Fashion Mad-Lib: I'm an Apple Body Type, Looking for Something to Wear this Weekend...

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I'm an Apple Body Type, Looking for Something to Wear this Weekend...

Apple body types, looking to upgrade your routine casual weekend look? Do it in 6 steps:

I'm an Apple Body Type, Looking for Something to Wear this Weekend...

sources: 1 Line The Infamous cashmere sweater (, 2 7 FOR ALL MANKIND bootcut jean (, 3 Mango Leopard Slippers (, 4 ONE by Perforated Large Hobo (, 5 AURELIE BIDERMANN Ginko Feather Ring (, 6 Kate Spade New York Sailor's Knot Hoops (

stylist notes

The top: Apply body types, do you see the v-neck on that sweater? Yep, that's for you. Also, the splits at both sides of the hem on the sweater allow for the fabric to fall away from the waist which will help balance out your proportions.

The bottom: The boot-cut jean is your friend. You could go with something a bit more distressed, or even a grey option, but we're keeping it true blue and simple with this look because we have a fun flat that we want to feature and focus on. Know this silhouette, find the perfect pair for you (Members, you can always start by shopping our edited Closet, see below) and buy a couple of pairs if you can. One for flats, one for feels. Keep these, take care of them (always wash your jeans inside out to prevent fading), and you'll have them forever. Unless of course, the brand you go with constructed a crappy jean, it's very possible. In which case, KEEP YOUR RECEIPT and look at the return policy when you buy. You should not have to keep something that cost you money and is poorly made. No ma'm. This comes from a former luxury retailer who saw it all.

The rest: The flat will peek out from under the hem of that boot-cut jean and that's just fine. You can show a little personality with that and not take it too far for something you want to wear out and about on a weekday. Go neutral or even with a different color if animal prints are not your thing (i.e. you're not from Jersey or Dallas for that matter; yes, we're generalizing but hey, it's true). A classic neutral tote, this time in a putty color that will add a little unexpected edge compared to your basic black or brown, works well here. Finally, a couple of key jewelry additions round it all out.

The ONE thing you need to know: If the sweater has the v-neck, flares out at the hem, but is too bulky for your frame, pass on it. Go with something that has a bit more stretch to it, that will hug your curves at the torso, but also has a little volume at the hem to bell out. That's the silhouette you want to go for if something like this sweater has a swallow-you-whole effect when you try it on.

If something's sold out, you can check out other options in the Closet, just remember, you need to be a Member to get the keys!



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Fashion Mad-Lib: I'm a Rectangle Body Type, Looking for Something to Wear this Weekend



sources: Helmut Lang Draped alpaca and linen-blend sweater (, 2 Frame Denim Le Garcon mid-rise slim boyfriend jeans (, 3 Tory Burch Suede Reva Ballet Flat (, 4 Lulla Collection by Bindya 'Checkers' Infinity Scarf (, 5 Christopher Kon Ellena Woven Satchel (, 6 Gorjana Aria Ring Set Of 3 ( 


The Rectangle Body type can handle the draping going on with the cowl neckline and the volume on the sweater. But if there's too little structure on top AND bottom, then you fall into a column-like look. Cue: the streamlined jean to hug a bit where you want it to and a scarf to also help balance out proportions. With some height, the flats work. If you want to dress it up or elongate, go with a heel via a pump, sandal, or boot. The rest of the look is all about keeping the accessories neutral.



Fashion Mad-Lib: I'm a Pear Body Type, Looking for Something to Wear this Weekend

madlib header template


sources: 1 French Connection Lorelai Lace Top (, 2 VELVET Ruby Army Jacket (, 3 J Brand 835 cropped mid-rise skinny jeans (, 4 ASOS Tumbled Leather Shopper With Panel detail (, 5 FOREVER 21 Standout D'Orsay Flats (, 6 Ray-Ban Polarized Wayfarer Sunglasses (, 7 Monica Vinader Baja set of two rose gold-plated rings ( 


[wlm_private_Members Only]

The lace detail on the top is on-point for Pear Body Types. You can bring the drama on the top half of the fashion equation every time as it balances out your proportions with your bottom half. The layer of the army jacket on top of the feminine lace is a mix of masculine/femme, but when it comes to working with your body types, this look shows you how you can layer up and stick with the idea of adding to your top half to balance out the bottom half. Keep in mind, it's not about adding bulk or extra volume, and definitely make sure tops don't fall past your hips.


The super-saturated, dark wash skinny jean is one solid color and dark enough that it will streamline while keeping things casual. If you want to elongate further with the skinny jean, you can add a pump or heeled boot.


The rest of the look is all about keeping accessories simple. You already have plenty going on with the top and the jacket, so keep the rest toned down. The d'orsay flat is a classic black, but with some subtle hardware on the straps. It's an easy way to add some interest to a basic black flat. The sunnies are a classic Ray Ban wayfarer, but you could always swap things out with an aviator silhouette. The ring and the tote bring the look into focus without distracting from anything.



[/wlm_private_Members Only]

Fashion Mad-Lib: I'm an Hourglass Body Type, Looking for Something to Wear on Weekdays While Running Errands, Going to Lunch, and More

madlib header template


sources: 1 Line The Infamous cashmere sweater (, 2 7 FOR ALL MANKIND bootcut jean (, 3 Mango Leopard Slippers (, 4 ONE by Perforated Large Hobo (, 5 AURELIE BIDERMANN Ginko Feather Ring (, 6 Kate Spade New York Sailor's Knot Hoops (



The Hourglass Body Type can handle almost anything you throw at it. This sweater works IF the fit is slightly snug, not body-conscious, but shows a bit of shape, i.e. the fabric shouldn't fall too far away from your body or else you cover up all the assets you have going for you. The v-neck flatters and it's a great way to throw in color to an otherwise basic look.


The boot-cut jean fits along the thigh, hugs your curves, and with a slight flare at the hem, adds a little more dimension to keep your naturally balanced proportions, well, balanced. It also allows you to pull off a flat without going to narrow along the leg line if it were a skinny jean.


The flat is throw into the mix to show you how to take a basic look and make it your own using print. Color can also be used. Keep the jewelry simple, you can go silver or gold (shown above), and bracelets or necklaces are not out of the option. A bold statement necklace (color or metallic) on it's own would also be something that will take the look and dress it up a bit instantly. The neutral bag speaks for itself as it's an essential every woman needs to lug around her life's contents in throughout the day.


Shopping List Video | 5 Flat Sandals to Jump On for Summer, Get Inspired

I'm not going to sugarcoat the fact that I hardly ever wear flats. I'm a heels girl. My spectrum of flats has been known to range from beat-up flip flops all the way to a worn-out pair of argyle ballet flats. Time flies when you're running a business, focusing on fine-tuning everyone else's closet while neglecting the glaring signs that you're in desperate need an update yourself.

It's a perk of the job actually. As I shop for my clients and create Virtual Lookbooks, my eyes screen hundreds of products on any given day. This week it all came together. The latest Virtual Lookbook featured a few favorite flat sandals that are perfect for both my client and myself. Check out the top 5 of the bunch:

Like what you saw in the video? Shop all the flat sandals featured:
[SlideDeck2 id=13449 iframe=1]

Time for the quiz, it's true or false so don't stress. If you can answer 'true' to any of the below questions, click thru, sign up, and get started on your own style evolution...


links to love header

Time to take in all the links I'm loving for the day...Enjoy the line-up and get inspired:

1. Full skirt anyone? (source:

1 The Modern Cool Street Style Shot

2. This is how you do denim-on-denim. Leave it to Madewell to pull this off. Perfection covering the pages of their Spring 2013 Catalog (source:

2 Madewell Catalog

3. Runway love, Kate Spade Spring 2013 (source:

3 Kate Spade Spring 2013

4. Runway love, round 2, Kenzo Spring 2013 (source:

4 Kenzo Spring 2013

5. Quicksilver's Spring 2013 Catalog still has me missing the beach. Time to book a flight to the ocean.


5 Quicksilver Spring 2013 Catalog

If five flat sandal picks isn't going to cut it for you, get over to the StyleShaker Closet and shop all of my favorite picks from all of my favorite spots, all lined up for your viewing (and shopping) pleasure:closetfeature

And as always, there's more where that came from:

get inspired


Get inspired with more on what to wear, how to wear it, and where to shop in the latest StyleShaker posts.


Q&A | 2 Ways to Wear Joes Jeans Neon Orange Kitty Flats

We're always taking questions over here, we happen to go ga-ga when they flood in (send yours here). Today is no exception.

What to wear and how to wear it are besties in the world of personal style. One just isn't much without the other. In today's Q&A, the what-to-wear portion of the shopping equation is covered. Now it's all about how to wear it. More specifically, how to wear some on-trend Kitty Flats. The question, courtesy of Sara in VA.:

"I just bought the Joes Jeans Kitty Flats in Neon Orange. I'm obsessed, but I have no clue how to wear them! Can you help?"

1  Joes Jeans Neon Orange Kitty Flats

Answer: When it comes to pop colors, neon orange is right up there. If you're going to do it, go big right? Enter: the Joes Jeans Kitty Flats in question. Normally I pair super-saturated brights with a neutral background so it doesn't turn into sensory overload. That was the case with the first look. The name of the game was something polished, but not too polished, to wear for daytime.

With the second look, the concept of pairing the pop color flats with a neutral was tossed out as an option. Instead, Sara was craving something fun, different, and colorful without going overboard. The denim jacket tones things down a bit, and the taupe on the satchel helps create a clean balance so the silk crepe dress can do it's thing. The earrings? I neglected to mention part 'b' of Sara's question. She was in desperate need of an updated gold hoop. Enter something unique and original that only could serve up. Now I'm in love and ready to buy. It's a job hazard I'm willing to live with...

look 1

sources: Isabel Marant Mengjie Printed Top (, Burberry London 'Smirdan' Cropped Skinny Jean (, MARC by Marc Jacobs Classic Q Francesca Tote (, Joes Jeans Kitty Flat in Neon Orange (, Givenchy Vintage Stud Earrings ( out)

look 2

sources: Nieves Lavi Silk Crepe de Chine Mini Dress (, Madewell The jean jacket (, Liebeskind "Lotta" Taupe Leather Hobo ( out), Joes Jeans Kitty Flat in Neon Orange (, YooLa Extra Large Gold Hoop Earrings With 3 Pods (

soldoutsign for cat pgs

Keep the momentum going and shop the closet by clicking below:


At The StyleShaker we believe 'when you FEEL good, you LOOK good.' We flipped the well-known saying on it's head for a reason. How do you capture that serotonin-filled feel-good moment everyone's always chasing? You create it. But you don't have to do it alone. The StyleShaker is here to get you inspired, excited, and in the end, help you to take your personal style levels you never thought possible. Aim higher, think bigger, walk into every day feeling confident and always, ALWAYS ask for help (a sign of strength, not weakness; took me awhile to figure that out) or know it's here if you need it.

ask for advice bubble

See more on what to wear, how to wear it, and soak up some inspiration that will help you redefine what you thought was possible.

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Cross it Off the Spring Shopping List | 7 Flat Sandals to Shop

Fine, ok, I'll admit it. It's time to come clean. I've been telling more than I've been showing...Ughhhh.

Have you ever run into a matchmaker that can never find the time to date? Or the holistic nutritionist that has an empty fridge and a freezer stocked with one Lean Cuisine ? Right, well I'm the personal shopper that never shops for herself. Hi, nice to meet you.

I'm always speaking with my clients about the importance of building the strong foundation of a Core Closet filled with edited 'essentials' and a couple of key, on-trend pieces for a quick updateDo I take my own advice? Well, the stylish 'bones' of the wardrobe are here and there, but I need some help. My Core Closet for Spring is only a third of the way there. I have my investment pieces, but there are essentials for Spring that I have still yet to pick up. I mean, we're almost in April. Shame on me.

The good news? I know exactly what to do  to solve the style problem. It's time to show rather than tell you what I do. This is also where the StyleShaker began so I've come full circle. See the story here. The other good news? I've got a trip to Tortola lighting a fire under my, well you know what, coming up at the end of April. Motivation, the best kind.

Here's the working Shopping List, i.e. everything I need for Spring (with a few additions for the trip; the list is a living, breathing thing so flexibility is always an option, after all, it's written in Photoshop, not stone).

Next, I'll go line by line, shop for the best picks that fit my preferences, and start pulling the entire picture together, piece by piece. Each pick I shop I'll document here so you can shop along and get inspired. Speaking of inspiration, with every post I'll include ways to wear the new pick (there's no point in having it if you don't know how to wear it, otherwise known at the mission statement behind my Virtual Lookbooks) and a little feel-good inspiration to top it off. For now, the list. First up, I'm in desperate need of some flat sandals that aren't flip-flops for Tortola to wear with my maxi and beach dresses...

my list_shoe focus


Click to shop:

1 Matt bernson Love Spike Flat Sandals

2 Marc by Marc Jacobs - Anemone Sandal Flat

3 Jessica Simpson Joan Flat Sandals

4 DV by Dolce Vita Agnyss Flat Sandals

5 MICHAEL Michael Kors Persia Thong

6 DV by Dolce Vita Saga Sandal

7 Roxy Shoes, Mardi Gras Thong Sandals

8 Jeffrey Campbell 'Puffer' Sandal

sources:  Matt Bernson Love Spike Flat Sandals (, Marc by Marc Jacobs Anemone Sandal Flat  (, Jessica Simpson Joan Flat Sandals (, DV by Dolce Vita Agnyss Flat Sandals (, MICHAEL Michael Kors Persia Thong (, DV by Dolce Vita Saga Sandal (, Roxy Mardi Gras Thong Sandals (, Jeffrey Campbell 'Puffer' Sandal ( 


What to wear is one thing. How to wear it is something entirely different, well, not so different but an incremental part of the fashion equation nonetheless. See what I'm using for inspiration when it comes to how to wear the flat sandal I'm shopping for.

htw montage

sources: look 1 (, look 2 (, look 3 (, look 4 (, look 5 (, look 6 (

banner_feelgoodspiration copy

zen 3


get inspired

Get back to a steady stream of style inspiration covering all things what to wear, how to wear it, and wear to shop. Time to figure out what your'e capable of. Thing big.

Split Screen | 1 J. Crew Bateau Neck Sweater, 2 Ways to Wear It

The split screen is a simple, style equation: 1 J.Crew Bateau neck sweater, 2 ways to wear it. Easy, peasy.

I had to hold myself back on this one, go figure, the editor is editing. I could easily work this classic sweater, with it's ridiculously (universally) flattering neckline and sophisticated silhouette, into countless looks. It's all about seeing the potential in one piece and making it work for you, or go the extra fashion mile if you will. You just need a little inspiration to warm things up and start to see four looks where you only saw one before all this.

For now, I'm keeping it short and sweet with two looks that range from wear-to-work, to something a bit more casual for day. Let's get started:


Like I said, one sweater, two ways to wear it. First up, look number one, a simple daytime combo that keeps a clean foundation giving the pink-drenched 3.1 Phillip Lim satchel all of the focus, as if anything within a three foot radius could steal it's thunder. Pop of pink aside, the best part about this ensemble is that it can go from day to evening with a simple shoe swap. Throw the quilted leather flats into the satchel, slip on some heels, and you're ready for cocktails.

source: 1. J. Crew Collection Cashmere Bateau Sweater (, 2. J Brand Denim 811 Mid-Rise Skinny Jeans (, 3. Vince Camuto Fawna Flat (, 4. Campbell Knuckle Floating Ring (, 4. 3.1 Phillip Lim Pashli Satchel (



Super-chic & perfectly polished. Round two on ways to wear this sweater falls in fashion line with a classic work look. Ok fine, this is what I would call a work look having spent the last decade in the fashion industry. So sure, for some this may seem slightly warped, but believe me, if you're looking at this and thinking, "oh my god I love this, but there's no way I could pull that off, whoa, those heels are ridiculous," think again (oh, and trust me, you can find a lower pump out there, start here). There's no reason why you can't bend outside of your personal style comfort zone and have a little fun amidst the craziness of your day, actually I encourage it. After all, the Split Screen is all about playing with your clothes and getting inspired.

source: 1. J. Crew Collection Cashmere Bateau Sweater (, 2. Marc By Marc Jacobs Jackie Camel Mélange Wool/Cashmere Pencil Skirt (,  3. Charlotte Olympia Natalia Lace-Up Ankle Bootie (, 4. Chloe Alice Springs Large Handbag In Husky White (, 5. Kendra Scott Della Earring  (

One Split Screen down, and there's still plenty where that came from. See more on what to wear, how to wear it, and where to shop.

Hello Cap Toe, Double-Chain Elephant Necklace, and Violet Furla Satchel, Glad to Have You on Today's Shopping List

The hits, just, keep, coming. And I love it. I can't get enough actually, which is why you're getting yet another installment of the Top 10 picks to add, immediately (these puppies sell out) to your shopping list. Cue, the montage:

It all starts off strong with a Reiss pump that you'll either love or wince at. I get it, the color is going to grab you whether you like it or not though, so be warned. Proceed with caution if you must, or in my case, with wild-wide-eyed, shopping abandonment. I'll take a picture of that one day so you get the full picture, or actually, probably not a good idea. I don't want to scare anyone, so just come up with your own visuals for now. Speaking of visuals, it's time to serve up the eye-candy and scroll away...


Like I said, there's some major color happening here, let alone a cap-toe moment that's gone all 'disco' on me, and I'm perfectly ok with that. These are what you would call an emotional, impulse buy. It's all about pure, fashion playtime with these pumps so loosen up a bit and enjoy it.


I have been a loyal 'Lovestory' wearer for years now (much to the dismay of my ridiculously fashion savvy friend Sam; she's been trying to get me into new denim for, oh I don't know, a year or two now), and I'll always have a soft spot for J. Brand in my heart, but Mih jeans are moving up fast and may soon trump my go-to denim. The Marrakesh, seen below in a perfect neutral that will go with anything, are a great cut. I can't say much more than that, because it's really just that simple. The cut elongates the leg like nothing I've seen lately, and the quality is on-point. It's a no-brainer.

Disregard the missing 'r' in the bubble please, or wait no, I planned that. It's me having a clever copy moment. Are you buying that? Yea, I didn't think so. Moving along...



If you're going to do a colored bag, and the color is going to be purple, my suggestion to you is to keep it a bit muted. Let's not go all 'Barney,' with our accessories, yes? Right. This eggplant purple satchel from Furla is a great and classic silhouette that can be thrown into a neutral look and will liven things up a bit. Keep the foundation of the look simple so the bag gets it's rightful ensemble cameo. Or go crazy and add it in with a printed, wrap dress and pumps. Either way, it works.



You should really just buy these, unless you have a strong aversion to leopard print, or like me, have a tendency to fall over when flats are slipped onto your feet. Seriously, I'm a little jealous of women who can pull off a flat and walk without looking at all ridiculous. I think I've just trained my foot for heels, unless I'm on a beach and have my flip flops. Closed toe flats, although gorgeous, make me look like a puppy that the owner dresses up like a person with shoes (poor doggies, see what I mean here) and proceeds to walk like Bambi, in circles. Take that, multiply it, and you have yours truly.

My fashion hang-ups aside. I love these leopard print flats for the price and the piping detail in the contrasting coral. They're the perfect shoe to have on hand if you're feet need a break from those heels. I'll grab my flip flops thanks, don't judge.



Job Hazard: I'm a stylist (amongst other things), so I'm constantly pulling together lookbooks and shopping lists for my clients that I consult with. As one would imagine, every now and then, some of the ideas and picks I come up with for my clients tend to rub off on me and my wardrobe. And by, 'now and then,' I mean all the time. One of the latest styling call outs was a pop-color clutch that was desperately needed for an upcoming event involving a classic L.B.D. (little black dress for those not big on acronyms, and if that's the case, then I have no clue how you're deciphering social media but I wish you the best of luck, btw).

Black is a go-to non-color, color pick (I know, it made little sense to me too, but I write how I speak, so it all makes sense in the end, hopefully) for anything evening. I love a good black tank/skinny jean moment as much as the next girl, but that really isn't living up to one's style potential, that's just called playing it safe, or playing it, "I'm way too busy to think about this stuff so I'm just going to grab what I always grab and deal." Scenario number two is why I'm here on the StyleShaker, and what I have built my business off of. So yes, I get both.

Here is one clutch that can quickly solve the problem, in all of it's saturated, cobalt blue glory...



via: 1. Reiss Olympia Encrusted Toe Cap Pump (, 2. Mih Jeans Marrakesh Jean (, 3. J. Crew Elephant Resin-Link Necklace (, 4. Furla Amazzone Leather Satchel (, 5. W118 By Walter Baker Gabriel Chiffon Shirt (, 6. Gap Leopard Calf Hair Ballet Flats (, 7. Tom Binns Pinata Drop Earring (, 8. Thakoon Gathered Striped Brushed-Knit Dress (, 9. Azzaro Blue Clutch (, 10. June Biker Jacket (

There's always more than 10 picks when it comes to a fully realized, always changing shopping list, especially a virtual one. See more hand-picked favorites in all fashion categories that may not have made it onto today's list, but are fabulous finds nonetheless. Shop the StyleShaker Closet:

And now, time to take a minute and breathe with a little quote to inspire:

Bah-nanas (I'm doing my impression, Rachel Zoe voice, but you can't hear it). She's absolutely speaking the truth on this one, no pun intended. Whether we like it or not, we are visual people, we take so many things at face value, and pre-judge the book based on the cover. I do it, you do it, we all do it.

So, knowing that, for all the flack and backlash fashion/shopping can get, there's a very strong truth in one's outward appearance being an effective way to tell the world a bit about who you are. Combine that with how the right jacket, dress, pump, etc. can change the way a woman walks into the room, and there's pretty powerful stuff here. Non-verbal communication is no joke.

Why not use it to your advantage? Start small, start with this list, get some inspiration on what people are wearing, try a few things on, and in the end, go for something that makes you feel good about you.

When you care about how you look (all in moderation; I'm not talking vanity here so don't get it twisted), you care about yourself, and in a small way, you give yourself a little love. It can be a very attractive quality to have. What you wear on top of it all is just gravy, important gravy, but the big stuff starts from within.

See more ways to give a little love and shop what to wear, see how to wear it, and other fashion finds covering the latest trends out there.

Top 10 Shopping List #2: From Leopard Prints to Capelets

There are SO many options out there, and sure, I'm a fan of always having them. But seriously, sometimes it's sensory shopping overload, and that's coming from a woman who has spent the last decade living in the land of high-end e-commerce...Solution? The top 10 shopping list, served up for your viewing pleasure...


I'll just be straight up with you sans flowery fashion copy. I couldn't decide which format I liked so you're getting both. First, there's the slider. Flip through and click to shop...

[SlideDeck2 id=9663 iframe=1]

Now comes the timeline. This is all about the vertical scroll and taking in the eye candy piece by piece. Consider it your time to get up close and personal with the favorite fashion picks of the day. From the Tory Burch cuff to the Alice + Olivia cape, I'm swooning over this edited shopping list. What do you think? Scroll away!

Shop: 1- Tory Burch Gingham Cuff (, 2- Marc by Marc Jacobs Darkest Teal Leather & Haircalf Top Handle Bag (, 3- Elizabeth and James Studded Cable-knit Sweater (, 4- Michael Kors Leopard Knot Front Dress (, 5- Sigerson Morrison Hadley Flat (, 6- Topshop Navy Sleeveless Peplum Top (, 7- Coach Legacy Leather Rory Satchel (, 8- Andara Mosaic Statement Ring (, 9- Alice + Olivia Double-breasted Wool-blend Cape (, 10- MICHAEL Michael Kors York Ankle Boots (

In order to boil it down to the top 10 picks, we inevitably sift through an unending supply of styles out there that may not make the hit list. They do however stick around in The StyleShaker closet:

See more on what to wear, how to wear it, and where to shop here.

How to Wear Skinny Jeans? 7 Looks to Answer the Question

The Question: How to Wear Skinny Jeans? See 7 Ways to Wear the Trend

One of the top questions we get here is how to wear skinny jeans. Instead of serving up one or two takes on how to pull of this trend that can transition into fall, I've created seven looks so scroll through and get inspired!


This look is all about how to wear skinny jeans, in this case cropped, distressed skinny jeans, into Fall. There's still some color involved, and then a peep toe bootie to give things more of a cold weather feel:

How to Wear Skinny Jeans...Round 3


J.Crew Tee (, Siwy Skinny Jean (, Tylie Malibu Satchel (, Paula Mendez Ankle Boot (, Gorjana Bracelet (, Ettika Bead Wrap Bracelet (, Low Luv x Erin Wasson Ring (


Again, another take on how to wear the same Siwy skinnies with a Fall twist. You will always see me swooning over a Burberry trench. And the rest of this look is just simple and easy with a little edge:

How to Wear Skinny Jeans...Round 4

Burberry Trench (,  Rebel Yell Tee (, Siwy Skinny Jean (, Cosmic Thread Earrings (, Alexander Wang Satchel (, Wedge Bootie (


I love the preppy feel on this look. The chambray shirt is an essential to any closet for any season. The leopard print adds some personality along with the bold coral leather tote from Gap:

How to Wear Skinny Jeans...round 2

Madewell Chambray Shirt (, Siwy Skinny Jean (,  Coach Leopard Print Flat (, Gap Travel Tote (,  Chan Luu Wrap Bracelet (, Trina Turk Earrings  (


One more take on how to wear skinny jeans involves a silk top I'm obsessed with. The volume on top balances out the streamlined denim. The fedora and other accessories pull it all together:

How to Wear Skinny Jeans...

Paul & Joe Top (, Siwy Skinny Jean (, Giuseppe Zannotti Sandal (sold out), Love Mart Ring (, Marc by Marc Jacobs Boxer Satchel (,  Fedora (


Here's a weekend look for the skinny jean question. It's all about keeping it simple, stylish, and showing some personality in subtle red pops through the accessories:

Britt wk 1, Look 3

T by Alexander Wang Top (, Siwy Cropped Skinny Ankle Jean (, Coach Leopard Print Flat (, Alexander Wang Bag (, RayBan Sunnies (, House of Harlow Cocktail Ring (


I can always count on J.Crew for a basic top with some added oomph to it. Love this look from the stripes to the hobo to the chunky heel that brings it all into focus:

Britt Wk 1, Look 4

J. Crew Boatneck Tee (, Siwy Cropped Skinny Ankle Jean (, Deena & Ozzy Hobo (, All Saints Rosalina Heel (, RayBan Sunnies (, Low Luv x Erin Wasson Ring (


Finally, I'm using this as an opportunity to share my latest favorite from Anthropologie. I love the feminine lace back to a laid back stripe and even more laid back cuffed jean:

Lace & Lines Look 1


J Brand Cropped Jeans (, Anthropologie Lace & Lines Pullover (, Alexander Wang Bag (, All Saints Rosalina Heel (, Low Luv x Erin Wasson Ring (, Chan Luu Wrap Bracelet (

See more style questions answered here. What to wear? Check out the constantly updated virtual shopping lists. How to wear it? Well, let's just say, the list is endless.