Fashion Mad-Lib: I'm an Apple Body Type, Looking for Something to Wear this Weekend...

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I'm an Apple Body Type, Looking for Something to Wear this Weekend...

Apple body types, looking to upgrade your routine casual weekend look? Do it in 6 steps:

I'm an Apple Body Type, Looking for Something to Wear this Weekend...

sources: 1 Line The Infamous cashmere sweater (, 2 7 FOR ALL MANKIND bootcut jean (, 3 Mango Leopard Slippers (, 4 ONE by Perforated Large Hobo (, 5 AURELIE BIDERMANN Ginko Feather Ring (, 6 Kate Spade New York Sailor's Knot Hoops (

stylist notes

The top: Apply body types, do you see the v-neck on that sweater? Yep, that's for you. Also, the splits at both sides of the hem on the sweater allow for the fabric to fall away from the waist which will help balance out your proportions.

The bottom: The boot-cut jean is your friend. You could go with something a bit more distressed, or even a grey option, but we're keeping it true blue and simple with this look because we have a fun flat that we want to feature and focus on. Know this silhouette, find the perfect pair for you (Members, you can always start by shopping our edited Closet, see below) and buy a couple of pairs if you can. One for flats, one for feels. Keep these, take care of them (always wash your jeans inside out to prevent fading), and you'll have them forever. Unless of course, the brand you go with constructed a crappy jean, it's very possible. In which case, KEEP YOUR RECEIPT and look at the return policy when you buy. You should not have to keep something that cost you money and is poorly made. No ma'm. This comes from a former luxury retailer who saw it all.

The rest: The flat will peek out from under the hem of that boot-cut jean and that's just fine. You can show a little personality with that and not take it too far for something you want to wear out and about on a weekday. Go neutral or even with a different color if animal prints are not your thing (i.e. you're not from Jersey or Dallas for that matter; yes, we're generalizing but hey, it's true). A classic neutral tote, this time in a putty color that will add a little unexpected edge compared to your basic black or brown, works well here. Finally, a couple of key jewelry additions round it all out.

The ONE thing you need to know: If the sweater has the v-neck, flares out at the hem, but is too bulky for your frame, pass on it. Go with something that has a bit more stretch to it, that will hug your curves at the torso, but also has a little volume at the hem to bell out. That's the silhouette you want to go for if something like this sweater has a swallow-you-whole effect when you try it on.

If something's sold out, you can check out other options in the Closet, just remember, you need to be a Member to get the keys!



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Get the Look | How to Wear Ruffles on the Top Half of the Fashion Equation

Today's 'Get the Look' is all about a little ruffle action courtesy of a Mulberry sleeveless top. I adore it, but does it adore me? That's the question we all ask right? We see something amazing, fall in love with a look in a glossy mag or catalog, and then start wondering, "will it look good on me?"

Is there going to be mutual fashion admiration or will this be a mis-match?

It's a great question. Compared to the styled-out, touched-up models, we (I'm generalizing here, but based on my own industry experience and styling clients, I'm guessing most of you can relate) are working with real-woman figures, no photoshopping, and the ever-present time crunch that occurs every morning as we ask the million dollar question: what am I going to wear today?

A great product (top, pant, jean, etc...) is one thing. A great piece that works for you and not against you is another. The trick is knowing what works best for your body type. On to the look, and then I'll touch on which body type this works for so you can see who should get the look and who may want to pass:

how to wear ruffles for day

Shop the Look:

 body type img

Body Type Recap: The volume that the ruffles bring on top work well for our Rectangle Ladies out there, just make sure you cinch it in with either a belt (soft, nothing too rigid to fight against the fabric) or possibly a layer of a more structured cardi/blazer that adds  definition by narrowing at the waist. Apples, walk away from the ruffles on top and go with something clean, streamlined, v-neck, etc. Your aim is to narrow your top and balance out your proportions with the bottom half.

Hourglass ladies, if you have a fuller bust you will want to cinch in the waist and swap out the skinny pant for something with more oomph along the hem. A bootcut or slight flare, let alone a wide leg (fitted through the thigh though), would be perfect to keep things in proportion.

And finally, my gorgeous Pear ladies out there. These ruffles are your friend because they will add shape and a little extra volume on top to balance out your curves below. No need to cinch in at the waist here. Just let it flow.


 Keep the shopping momentum going strong and continue on to the StyleShaker Closet where our team edits down our top picks and lines them up along the virtual shelves every week. This is where you can really dig into whatever you happen to be looking for. It's the perfect shopping starting point:


While you're at it, keep the momentum going and get some more inspiration in:

last slide

Online Shopping List | 20 Just-In Picks This Week

Good 'online shopping list' morning StyleShakers. It's about that time again.

Welcome to the edited, super-condensed, Cliffs Notes (if you will) online shopping list serving up 20 of my top picks from my top shopping spots out there. Thousands of pieces of merchandise hit the virtual floors every week, scratch that, every day. I should know, I managed millions of dollars worth of said 'merch' for Neiman Marcus (in-store and then online) for oh ya know, just a few years (translation: ten).

On the e-comm side of things we quickly realized that the highest click-thrus on our product pages were found right at the 'VIEW ALL' link. And, if you follow the analytics, you'd then see another pattern develop. After clicking on 'VIEW ALL,' browsing would go for about two solid pages of merchandise (about 200-400 pictures of product) and go bye-bye or to another part of the site. The goal was obviously to get the customer to exactly where she/he wanted to go in an inordinately small amount of time (one must factor in the A.D.D. culture we live in), but one can only take so much new product before getting overwhelmed and moving on to something else. Attentions are tough to hold these days.

That's the game. There's plenty more to it, let alone more qualified analytical e-commerce minds out there that can spell it out for you far better than I can. But essentially, that's what's up.

Enter: The StyleShaker and my personal shopping services that have me scouring the web every day for the right pieces to fill in wardrobe 'holes' and/or update things a bit.

I'm here to edit, weed out and boil things down to give you the perfect shopping starting point using not one site, but ALL of my top shopping spots on the web (a 'hit list' I've been developing over the past six years). This is your shopping starting line that should save you time and hence, money (not to mention, I love a good markdown as much as the next girl when I find them).

There are 20 favorites (reminder: these selections are completely unbiased) below pulled from just a few sites (I go little by little; check out last list), but the list doesn't end there. Check out the Closet (link below) to keep the shopping momentum going strong. For now, check out my top 20 online shopping list picks of 'just in' fashion favorites:

Was this just a 'warm up' for you? Keep the momentum going strong and check out the motherload of all shopping on The StyleShaker. It's what I call, The Closet, my happy place filled and updated weekly with new finds used for How to Wear Tutorials, Product Reviews, Personal Client Shopping Lists, and then some. Check out what's happening inside by clicking below:


See more on what to wear, how to wear it, my latest shopping finds, reviews, and tutorials, all right here.

How to Wear | Peplum & a Full Skirt in 7 Steps

Love a peplum top, love a full skirt, why not put the two together in a fabulous look with 7 easy steps to pull off any ensemble seamlessly right? Right. Here's how to wear a peplum top and full skirt:

lk 4

Click the links on the list to shop:

shop item 1 shop item 2 shop item 3 shop item 4 shop item 5 shop item 6 shop item 7

The StyleShaker

What's the best body type for this look?

Pears: this is not going to be your moment. The peplum is perfect for adding curves and will accentuate any waist so if you're wanting the focus to be the complete opposite, as several of my favorite pear-shaped clients do, then swap the peplum top for a fitted crew neck tee that falls slightly over the waistline of the skirt.

Rectangles: This is PERFECT for you. The look will add shape and proportion to your athletic lines in a cinch.

Hourglass: Here's where you get to play up your silhouette. Heels will be a MUST to elongate with all the curvy action that will be brought out by the combination of the peplum top and skirt.

Apple: Keep the skirt, lose the peplum top. Instead, substitute a fitted, white v-neck top, you could do three-quarter sleeves or just go with a clean tee. The v-neck will bring the eye in and lengthen a bit. Definitely keep the heels in the equation to keep that vertical line extending.

body type img

There's always more where that came from. Check out the pieces that are pulled each week while digging for my clients. They're all lined up, all of the favorite picks from my favorite shopping spots on-line, in the StyleShaker Closet.

Need to shop but you're overwhelmed by the ridiculous numbers of emails flooding your inbox? Exhale, relax, and welcome to your Shopping Starting Point: (click the image below to dive in)


In the mean time...five picks that inspired me. Of course, that means I had to share.

links to love header


Harper's Bazaar February 2013 (source:



dancing in the rain. (source:



Harper's Bazaar February 2013 (source:



love me some Tory. (source:



truth. (source: Rework by Jason Fried & David Heinemeier


See more when it comes to what to wear, how to wear it, and where to shop.

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Shopping List Video | 6 Clutch Favorites, 5 Fashion Focused Links to Love, & Then Some

Clutches are an unsung hero of the handbag world. The addition of the right clutch, oversized, box, or envelope, can elevate pretty much any combination of basics you can throw together from your Core Closet (speaking of, get your closet in check if it isn't already; See the Wardrobe/Closet Consult, step 1 out of the 3, in the StyleShaker process).

While pulling together the latest Virtual Lookbook around an Elizabeth and James tank I bought for a client's upcoming vacay, I came across tons of clutch options that deserved to have their rightful moment on the StyleShaker. I edited down a double digit shopping list to my top 6:

Like what you saw in the video? Shop the six featured clutches here:




shop the Pour La Victoire Morandi Clutch


shop the Rachana Reddy Drama Clutch


shop the KZENIYA Medium leather bag


shop the  Vince Camuto Julia Clutch


shop the Michael Kors Gia Clutch


shop the Loeffler Randall The Lock Clutch

Time for the quiz, it's true or false so don't stress. If you can answer 'true' to any of the below questions, click thru, sign up, and get started on your own style evolution...


links to love header

It's exactly what it sounds like. Check out my top 5 favorite links for the day that cover everything from catalog picks to fashion blogger compilations. Here's where I show some love and soak up the inspiration. Time to share:

1. Eva Mendes makes 'best dressed,' yet again. Surprised? Me either. (source:

1 Eva Mendes Look

2. Wendy adds another look to her beyond stylish arsenal. You've got to love a great hooded moment.


2 Lunar New Year -- Honeycomb red & Best wishes

3. Still stuck on the Quicksilver Spring 2013 Catalog. Love the top on the bikini. It's officially on my Shopping List. Take me to a beach, stat. (source:

3 Quicksilver Spring 2013 Catalog

4. Sure, it's a boys club. And yes, I wish I could be a fly on the wall. But what I really wish? Is that they'd send this girl an invite and make it a party of 26. I'm thinking I'd go full-on Sophia Loren with my look. Great video. source (

5. First of all, I love that J.Crew calls it a 'Style Guide.' Second, this image just goes to show you the power of jewelry. Get your Core Closet covered, and by all means, pick out some statement jewelry to create a ridiculously versatile wardrobe. Layer it on!


5 J. Crew April Style Guide 2013

I mentioned the StyleShaker Closet in the video a bit earlier. Here it is. Check out my Happy Place, where all of my favorite picks from my favorite shopping spots on the web find a home (as long as they don't sell out). Click through (the below image), see more bags, and move along to other fashion categories...


And as always, there's more where that came from. Keep the shopping and styling inspiration going strong...

get inspired


See more on all things that circle around what to wear, how to wear it, and where to shop.

Shopping List | Everday Bags Under $500

Today's Shopping List came together courtesy of a recent question regarding finding the perfect 'everyday' handbag. 'Everyday' is self-explanatory, I get it, but to me it can also be defined at the go-to bag you can use all week long without having to attempt the tedious bag transfer that inevitably ends in forgetting to move the one thing you always want to have on you, whether it's your favorite lip gloss or your parking pass. Not so fun.

Accessory frustration aside, the everyday bag options have been narrowed down to the best of the best, and all hit under (sometimes well under) five hundo (technical term). Check out the Top 10 bags (black , brown, and other) that fit perfectly into the 'everyday' category seamlessly.

But before we dig into the list, a quick reminder:

Are you on the hunt for something? The perfect pencil skirt, a statement necklace for the dinner this week, a wedge to prep for the riding temps, etc.  Join the club.

We may not have Members Only jackets (yet) but we do have our StyleShaker Q&A. Ask and you shall receive. Let me know what's on your never-ending Shopping List and let the work be done for you. I scour my 'hit list' of favorite and proven shopping spots that I've been perfecting over the past decade in the fashion industry and serve up hand-picked pieces based on your preferences (size, budget, style) so all you have to do is click. It's that simple.

Click here to send your questions... 

All right, Q&A aside, it's time to get to today's top 10 shopping list:

insta inspo.