Q&A | 2 Ways to Wear Joes Jeans Neon Orange Kitty Flats

We're always taking questions over here, we happen to go ga-ga when they flood in (send yours here). Today is no exception.

What to wear and how to wear it are besties in the world of personal style. One just isn't much without the other. In today's Q&A, the what-to-wear portion of the shopping equation is covered. Now it's all about how to wear it. More specifically, how to wear some on-trend Kitty Flats. The question, courtesy of Sara in VA.:

"I just bought the Joes Jeans Kitty Flats in Neon Orange. I'm obsessed, but I have no clue how to wear them! Can you help?"

1  Joes Jeans Neon Orange Kitty Flats

Answer: When it comes to pop colors, neon orange is right up there. If you're going to do it, go big right? Enter: the Joes Jeans Kitty Flats in question. Normally I pair super-saturated brights with a neutral background so it doesn't turn into sensory overload. That was the case with the first look. The name of the game was something polished, but not too polished, to wear for daytime.

With the second look, the concept of pairing the pop color flats with a neutral was tossed out as an option. Instead, Sara was craving something fun, different, and colorful without going overboard. The denim jacket tones things down a bit, and the taupe on the satchel helps create a clean balance so the silk crepe dress can do it's thing. The earrings? I neglected to mention part 'b' of Sara's question. She was in desperate need of an updated gold hoop. Enter something unique and original that only Boticca.com could serve up. Now I'm in love and ready to buy. It's a job hazard I'm willing to live with...

look 1

sources: Isabel Marant Mengjie Printed Top (www.lagarconne.com), Burberry London 'Smirdan' Cropped Skinny Jean (www.farfetch.com), MARC by Marc Jacobs Classic Q Francesca Tote (www.shopbop.com), Joes Jeans Kitty Flat in Neon Orange (www.amazon.com), Givenchy Vintage Stud Earrings (www.farfetch.com-sold out)

look 2

sources: Nieves Lavi Silk Crepe de Chine Mini Dress (www.theoutnet.com), Madewell The jean jacket (www.madewell.com), Liebeskind "Lotta" Taupe Leather Hobo (www.shirise.com-sold out), Joes Jeans Kitty Flat in Neon Orange (www.amazon.com), YooLa Extra Large Gold Hoop Earrings With 3 Pods (www.boticca.com)

soldoutsign for cat pgs

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