Post-Turkey Detox Shopping List | Bring On the Accessories

Today it's all about accessories on the top picks pulled for the shopping list, which, mind you, was a smart move seeing as how there would be no way I could realistically write about apparel after last night's mass-consumption moment.

So, as we're all in a little bit of detox mode with Black Friday on our minds, I've decided to stick to a few gorgeous pieces, a little bit of calm in the middle of the shopping storm.

Did I fall in love on my last trip to Paris? No. Did I have a brilliant time with an unexpectedly close friend I happened to meet after several trips to California? Yes. Did we wake up to strong coffee and two croissants every morning and then proceed to walk it all off before wine at lunchtime? Yes and yes. I discovered the gold 'Paris Love Ring' from Mademoiselle Felee (the designer will soon launch a customized line of bracelets that can be personalized, bonus round)on Boticca, and instantly fell in love with it's simplicity, let alone the fact that it's made by hand. Who doesn't need a little reminder of what life is all about on their finger to look down at in the midst of the daily grind right? Love this, pun intended.



J. Crew manages to churn out some of the most eye-catching and approachable (really decent price points) statement jewelry every season and this resin link necklace falls right in line with that. I'm a huge fan of maxing out the number of looks in your closet by combining basics (a solid core closet is key, trust me, it's also the biggest challenge I have when building a wardrobe to style-out for my clients, but it's well worth it) and switching up the jewelry/accessories involved. You can take a basic black crew-neck tee, throw on some skinny jeans, and turn it into a viable cocktail look with this necklace and the right shoes/clutch. It's so simple, and not seemingly so, it really is a no-brainer.



When it comes to black boots, I have a tendency to go for two things: first, a slight platform, second, I have yet to move in the way of the stacked-heel trend so I keep it a bit more stiletto. The stacked-heel is a great alternative, and a more comfy giving a more even distribution of weight, but for now, my eye goes towards bit more streamlined, cue, the below high-heeled boot from Casadei. I'm also always going to advocate investing in a great pair of black boots, spending a bit more, and then holding on to them for as long as you can. The high-maintenance (not really high at all, just don't trash 'em) is well worth it.


 source: 1. Paris Love Ring Gold (, 2. Alexander Wang Nadia High Heel (,  3. J. Crew Shiny Resin Link Necklace (,  4. Alexander Wang Snakeskin Trigone Large Compact Wallet (,  5. Casadei High-Heeled Boots (

Five picks are never enough, and I totally understand that. So, keep the shopping momentum going strong and take a look at what didn't make this round on the hit list, BUT, the items, the hand-picked pieces that still found their way on to the shelves lining the virtual StyleShaker closet here:

What? What's that? Oh right, it's time to take this shopping-centric post and flip it on it's fashionable head with a quote that caught my eye:

I think this one applies to more than just finding love. I think it can actually be applied to several aspects of an individual's life. There are things that  you shouldn't have to question in your life after awhile. Sure, I'm a massive, huge fan of taking a step back to reevaluate what I'm actually doing, I do it every few months to see where I'm at and if my actions are in line with what I want, or more importantly, if what I want is clear to  me. Most people avoid this introspective moment like it's the plague, but I digress...

So I'm going to flip it: If you love him, you'll know. If you don't, you'll be confused. Apply that to anything...If you want the job, you'll know. If you don't you'll be confused. Or, if you think she's your friend, you'll know. If you don't, you'll be confused. The point I'm getting to here is, that most of the time, you already know, you just need to hear yourself out.

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10 More Picks to Consider for your Shopping List, from Minkoff to a Sass & Bide Sequined Number that Needs to be Seen

Today's top 10 Shopping List covers everything from blue-washed leather hobo, to a faux fur-framed collar on a coat I'm going ga-ga for.

Follow it up with a pair of sequined leggings that are fun to look at, let alone wear out, and you're all set. But first, it's montage time people, you know the drill:

There's something to be said about venturing outside the realm of your basic black, brown (or white for summer) everyday handbag, but what do you go for right? A metallic? Maybe. Something with an exotic print? Always a good option, or, you could try something on in a brighter color to pull things out of 'basic' and into 'original,' as far as style goes. Meet the blue bag, or more specifically, the 'Oliver' hobo, from Rebecca Minkoff (a favorite name of mine in the category, and I'm not alone, i.e. the Minkette), that says it all for me (which is kind of depressing since I have a tendency to be a 'talker'):



Here's the thing, fashion-forward pieces, an example being anything that falls onto the latest list of what fashion directors out there are calling a 'trend,' can be easily found out there. The buyers make sure that is the case each season.

It's the basics, the true-blue pieces that belong in your core closet, that are tough to get a hold of, but once you do, you must buy them, and sometimes in multiples. The core is where to invest, and on a sidenote, this is also where I spend the bulk of my time during styling consults.

You can't go for any black boot, basic crewneck tee, or trench coat, you have to try on and see what fits your body to a 't.' These pieces are the foundation of everything, and yes, I'm going on and on here, but I can't stress enough how significant having a core fashion lineup is. Not to mention, it makes life so ridiculously easy. Once you have your basics, what you know you look good in, you can throw in a trend-right accessory, a great statement necklace, or a pop-color pump and be completely pulled together.

All of that style-preaching aside (amen), I present to you a great classic knee-high boot that can be worn under pants/denim or stand alone under a dress, skirt, over leggings, etc. The list is endless, similar to the styling options, so have at it.



I am a pants girl. It's not because I'm trying to cover up my legs as a problem area, I happen to really like them. I know, take a minute, you just witnessed a woman speaking highly of some part of her body which is a rare thing in today's world.  I'm definitely not gloating on this one, I just know where my strengths and weaknesses are, we all have them, and can all play to the best parts, our assets if you will. It never hurts to focus on the positive.

Pant-rut aside, a skirt will find it's way into my wardrobe, usually of the pencil form, every now and then. This almost-mini skirt, with the quilting going on, caught my eye. I'm seeing it over a pair of black opaque tights with an ankle boot (more daytime) or classic pump for evening. You could get a ton of use out of this one skirt, and instead of just being basic black, the details make it, and life, more interesting.



A white, button-front blouse is an essential in any closet, and, unless you've been living under a large rock for the past fifty years, you will know this. I'm not telling you anything new or divulging any style secrets here. Should you, like myself, want something a bit less commercial without going too far into the 'trendy' deep end, something like the below Hayden blouse is a perfect option. The shoulder details give this polished classic a bit of edge without going too far. It's such a simple touch that shows a little can go a long way here.


I mean, hello, how could I not get these leggings into a round of top 10 picks on the Shopping List right? A. they're sequined, B. they're sequined. This is a pick that was added because it shows how fashion is meant to not be taken too seriously. You can wear these leggings with a basic tunic on top, or what have you, and still work it. They are meant for play, to lighten up a bit, to work it out a bit, and just to have fun in. I can see my guy friends looking at this and thinking they're absolutely ridiculous, but you don't buy a pair of leggings like this because you want to follow the rules and please others' ideas of what is right and wrong when it comes to your personal style, it wouldn't be very personal if that were the case.

Wear them for you. If you feel good in them, and can balance out all the shine with some neutrals, go for it. If you can wear them and not have them wear you, go for it. Just do it when the moon is up and not the sun, that's my only caveat.

Outside of that, play a little. Fashion isn't meant to be taken too seriously. Taxes, bills, grades, income, food on the table, health, etc. Those are things you can get serious with. Fashion is where you get to take a little break, whether it's through a pair of outrageous leggings, a bright red lip, shoes you can't stop staring at your feet in, or a necklace that makes you smile. Right now, it's break time, the serious stuff with be there when you get back. Trust.



I don't usually throw down a pair of 'Loubie's' unless I really love them (mainly because only the tiniest portion of the population would deem them 'affordable' and I think everyone should have access to amazing shoes), but these Vampanados, I love. I mean, I adore them. The silhouette, the ankle-strap, the bow details, the Audrey Hepburn of it all, is so spot on it's hard to say no. And by 'hard' I mean 'impossible.' This is where you can invest, and if you think I'm completely warped, I don't blame you. You don't need to throw down this much on these sandals, but you should find something that you love and spend just a bit more on them to get the perfect pair. I guarantee, you will wear them to death (tip: heel caps can be replaced for under $20 at any cobbler). For now, just take it all in and try not to drool too much.


sources: 1-Rebecca Minkoff Oliver Hobo (, 2-Vince Camuto Fur Collar Coat (, 3-Aldo Wiegel Boot (, 4-Collette By Collette Dinnigan Ramie Dress (, 5-Vanessa Bruno Ath Quilted-Jersey Skirt (, 6-Giles & Brother Encrusted Cortina Cuff (, 7-213 Industry Hayden Blouse (, 8-Sass & Bide One By One Sequined Leggings (, 9-Harlow Color-Blocked Envelope Clutch (, 10-Christian Louboutin Vampanodo 100 Sandals (

The shopping list never ends, literally. Each week, we scour the our favorite spots on the web to hand-pick our best of the best that find their way either onto the Top 10 list, or, The StyleShaker Closet. See the rest of the line-up that may not have made it into today's hit list below:

Today's zen moment is brought to you by none other than Glenda, you know, the good witch? I know, it's random, but what good is life without something random and spontaneous mixed in?

A year ago I was in a situation I didn't want to be in, and I did everything in  my power to find someone, something, or some other company to help me find my way out. I was living a life based on 'job security,' and moving in a direction that I was told I 'should,' be moving in. I was living someone else's life and expecting someone else to pull me out of it. I interviewed with a dozen companies, half offered me a job, the other half didn't. I rejected every offer.

I was shown a ridiculous amount of generosity from good people who were just trying to get me to make a move, and yet I turned down every request.

Every timed I turned something down, I did it because I knew it wasn't right for me. It took awhile to finally realize that it wasn't going to happen via someone else stepping in. This time, it had to be me acting and not reacting. I had to save myself, and I had it in me all along to do so. It's funny because I look back and see how everything I was searching for externally, could only be found internally.

Trying to push a round peg into a square hole can be exhausting, it's like trying to squeeze your size nine foot into a size eight at a sample sale. You may shove it in there, but the fit will never be right. It's only going to take more energy to walk in those new, pain-inducing, blister-manufacturing, toe-crunching shoes. It doesn't have to be so hard, just go for what fits you. Pick the size 9, and if it's not there, try another color you may never had thought would work, but secretly wished you could pull off.

Glenda was right, I had the power all along, and so do you.

Find what fits, try a few things on, and I promise I'll do the same.

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10 Additions to the Shopping List this Fall: From Helmut Lang to Kate Spade, the Gang's All Here

It's Monday, kinda chilly below the Mason-Dixon line (a welcome change mind you) and it's time to dig into the top 10 shopping picks of the day...

Cue the montage (and coffee):

The pattern in today's shopping list picks is all about bringing things down to earth a bit, tonally speaking of course. Fall officially in the mix as winter edges it's way into the seasonal equation, as if I had to spell it out for you. What I'm really saying is, 'tis the season to stick with some soft butterscotch-brown neutrals in the form of a fringed boot and oversized, faux fur cardigan I could live in right now...

Jewel tones also make their cameo of course, in the literal sense, with a couple of statement jewelry pieces that I'm swooning over, and a cross body bag from Zac Posen that is the perfect (and I mean perfect) find for my latest client's shopping list. It also happens to take the cake on any other cross body bag I've seen lately, courtesy of few key geometric angles going on with the silhouette making it chic and very wearable simultaneously.

See what I'm talking about:



I can't get enough of this ballerina flat. In all honesty, I've never been able to walk like a normal human with flats on my feet. As anyone who knows me well, I flop all over the place. Doesn't mean a girl can't have dreams right?


I was a little surprised with this blouse pick. I found it on Quicksilver of all places, and yes, there happen to be five hundred iterations of the look out there, but this take on the cream blouse with black piping hit the nail on the head in design and price. Plus, the v-neck elongates, and bonus, this blouse won't swallow you whole like some of the other 'boyfriend' shirts out there. I get that it's a trend, but seriously, I'm going to bypass. That's just me, oh One who believes firmly that, if you've got it, flaunt it (there are ways to do this without looking like you're working the corner, just had to squeeze that one in there).



Helmut Lang is a go-to when it comes to wanting a basic that looks a little less, well, 'basic.' Sounds like opposites day, but the asymmetrical cuts that go on with all things Helmut always add a little edge on top of what could have been a really simple look. If you're petite or pear shape, this tank may not be for you, but it is the perfect way to elongate a torso if you have some height (eh' hem, my shopping bias has made an entrance, I'll own up to it. I love to take my short waist and play with a little proportion magic).



Love this cardigan, especially since it's not 100% wool. I do love a warm cozy sweater, but wool, to me at least, is about as comfortable as wrapping one's self up with a blanket made out of those little prickers that used to get caught on the bottom of your jeans when you'd be out and about in forests as a kid. What are those called anyways? No time to Google, must keep writing.

You can tell how long it has been since I've been wandering around forests. I need to get the right boots for that I suppose. Just one more excuse to add to the shoe collection, but I digress, this is about the cardigan that meets the need of any layering you have going on this season.




Stop it. I mean, c'mon, you're killin me Theyskens'. I get that this is the edgier line for one of my all-time favorites, Theory. I say 'edgy,' which is a term that is completely overused, but right now, other descriptors just aren't coming into my brain so you're going to have to deal with it and move on, which should  be very easy seeing as how I'm serving up the 'Jaco' striped lapel blazer as the finale pick.

You've heard me say it before, and yes, I will say it again (a.k.a.won't shut up about it until the day I die which may sound melodramatic because it truly is, and I own that), I love a good blazer. Key note here: The upper arms need to fit, not be baggy, but actually fit. It depends on one's shape BUT is also a determining factor on the quality of the jacket/blazer. If the tailoring is up to par, you won't have an issue with this, and you know what that means right? Invest.

source: 1. Z Spoke Zac Posen Eartha Mini Crossbody (, 2. Topshop Geo Print Ballerinas (, 3. QSW Skyscraper Long Sleeve Blouse (, 4. Kate Spade New York Steps Drop Earrings (, 5. Helmut Lang Draped Stretch-Jersey Top (, 6. Kate Spade New York Desert Stone Bib Necklace (, 7. MINKPINK Intazia Faux Fur Trim Cardigan (, 8. MIA Women's Flirty Knee-High Boot (, 9. Rebecca Minkoff Line Quilt Affair Handbag (, 10. Theyskens' Theory Jaco Striped-Lapel Blazer (

I try, painstakingly, everyday, (cue round 2 of melodrama, god I'm on it today) to pull together 10 shopping list picks that I find notable based on one thing or another. And yet, there's so, so, so much more. The Top 10 lists are meant to inspire, wet the appetite, but most importantly, simplify what can be the overwhelming (on a good day) process of shopping. Where to begin? Here. Simple, done and done.

From here, see where things take you. There are always more options lined up. They live in the StyleShaker Closet. This is where all the favorites find a home, those that made the list and those that just didn't cut it, but deserve their rightful shopping cameo. See what I mean and shop the closet below:

 I love to shop, but I do have one rule, ok two rules and they are: First, if one thing comes in, one things goes out (usually, if in good enough shape, I'm talking donation), and second, fashion shouldn't be taken too seriously. So, I'm bringing this one to a close with a quote that is hitting home right now having personally just said, "good bye," to a company I've been with for over ten years and moving out to do my own thing. It's scary, there's risk, and above all, there's a big, fat, ominous, unknown factor involved. But I suppose that means I'm alive and learning something, which is all I ever really want anyway. Well, that and that blazer.

So, it's time to find a little space for your happy place (I think I've watched too many of Oprah's Super Soul Sundays, as if there is ever such a thing as 'enough' when it comes to 'O,'). Here's the quote that stopped me in my tracks last night.

If it hits something in you, sit with it. If not, move along.

See more daily picks to add to your shopping list, past and present here. Plus find more about what to wear, how to wear it, and where to shop for it. Bonus.

Runway to Reality | How to Wear a Tweed Dress for Fall. The Biker Look Gets Polished Up

Fashion Yin & Yang. A Rough, Yet Refined, Runway Look from Belstaff Inspires How to Wear a Tweed Dress

The runway look from Belstaff pretty much sums up the style inspiration perfectly. Rich, deep colors, refined but also with some edge to it:

Next up, how to take the runway look and bring it down to earth with a little shop-by-number moment. Here's how to wear the tweed dress using the designer inspiration:

Shop the look: 1-Levi's Made & Crafted Levi's Vintage Clothing Leather Biker Jacket (, 2-Kookai Tweed Dress With Leather Details (, 3-Casadei Knee High Boot (, 4-Yves Saint Laurent Gourmette Gold-plated Crystal Bracelet (

Time to get/shop up close and personal and see why this look works...


Why this works: A motorcycle jacket is a classic in any wardrobe. The asymmetrical zipper along the front minimizes, so 'apple' body types, this can be a fabulous thing for you. Not that you shouldn't flaunt it if you've got it, but a little streamlining is always a good thing. The key on leather jackets is in the shoulders. If you try them on and go from female to linebacker, i.e., if there's more than an inch of extra padding or material on the shoulders and upper arms, keep shopping. A tight fit, not to the point of you being unable to lift your arms above 'mummy-walk,' height, but enough that it's close to your actual body, can make a world of difference. It keeps the look modern. Bring it to a tailor if you must. And for the motorcycle jacket, you can bend a bit with this advice. The silhouette lends itself to a bit more volume. Just keep the rest of the ensemble slim if that's the case.

One biker jacket will never do, even though I'm swooning over this one. See more jackets, leather and otherwise, in the StyleShaker Closet:


Why this works: The seaming detail on this tweed dress at the slimmest part of the body is key. Empire (sounds more like, 'umpire,') waistlines accentuate the positive and bring the eyeline right where you want it. The hook closure along the bust is also a sweet detail here making a vertical line (streamlining yet again) that, when combined with the wide scoop neck, makes the dress universally flattering. Smaller bust? The empire waist accentuates. Bigger bust? The neckline keeps things from crossing the line. No need to give 'em a show, but that doesn't mean curves should be hidden. Always follow your lines, they're your guide and it's good to stay within them. Subtle can be sexy.

Finally, warning, cap sleeves are not your friend if you're looking at your arms and thinking about how you should really invest in some free weights already. Cap sleeves will accentuate the upper arm. Go with a three quarter length sleeve to minimize. You should feel strong in this, not obsessed with what doesn't work, but empowered by what does. So, if you need to, make the mini-adjustment, it's easy enough to do...

There are plenty more dress options lining the walls of the StyleShaker Closet:


Why this works: Um, why would a chocolate brown, croc-embossed, knee high leather boot ever not work? Well, right, I know, if you have calf issues, this may not be the boot of choice. But by all means, take the silhouette as a cue for finding something similar AND with a little elastic inset. It's out there.

The runway look shows a bare leg. That's all fine and good, unless you're in Chicago and it's January, ah memories. Throw in an opaque tight, yes, I said opaque, in brown to keep things in line. If you're more on the petite side, I would also definitely recommend this approach. Cutting off the eye-line at the knee is all fine and good when you've got height, but when you're pushing five-one on a good day, throw on some tights, opt out of a boot with a nude pump, or go back to tights and sub-in a fold-over ankle bootie. Let's just say, you've got options, and speaking of...

Shop more boots, pumps, flats, ok fine, all of the shoes we have lined up in the StyleShaker Closet:


Why this works: The chain bracelet works well back to the tougher biker-jacket look on this ensemble. It's the perfect addition to balance out the overall, masculine/feminine look. And, B., how could a gold-plated chain bracelet ever not work? It's stunning. I'm swooning. 'Nuff said.

Shop more jewelry, bracelets & beyond:

There you have it, how to wear a tweed dress for Fall, all inspired by a little runway moment from Belstaff's Fall 2012 collection. I always go back to the archives for inspiration when it comes to figuring out what to wear for myself, but also for my clients. It's a quick reference point that can inspire any variation on the ensemble theme. I happen to consider my wall of inspiration the ace up my sleeve. If I'm ever in a jam with what to wear, pack, etc, I go to it, take in the eye candy, and inevitably figure out the perfect look.

If the wall or this post doesn't cut it for you and you're still puzzled on how to pull off the ankle bootie you just bought, or the printed wrap dress that may be better for evening than daytime, ask away. Send an image and your question, we will follow up with a quick solution and look. Done and done.

Keep the shopping momentum going and see more on what to wear, how to wear it, and where to shop, here.