, 3. J. Crew Elephant Resin-Link Necklace (, 4. Furla Amazzone Leather Satchel (, 5. W118 By Walter Baker Gabriel Chiffon Shirt (, 6. Gap Leopard Calf Hair Ballet Flats (, 7. Tom Binns Pinata Drop Earring (, 8. Thakoon Gathered Striped Brushed-Knit Dress (, 9. Azzaro Blue Clutch (, 10. June Biker Jacket (

There's always more than 10 picks when it comes to a fully realized, always changing shopping list, especially a virtual one. See more hand-picked favorites in all fashion categories that may not have made it onto today's list, but are fabulous finds nonetheless. Shop the StyleShaker Closet:

And now, time to take a minute and breathe with a little quote to inspire:

Bah-nanas (I'm doing my impression, Rachel Zoe voice, but you can't hear it). She's absolutely speaking the truth on this one, no pun intended. Whether we like it or not, we are visual people, we take so many things at face value, and pre-judge the book based on the cover. I do it, you do it, we all do it.

So, knowing that, for all the flack and backlash fashion/shopping can get, there's a very strong truth in one's outward appearance being an effective way to tell the world a bit about who you are. Combine that with how the right jacket, dress, pump, etc. can change the way a woman walks into the room, and there's pretty powerful stuff here. Non-verbal communication is no joke.

Why not use it to your advantage? Start small, start with this list, get some inspiration on what people are wearing, try a few things on, and in the end, go for something that makes you feel good about you.

When you care about how you look (all in moderation; I'm not talking vanity here so don't get it twisted), you care about yourself, and in a small way, you give yourself a little love. It can be a very attractive quality to have. What you wear on top of it all is just gravy, important gravy, but the big stuff starts from within.

See more ways to give a little love and shop what to wear, see how to wear it, and other fashion finds covering the latest trends out there.

One Creatures from the Wind for J.Crew Sweater Tee, Four Ways to Wear It: Look 2

I Love a Good Ways-to-Wear it Moment. It All Begins with a J.Crew Sweater Tee. See Where the Look Takes You...

Allow me to introduce to you, the J.Crew sweater tee that inspired it all:


The goal is to take one sweater and create four, go-to looks for all types of occasions. Here is look 2, just one more take on how to wear it:

The layering makes this the perfect look to take into Fall and winter (maybe add in a scarf, gloves, etc as the temps drop). A flare leg trouser, especially the 'Hutton' from Rachel Zoe, is extremely flattering and lengthens almost any leg line. The rest of the equation comes together with some core closet pieces and a final pop of color from a platform pump.

Shop the look:

[SlideDeck2 id=9901 iframe=1]

Not every pick in the look is for everyone. Cue the StyleShaker closet, our virtual closet with hand-picked pieces pulled weekly to line the walls (while they're still in stock; always a constant battle).

Shop more tops:

Shop more pants:

Shop more jackets:

Shop more handbags:

Shop more shoes:

Shop more jewelry:

Reminder: This is round two when it comes to how to wear this J.Crew sweater tee. See the previous look here, and stay tuned for the final 2 looks (1 sweater tee, 4 looks)....

Time for a little Q&A for those searching for fashion advice. Here's where you ask us how to wear that pair of pumps you've had in your closet for months now, or the tank that still has tags on it. Shoot a quick pic of the item in question and get back a quick style solution:

See more when it comes to what to wear, how to wear it, and where to shop all right here.

Runway to Reality | How to Wear a Tweed Dress for Fall. The Biker Look Gets Polished Up

Fashion Yin & Yang. A Rough, Yet Refined, Runway Look from Belstaff Inspires How to Wear a Tweed Dress

The runway look from Belstaff pretty much sums up the style inspiration perfectly. Rich, deep colors, refined but also with some edge to it:

Next up, how to take the runway look and bring it down to earth with a little shop-by-number moment. Here's how to wear the tweed dress using the designer inspiration:

Shop the look: 1-Levi's Made & Crafted Levi's Vintage Clothing Leather Biker Jacket (, 2-Kookai Tweed Dress With Leather Details (, 3-Casadei Knee High Boot (, 4-Yves Saint Laurent Gourmette Gold-plated Crystal Bracelet (

Time to get/shop up close and personal and see why this look works...


Why this works: A motorcycle jacket is a classic in any wardrobe. The asymmetrical zipper along the front minimizes, so 'apple' body types, this can be a fabulous thing for you. Not that you shouldn't flaunt it if you've got it, but a little streamlining is always a good thing. The key on leather jackets is in the shoulders. If you try them on and go from female to linebacker, i.e., if there's more than an inch of extra padding or material on the shoulders and upper arms, keep shopping. A tight fit, not to the point of you being unable to lift your arms above 'mummy-walk,' height, but enough that it's close to your actual body, can make a world of difference. It keeps the look modern. Bring it to a tailor if you must. And for the motorcycle jacket, you can bend a bit with this advice. The silhouette lends itself to a bit more volume. Just keep the rest of the ensemble slim if that's the case.

One biker jacket will never do, even though I'm swooning over this one. See more jackets, leather and otherwise, in the StyleShaker Closet:


Why this works: The seaming detail on this tweed dress at the slimmest part of the body is key. Empire (sounds more like, 'umpire,') waistlines accentuate the positive and bring the eyeline right where you want it. The hook closure along the bust is also a sweet detail here making a vertical line (streamlining yet again) that, when combined with the wide scoop neck, makes the dress universally flattering. Smaller bust? The empire waist accentuates. Bigger bust? The neckline keeps things from crossing the line. No need to give 'em a show, but that doesn't mean curves should be hidden. Always follow your lines, they're your guide and it's good to stay within them. Subtle can be sexy.

Finally, warning, cap sleeves are not your friend if you're looking at your arms and thinking about how you should really invest in some free weights already. Cap sleeves will accentuate the upper arm. Go with a three quarter length sleeve to minimize. You should feel strong in this, not obsessed with what doesn't work, but empowered by what does. So, if you need to, make the mini-adjustment, it's easy enough to do...

There are plenty more dress options lining the walls of the StyleShaker Closet:


Why this works: Um, why would a chocolate brown, croc-embossed, knee high leather boot ever not work? Well, right, I know, if you have calf issues, this may not be the boot of choice. But by all means, take the silhouette as a cue for finding something similar AND with a little elastic inset. It's out there.

The runway look shows a bare leg. That's all fine and good, unless you're in Chicago and it's January, ah memories. Throw in an opaque tight, yes, I said opaque, in brown to keep things in line. If you're more on the petite side, I would also definitely recommend this approach. Cutting off the eye-line at the knee is all fine and good when you've got height, but when you're pushing five-one on a good day, throw on some tights, opt out of a boot with a nude pump, or go back to tights and sub-in a fold-over ankle bootie. Let's just say, you've got options, and speaking of...

Shop more boots, pumps, flats, ok fine, all of the shoes we have lined up in the StyleShaker Closet:


Why this works: The chain bracelet works well back to the tougher biker-jacket look on this ensemble. It's the perfect addition to balance out the overall, masculine/feminine look. And, B., how could a gold-plated chain bracelet ever not work? It's stunning. I'm swooning. 'Nuff said.

Shop more jewelry, bracelets & beyond:

There you have it, how to wear a tweed dress for Fall, all inspired by a little runway moment from Belstaff's Fall 2012 collection. I always go back to the archives for inspiration when it comes to figuring out what to wear for myself, but also for my clients. It's a quick reference point that can inspire any variation on the ensemble theme. I happen to consider my wall of inspiration the ace up my sleeve. If I'm ever in a jam with what to wear, pack, etc, I go to it, take in the eye candy, and inevitably figure out the perfect look.

If the wall or this post doesn't cut it for you and you're still puzzled on how to pull off the ankle bootie you just bought, or the printed wrap dress that may be better for evening than daytime, ask away. Send an image and your question, we will follow up with a quick solution and look. Done and done.

Keep the shopping momentum going and see more on what to wear, how to wear it, and where to shop, here.

Meet My Fashion Weakness, The Top 10 Jackets for Fall. The Editing Process Brought Tears to My Eyes. No Joke.

Shop the Top 10 Jacket Picks for Fall. Two Words, Drool-Worthy...

Sure, I've whittled it down to the top 10 jackets, but there's still an unlimited amount of love behind the category as a whole. I, love, jackets. I have a closet dedicated to them, and I'm not ashamed to say so. Some women swoon over shoes, others designer bags, me, I go ga-ga for a classic trench or asymmetrical leather motorcycle jacket (ugh, grinning as I write those words). So, to narrow it down was probably one of the most challenging tasks I've had at The StyleShaker thus far (and you should have seen the Closet I just styled out).

Time to get down to the shopping. Flip through the slides to see the top 10 jackets. I've already gone through them a double digit number of times mind you, trying to decide on what will be the next addition to my closet. The prices go from high to low, the looks run the gamut when it comes to classic jacket silhouettes, and there's plenty of variety on textures so the options are definitely there. Click away:

[SlideDeck2 id=8620 iframe=1]

Shop more jackets lining The StyleShaker closet, because realistically, we could never keep it at just ten. The list is updated weekly with hand-picked finds. Get a sneak peek at what's going on right now:

We've got the shopping portion under wraps. Now it's time to look into a fundamental piece of the fashion puzzle, how to wear these jackets:

Images via

See more when it comes to what to wear for Fall, how to wear it, and where to shop for it, right here.