Today's Shopping List: Silk Dresses, Swirly Margaritas, & Advice from Ovid

From sheer silk shirts to drawstring satchels, the gang's all here. Check out the latest shopping list of hand-picked fashion favorites, five to be exact, all line-up here to get you inspired...

the latest top 5 shopping list


This dress reminds me of a salty-and-sweet frozen drink I've grown to know and love while living in the crazy city of Dallas, and that is, the 'swirl.' Technically, I have no clue what the name is, but after two years in the buying office and too many late night trips to down a couple of these to take the edge off, I'm just going to stick with 'swirl,' because it works. The ombre on this 'Alana' asymmetric dress hits the mix of sangria and margarita perfectly. I highly doubt Acne would have thought their work would be identified with a margarita, but inspiration does come in all forms. The dress itself is both striking and flattering with draping right where you want/need it. A great start to today's list if I may say so myself, and I may...

1 Acne 'Alana' Asymmetric Dress


Me-ow. Love a leopard print ankle bootie, let alone anything Charlotte Olympia comes out with.

2 Charlotte Olympia Alice Shoe Boots


Meet the perfect, 'floaty' blouse to wear over your skinny jeans or even elongated straight-legs with a little flare at the bottom (super-flattering and more approachable than it's skinny sibling in the denim family).

3 Mara Hoffman Printed Silk-Chiffon Blouse


Drawstrings are all over the place, and this bag, although it claims in it's product title to be too hot to handle, is just the opposite. Handle it, handle away. It's one of the best representations of the cinched satchel trend that I've seen out there, walking the fine line between trendy and wearable oh so well. Translation: you'll be able to wear this for far more than one season.

4 Marc by Marc Jacobs Too Hot To Handle Drawstring Bag


Wake up time! This jacket has me drooling. My Pavlovian response is not attractive, but I'm willing to forgoe saving face when it comes to this. I have no choice really, I'm in love and in full swoon-mode. Can you blame me? Ok, if you're the woman who goes for black every day all day, I have a dare. Get this jacket (or one just like it), work it into your next work-day look with a white tee and wide leg black trousers or skinny pants, and wear it in. People may possibly think you are having an identity crisis, but trust me, when they see you in it, they'll be begging to have a little 'crisis' of their own. Mix it up a bit and throw a little color into your life.

5 BCBGMAXAZRIA Noah Tailored Long-Sleeve Jacket

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Five fashion picks is just the warm up, trust. There's always more, as you know. To boil it down to our five best takes plenty of pain-staking editing. See what else we found that didn't make it onto today's list but happens to be lining the virtual shelves in the StyleShaker Closet here:

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Time for a little zen moment, yay! Sit back, relax, and soak it up...Or just detour and keep shopping, it's up to you:

quote copy

It's true right? When you're 'in it' it's difficult to see the light at the end of the tunnel. The pain and suffering we go through is often avoided at all costs, but in the end, or at least I have found, there's really no other way to get back to living your life than going through, not around, these tough moments.

I read something else awhile back, I'll have to try and remember where it came from, for now I'll throw it out there. The analogy had to do with an obstacle of a large wall placed directly in your path when you least need it, when you're at your lowest and think you can go no further. You know that wall, in one form or another. It's a huge pain in the ass and can lead you into a discouraging downward spiral. We all have our 'walls.'

The analogy continued by praising that wall, because if that wall weren't there, we'd never know how high we could go or how bad we really want something (clarification: wanting something with genuine intentions is what I'm referring to).

Like I said, when you're in it, that wall looks impossible to scale. The thing is, you don't grow in spite of tough times, you grow because of them. The concept here is to use your pain in a way only you would know how.

That's when you find out what you're truly capable of. I say this to you as much as I say it to myself. I'm learning to put this into action every day, whether  in a small or big way.

When the going gets tough (cue: the eighties song from Billy Ocean, can you hear it in your head? I can, sorry about that) it helps to have some support. Friends, family, etc are the go-to's on that. But what  you wear can also be a catalyst. It's why I adore fashion. When you can clear your closet, make space for beautiful new things to come in, and roll out in a dress that makes you feel like a goddess, a blazer that has you walking an inch taller along with those new peep-toe pumps, you empower yourself with one more ace up your three quarter-length sleeve when it comes to life's challenges.

Go out and show 'em what you've got. See more on what to wear, how to wear it, and where to shop.

What to Wear | My Review of Zara's Jacquard Blazer

It's product review time people! The latest addition to my shopping list was Zara's red jacquard blazer, and when I put it on the list, it's going to be bought, hence not calling it a wish list.

What got me on this blazer was the super saturated color. I was digging around in my closet last week, looking for something to wear to our monthly editorial meeting, and I realized (like I'm sure many of us do), that I was swimming in black or brown or grey or any other color without much of a pulse. Suffice it to say, the color options were few and far between.

This was something I needed to rectify and quickly, hence the new Zara blazer pick. But, enough about my countless hours spent wandering around in my closet, or what I like to call one (I have a few up my sleeve) of my 'happy places,' this is about whether or not the jacquard jacket was a keeper.

First, here's a close up of the bright red, almost persimmon, colored blazer  (source:, click the pic to see more info):

The box arrived ahead of schedule and I dug into that sucker like it was Christmas morning (or the first day of Hannukah, or Kwanzaa, or whatever, you get the picture) which I do with every delivery. I never gets old to me. Cue the bright green tissue perfectly folded and basically begging for me to tear into it. They do a good job at Zara with all the details, not too much and not too little, i.e. a plastic bag thrown into a  box (which, if you shop online as much as I do online, you've seen before unfortunately):

And here she is, in all of her Instagram'd-out glory. The colors are of course warped because I've gone completely insane with the filter options, but you got the accurate color when you checked out the product shot above. So, I'll just sit here and play for a minute with a  few more filters. Don't mind me, talk amongst yourselves...

source: Instagram

K, I'm back. No wonder it's all so addictive. Moving right along, did I keep it (sized correctly, color was as shown on-line, did it fit well, etc) or was this a return-to-sender sitch?

[wlm_private_Members Only]

 I bought this in a medium, and it fits really well (I usually go between size six and eight if that helps). The shoulders are  tad tight, there was bound to be something slightly off with a lesser-tailored jacket or blazer, always is, but that said, my non-negotiable is the arms and how they fit.

If the arm fits loosely, it's a goner. This blazer did just the opposite. It's fitted, doesn't run long, and has a strong vertical seam on the back which keeps things looking smooth. For what I paid, I'm extremely pleased with the product and within the first ten minutes of that creative meeting, people were going ga-ga over the color. Social approval is not the goal, the goal is to make sure you feel good and feel confident, however, it never hurts to hear a compliment or, um, twenty, about what you have on.

So, the Zara jacket stays. I adore it, from the color, to the fit, to the jacquard texture I didn't even touch on until now because I'm so swept away by this blazer. Can you blame me? Oh, and it also comes in a white that is perfection for summer, worn open over a maxi or really anything.

Spoiler alert: Finding the perfect piece to wear and making a new addition to my closet is one thing, figuring out how to wear it is another. I like to cover all of my bases around here, so you can expect to see a 'how to wear' it post inspired by this blazer coming soon, i.e. Wednesday. Be on the lookout!

See more product picks from the shopping list covering what to wear out there, and how to wear all of it, here.

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