Online Shopping Review |'s Spring & Honey, Printed Hi/Lo Skirt

It's about that time. You know what I'm talking about, you've already read the title of this post and yet, here I am reminding you again. Silly fashion rabbit. Check out the latest online shopping review!

Reminder! These reviews are completely, 100% unbiased from the perspective of a former luxury retailer (cough, over a decade spent doing that one) turned professional stylist. Moving right along...

I went shopping on for some last minute, beach-y picks before my trip to Tortola. I had only a few stragglers left on my vacation shopping list, one of which was a skirt that I could throw on with a tank or bikini, you know, something to slip on post-saltwater swims or should I need to 'dress up' (it's an island after all) for dinner.

I shopped around a found this Spring & Honey skirt which I thought would fit the fashion bill. Did it? Hmmm, good question. First, here's what I saw on-line:


product shot courtesy of

That's what I shopped. Here's what showed up at my front door. Images courtesy of Instagram, etc. Click here to follow along.

instagram shot

The skirt...High and very, very low.


On a hanger so you can actually see what it looks like. Details...


How did the hi/lo skirt stack up? Check out the scorecard below:

ranking_hi lo skirt

The Recap

As you can see, the final verdict was a sad little lonely star. I don't like giving these kind of reviews, I mean, my budget does, but my closet's heart breaks a bit. That said, shopping on-line waters can be tricky, and this skirt is no exception to that rule.

The straw that broke the shopping camel's back was two-fold. First, the waist was way too tight. The synthetic fabric was ruched along a cinched waistline and it did not feel oh so soft. It also dug in and I was looking for something a little less constrictive. If you've read previous reviews on swimwear, you'd be well aware of this fashion factoid (do the research here).

Second, the hi/lo situation was a bit too exaggerated for me. The high front was all well and good, but the low looked a little ridiculous. I wasn't planning on wearing heels with this on the island which would ever further warp my proportions, i.e. stunt me vertically. So, all in all, this skirt went back to

There's no love lost there. I did end up keeping a couple of picks from the site after all was said and done, this skirt just wasn't one of them. Moving on to the next one right? Right.

But before I cut ties completely, should you want to try this or something like this hi/lo skirt out for yourself and are left scratching your head wondering what the best body type this cut is made for, let me tell you:

body type img

Rectangles, this one is for you. Pears, avoid this guy at all costs unless you have a sky-high heel with it (note: you need to actually be able to walk in said heel or throw in the towel all together; just be honest with yourself).

Hourglasses, my girls, it's worth a try, just be careful that the waist is clean, not bunchy, and sits low enough on your hip to elongate, not create or accentuate a high waist (my clients have me On Call so they can send me pics from fitting rooms to get the thumbs up or down; contact me to find out more about that). Apples, you have plenty more options out there to choose from in Skirt-Land. Pass on this cut.

There you have it.

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